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Kimjon - yawning...yep...again...


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And winding up my mate ("Handmaids Tail", reference those without Netflix).


Two more tabs to weld on to mount fuel tank and done. Only problem is I haven't received the fuel tank yet... so boredom has kicked in and I'm making funny cardboard plates to occupy my ADHD.

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Okay, got to step away from this thing and actually do some real work. 

But I did manage to plumb it all up this morning- using some creative thinking and the smallest pipes I had.


Made these joiners up on the lathe. Needed a total of 6 to make it all work.



This is the bottom hose. As you can see there's a lot of joins in it. Not the best practice...but it's a matter of necessity. It's not like I can go to Repco and give the disinterested teenager behind the counter my number plate and expect him to have one in stock.



And all done. Pretty happy all things considered.

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I'm confident it should actually just start up right now if I put fluids in it. 


Any excuse to use this awesome tool!



Nutsert in place, holes step drilled for various purposes. Fuel tank mounts welded in place. 


All the plumbing done, fuel lines, tap, filter, throttle cable, hydraulic brake lines...all seam to fit and be right length.

Next, take it all apart and paint it. Then final assembly.

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Turned my attention towards the motor again, while I'm waiting on this to dry:


The motor drives it's own internal water pump via an o-ring as a drive belt. Over time, these stretch and your going to lose tension on the drive pulleys. As a precaution I replaced it, and side by side it had stretched quite a lot...so possibly a lucky save there!


Said o-ring above.


You can see the water pump pulley here (smaller one on right).


And o-ring installed on water pump pulley and to the pulley that is behind the flywheel. Job done!

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And solution for the chain landing on a half link:



Pretty happy with this.


Also some cunt designed an asymmetric clutch on this. The chain goes rearward on a pocket bike...but about 120° the other way on this project. I have no idea why they made it fit only one way(?), it would have created more work for the design team, tool makers etc, etc...however it is what it is. So I redrilled and tapped a hole elsewhere after much head scratching.



Now the 3rd bearing support can go back on and do its job, but facing the way I need it to.

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Well, it goes. But it sucks down low! To be honest its not quite what I was expecting??? I was hoping for a bit more out of it. Theres not enough room on my drive to get into power band, and that's when it should liven up.

I've ordered new sprockets to change the gearing. This will certainly help. And then I'll run in somewhere with more space to hit powerband.

However...it goes, it moves, it's got fuck loads of potential....



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Got more power out of it with the different carburetor...way better.
Also keeping the tank full helps a lot, as it was starving for fuel when low, due to side to side sloshing in the tank affecting the fuel supply.
I'm pretty happy with it now. Just a sprocket swap to 78 and I'll call it done.


The lower gearing will bring it to where I want it. I still haven't hit powerband yet...need long straight to get up there.


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I've re geared the rear end, from 68 to 78 rear sprocket now. Too late at night to annoy my neighbors...so untested. But should be like once trying to start a car off in third gear...to now putting it in first.


Hopefully this is the last step in making it awesome!

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We had a testing session tonight - epic!!! The trikes there were all humming along, many with bigger carburetors off pit bikes now fitted and doing wonders for these motors.

The latest trike is insane once it clicks into powerband!


It's all on tomorrow!

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Well it was a great day. All but one trike went flawlessly all day long. About 5hrs of redlining these poor motors with governors removed...and they just took all the abuse.

The one trike that didn't go the distance was the Stu-trike. Weirdly it was a good problem I created...too much power! It just tears chains up... so I'm going to look into if there's something European made for these race engines? As the Ebay (Chinese) chain isn't strong enough to take the power of this trike. 

Anyway here's a quick cellphone vid:

I spent the day riding, not filming so apologies for the lack of photos and vids.

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So, this motor just destroys chains!

I was running a tiny pocket bike chain in 25h pitch. This works with a pocket bike, but not so good on this drift trike. I think my gearing ratio and extra effort it takes to turn the big rear axle adds a heap more demand for the drive chain.

So @anglia4 sorted a new rear sprocket by water jet cutting it. I've upgraded it to a much larger size to reduce the load demand from a standing start. I've been away all week, but reception called me to say a few things arrived at my work (this being on of them). So looking forward to collecting it tomorrow.

Meanwhile in anticipation, a spent an hour tonight making this:


The one in the vice is the one I made. You cant buy these in T8f chain pitch, so I made one out of a 49cc mini mx bike part.

images.jpeg-1.jpg.0c1c9ada147b82770f6306b3a53680c6.jpgThis is what I started with.

It required a fair bit of turning on the lathe to make it, taking it down from M10 to M8 and machining a collar to fit in the new clutch bell etc...but luckily for me, all the sizes required were smaller than the original part started out at.


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I chucked the new T8f sprocket in the lathe and took a 0.3mm skim off each side to bring it's thickness into spec. This was part of the deal when I ordered it.


Here it is loosely mounted up. Luck of the Irish...everything clears where it needs too. Considering the first sprocket was almost half this size and that's what my design was tailored around - this was just dumb luck. But fuck it...I'll take dumb luck anyday, as I get my fair share of the opposite all to often.


Ground clearance is tight, but it clears. I can put thicker sleeves on to raise it 10mm or so if this is really a problem? But think it'll work fine as is.

Waiting on a chain breaker to arrive and then I'll sort the last steps out.

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Got it going with new gear ratio. It sheds the wheels spinning them with ease!


Definitely worth the extra work to gear it at 6:100 in T8f. I need to raise it with thicker sleeves as I've bottomed out the chain a couple times on my driveway. Another 10mm ground clearance will make a world of difference.

But hey, for 39cc it shreads!!!! Pretty happy with this one.

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