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VK304’s sr20det 88 vanette


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Some more intake bits, arduous work but I've got the idle air control on, as well as various vacuum outlets and the throttle mount, using bits I had from the other motor it's now as good as it will be.

Tried to flare the aluminium vacuum pipe but it wasn't having it, so found running the tig around the top made for a nice edge for the hose to grip onto the smaller one when hot flared out nicely with a punch. Will do full weld when I get some more suitable tig rods , and now my goal is to finish the engine mounts this weekend....?








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Sanded and painted the mounts and driveshaft spacer, also removed the single black tail gate piece off the middle around the handle...

 Replaced it with some chrooome, dont usually like chrome but seems fitting for the age of the van and it hided away some bad paint haha , and free off my 'luxury' donor van so why not 






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Made a quick pressure test rig (out of some wood and cork gaskets and screws to hold a seal) to test intake for leaks, which it has, and I will have to fix a couple of pinholes but there's one spot I can't get the tig into to weld so going to have to get creative to weld that as its leaking air maybe a bit of bad planning on my part.

Tested the water jacket/port too and one of my fittings needs a bit better seal also, all things that happen but easily fixed outside the car.


And engine mounts are in and final and driveshaft bolted with some slightly modified bolts to fit them in place 








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Doing wiring and fiddly stuff, the wiring should be reasonably easy considering it was in the other van And working but still its messy and different in a few ways, also found original floormats, nice ! Will get back on the van full time when I've fixed my Holden 



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And I "restored" the seat because I couldn't find another one, fixed all the welding to better than factory inside and outside the seat pan, and some stitching to hold the cover in one piece as well as some extra foam on the base for comfort, it'll do the job hah




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Started the final push to get the van running, only a couple of hours today in between looking after little one and that, I pulled gearbox and did the final clutch install/ torqued and the mounting of gearbox and driveshaft, and figuring out the clutch line and master cylinder, which .... of course .... my new van doesn't have.

So I made a hard line up, from lines in the donor van, really not that hard . The master however will need some attention, not sure if I'll put the whole unit into the new van, or weld it onto the old, we will see tomorrow merry Christmas ! 








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The clutch hard line will be connected in the middle by where it will enter the engine bay for ease of installation, all parts(of course) salvaged from the donor van, and yes I paint/grease/service all parts before installation, the clutch bolts got loctite and slave painted black as it was a bit rusty . 


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Remembering how hard it was to remove the pedal assembly from the old van (an axe was used, amongst other things) I opted to splice the hydraulic clutch bracket and pedal into the new van, drilled out spot welds, cleaned it, tig welded in place with regular cooling. 

Then painted and assembled it all together, as good as factory I'd say, also found an interesting item behind the dash hahaha. it will join the other 10$ in change and Condom wrapper I've found so far 








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While I was mucking around with the fuel system, I noticed that the sr20 fuel rail inlet line was bigger than the line coming from the tank, sure enough I had to upgrade it to 5/16 as silvia lines are, no idea why it worked fine before but I decided to at least upgrade the pump line, the return should be fine with less volume...

I found an old rb25det fuel rail in my pile of hoardings from years ago,  and cut the line off that.

Flared the end and welded it in the appropriate location, and brought some r9 fuel injection hose from supercheap, to replace the puny hard line. The in-tank line will be r10 rated submersible hose. Dont mind my rough bending I had to make another one later on and it came out better as per last pic lol






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