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12th New Year Jap Oldschool Meet, 20 Jan 2019


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12th New Year Jap oldschool meet.

20th January 2019,  11am - 2pm

Massey Uni, University Ave, Albany Auckland,  tier carpark outside 'the ferguson'.

This is an annual event held on the 3rd sunday of January.  It happens to also be Kumeu Hot Rod show weekend.

Loosely based on classic Japanese and Euro oldschool cars .  pre 90's preferably.. But that is not strict at all.  Bring your car, have a yarn, and wear sunscreen coz she's usually a scorcher!

Cruise to event, meeting at either Greenlane McD's or old Westgate outside starbucks 10am ish, depart 10.30am.  Those in attendance make the call when to depart.

No booze, burnouts or stupidity please.

Facebook event here https://www.facebook.com/events/343090929864368/

map of carpark https://maps.google.co.nz/maps?ll=-36.733106,174.703518&spn=0.000955,0.002064&t=h&z=20

Past events here http://jap-olds.nz/

Hope to see yas there!


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On 21/01/2019 at 09:00, Scrubb said:

Wanted to come to this, but I had commitments that day :(


Any pics?

Pics up on the facebook page.  meet started off a bit quiet with a sprinkle of rain on the drive in.  Didnt rain though,  plenty cars turned up and i ended up getting sunburnt, again.  was a good meet!  some dickheads ripped up the tarmac though on the way out.   not cool


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