A Poor Mans Defender.... SIIA 109

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Been starting on these door skins.  Went down to Paynes Alluminium to buy a few sheets and met the absolute GC of an owner.  When he learnt I was making door skins for a LR he personally went out to the warehouse and got about 3 of his guys to scurry around looking for what I needed.  When the sheets werent going to fit into my truck he got another one of the guys in the yarn to put them on their shop truck and drop them to my house.  They've got 4 depots across the country and national accounts, and they did that for 2x sheets of a cash sale.....

Anywho, back to making these skins, I'm doing the rear 'barn' door first.....


Peeled the original back to the frame...


Then after a bunch of measuring (there is a slight taper/narrowing to the top of this skin) I folded the edges over.  This is me doing the top edge, my folder isnt quite long enough to do this length but it will do the sides.  The cheap alternative is to line your fold up with a straight piece of steel, clamp it to that and then form the break with a soft hammer and a dolly to stop the rest of the sheet curving back.  In doing this I did stretch the fold a bit in the middle which caused a curve (this alloy moves really quick), no problem as will use my kick shrinker to bring it back straight


Fold the side edges down on my panbrake and a quick test fit...  IMG_0993.thumb.jpg.a0c6beff97f10a8e6b4db5e2d26d0a57.jpg



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Have transfer box #3 to see if this one is any good. Later suffix D (Barry points there...).


After cleaning all the crud off it this one turned into a minter, didnt bother pulling the shaft/bearings as other than a little bit of spline wear (I really cant be choosey at this point..)looked in great nick.


Got it all mounted back in, new gaskets/orings etc, all went reasonably well





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