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SR20DE -> SR20DET ECU wiring

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Hi knowledgeable OS folks, little bro is at the tail end of swapping a manual transmission and SR20DET into his originally auto and SR20DE 180SX Type S.

These two plugs - for the ECU to dash connection are not compatible and some of the wiring is different coloured. My instinct was to depin the SR20DE ECU plug end and install onto the SR20DET ECU, but as well as some of the wiring being different colours, some of the pins are of different sizes.

So my 2 questions are - does anyone have a good wiring diagram for the motor and/or the body?

And the second is, would this be the source of a crank, but no start issue. I assume so, but without a wiring diagram I'm not sure.


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Look up nico club forum. They had all the fsm's for all the different years and models

I did the same on heaps of rb's 10-15 years ago and it was usually just a few pins difference. 

I think it's way easier to have the correct loom if you are trying to run a  stock ecu as there are sometimes random resistors taped into the loom in different models

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Orange needs to got to Start from ign switch, and black to ground. That's all I needed to have wired up to get mine to run. I did this a long time ago, but that that it was my notes say, and how the (unfinished) car is wired, and it did start and run OK.


I've got a scan of the FSM, but the EC section is 10MB, too much to upload here.

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