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Bling's AE70 Hardtop

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Small update, before a bit of a break to get stuck in and fix rust / procrastinate as per usual.

After discovering the rust on passenger side winscreen base, the next job was to remove the guards to see what was lurking. Nothing too bad which is good. Pics.


Someone got a bit generous with he seam sealer gun by the looks. All has since been removed, this side seems sound in the join. Drivers side will need some surgery.



Drivers side, I don't really want to start cutting this (bottom bit of rust), but if the rust has got into the seam then I will probably need to do something. Along with the window frame rust that will get chopped out and replaced.



All glue / sealant removed from the guard areas, pretty clean. Will give it a coat of something before refitting at later stage. Will also underseal the wheel arches at some stage. Need to find my spare set of springs so I can makita one way the ones in car for future planning on height.



Last pic, just a boring one (the others were totally exciting, right?). Highlighted section has been pushed in a tad, headlight bracket is rather bent. So i'll fix that when I can work out the best way to straighten it. Anyone got ideas? Not sure if easier to pull it out, or push from within engine bay. Either way i'll probably have to make up a steel frame braced to car and work from that.



So that is it for now, i've been cleaning the jizz off the windscreen frame which has been frustrating. Trying to get one job done at a time, so won't be updating until I have some decent progress to show.


Choice, suggestions, smack talk and all that here:

Also, thank fuck the forum saves your unsubmitted posts, I just closed this tab and thought i'd lost everything. Thankfully all the boring details were still here!



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Didn't do much over winter as I can't finish rust work till it's warm enough to park it outside all day to dry.

So just a quick update, will try get the next one out a bit quicker. 


Have been pulling the front end apart to send parts away to be worked on. So figured i'd replace all consumables while I was in there. Out came the steering rack, which had about 5mm of grime on it, along with crossmember. Whipped both those out and left the engine in the bay supported on blocks. Excuse the blur. Rack and cross-member are now clean as a whistle. Replaced the tie rod ends and boots on the rack.



Pulled the suspension out, chopped it and sent it off to Barry @ MRP to work his magic. Brakes also came off for a "service". Wasn't till I took the wheels off I realised this car came with the big brake option, 200mm of stopping power. Winding down the windows would likely slow the car faster.

The old:



New 276mm vs old 200mm, with Wilwood calipers to match (too lazy to find that photo):





Bits from RockAuto, three orders so far, filling my cart as I work through the car. Anything consumable is being replaced to save it failing later on. To a point anyway, not made of money.



So that's it for now, aiming to have it on the road by the end of summer, pending rust work progress. All of the above bits will hopefully provide some motivation to keep working on it in the meantime. Choice.






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