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15 hours ago, kyteler said:


I hope you've still got that rear spoiler to put back on? 

It's definitely worthwhile.  Keep at it. 

Definitely. The ends of the wing will need a little love and repair but I'm planning to put it back on afterwards. I also have some R31 endcaps that look the part and fit pretty well so they'll go on as well after I've painted everything.

14 hours ago, DriveBy said:

That turbo. Looks like someone chucked a handful of bolts into it at full noise. Love the project good luck.

When I pulled of the intake piping, I found pieces of metal wiring all through the turbo and intake, then on the pressurized side before the intercooler i found this jammed in the side. I have no idea how or when this got in there but it must have been before i got the car. Explains why it would boost at around 4500 though I'm surprised it boosted at all. The turbo sounded like a hair drier when it was on boost and that explains why. 

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13 hours ago, kyteler said:

Good time to fix your almost certain LHS strut tower rust and potential RHS strut tower rust. 

Yep LHS is through the firewall side but not the wheel arch side and the RHS has cracked on the engine bay side. The firewall looks good so its just the strut towers.

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5 speeds in the 30 coupes are shorty boxes. 

The 510 boys love em as they're a bolt in 5spd instead of their stock 4spd. 

They go OK, the L20 doesn't make enough power to cause them problems and if you don't drive like a cunt it's fine regardless, really. 

If you saw my old thread, they can handle a burnout OK despite me being a cunt. 

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