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A Poor Mans Defender.... SIIA 109


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Small win...

99% sure I can do my chassis swap as a modified production LVV assessed and not as a scratch built....

A series2 on a later chassis is an example given in this sheet.... 


That makes me happy.....

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Doing a bunch of cleaning/derusting/painting on the rear end....

At the moment I'm a fan of using oxalic acid for derusting, it leaves a green iron oxalate residue which can be easliy taken off with a wire brush.  Items which were galv/zinced come up really well.  Doing some research I think I may have figured out a DIY recipe for Evaporust, going to try that out and post to tech section in future.


Today I pulled the transfer box off the nissan adapter case.  Was a bit of faffing arround, needed to partly dissasemble the box to get the bolts out which hold the cases together.



There is a bit of engineering in this conversion.  The PTO cover has been replaced with this unit which contains a large roller bearing to support the tail of out the output shaft.  The original output shaft sleeve has been cut and a landrover output gear welded to it.  Unfortunately that internal race is spinning on the shaft so I'm going to have to fix a repair...


On the bench, pretty grubby






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And here's where it all starts to go wrong....

The rear output bearing has gone rusty and fed oxide dust onto the shaft which acts like grinding paste... Its worn the internal splines on the low speed gear (the large one to the right) and is very sloppy on the shaft.  Also feels like there is play on the high speed gear and some of the splines on the shaft are worn....

Currently pondering whether I shell out for the replacement gears or just find another box....


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Swapping back to a bit of bodywork now....

This corner of the tub has number of hits, the rear is quite stoved in and it has made quite a bit crease in the side where it joins up to the galve capping.  Not to mention a dent across the body line.  When I started stripping it I found a ton more bog from older repairs. 


I loathe doing bog work so will be attempting to get the panels back as good as I can get them using metal work.   This old girl will wear its body scars with pride, likewise its going to be used and if I do (when?) I hit something in the bush  there's no point having all your filler crack down....

First time I've panel worked alloy.  Trying to be super careful not to stretch it more than it is already.  Got all of the areas which are braced square first.  Then I had to take out the spot welds to shift the fold in the rear section to pull the stretched areas tight.  Not perfect but better.... Will do the bottom section when I tip it upside down in the shed.


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My grinder broke so have resorted to filing out my welds...


Did a quick clean/paint/grease on the handbrake...


Think I've sorted out a replacement transfer box but decided to pull it down.  The splines on the shaft and where the high speed gear runs is worn so that is junk, the low speed gear is hogged out where the dogs engage (most likely when shifting into low while moving) so that is too.  But what takes the cake is the high speed gear....



Yes that is a crack the whole way around.... whats more interesting is that its been pinned as a repair some time in the past.  These boxes are built pretty tough (and usually the gearboxes would lunch themselves long before the transfer gears) so it would have been quite a situation to do this kind of damage...

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Not a terribly interesting update, and its a prick of a job....

I've been giving the springs a bit of a refresh, grind off all the rust and dirt.  A quick zinc black and I used dry spray lubricant between the leaves (internet tells me this is the preferred approach.




Also replaced all of the bushes, the spring eye ones I can do in the press.  Anyone whose done them knows the chassis bushes are an absolute pain.  I made up a DIY screw press but it didn't really help.  Had to burn out the rubber then hacksaw the outer casing to get them out - were rusted in there tight.

 Already thinking about future upgrades, ultimate would be to replace with parabolics and do a disc brake conversion.  Yes I know the shackles are the wrong way, will move it about when I can mount the wheels.


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I'm really not sure If I'm having too much of a Barry bodge moment but I have a problem I need to solve....

The transfer case parts I sourced has a shaft with really mint splines on it but has had the nose busted off it where the output shaft bolt threads on....

So I now have two shafts which are not good in different spots.  I've managed to turn the end of the broken one down to accept a press fit threaded nose which I could TIG in...

Still following up for replacement shafts but failing that I do have enough bits now to build up two transfer boxes.

Anyone done something like this and lived to tell the tale....?



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