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have decided that i love my mk5 the way it is (apart from the 5 speed that will be going into it.) 

so i m going to put the turbo pinto into the mk3 build.

we were playing with a few things today and decided that we should try the setup on a running motor for tuning before we slam it on a fresh rebuilt motor.

that when i thought about the shitty old pinto sitting in the mk3.....fuck knows what its like but i can turn it over by hand so it will run.

its missing heaps of shit including a clutch,p,plate gearbox and drive shaft but i will need then in the future so may as well get some now.

so far replaced the manifolds to check for fitment ...removed the dizzy and replaced with efi dizzy...all in all its a good fit.



will have to sort out wiring as well as thats a fucking mess.


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my little girls and i watched the burnouts again out at muscle car madness and the questions started again ."why dont you build one dad" "how come we dont have one in the garage" "could mum drive it " hahaha.

so i have deided to build this just for bunouts....it is just sitting there in the garage de registered and god knows how long it will be like that for..so i have a plan.

i swapped it and themk 2 around and started cleaning all the shit out of it as i havnt really looked at it since i got it home.

after removing all the shit  and even vacuum clening it....to be honest not that bad.



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soooooooooo. i may have jumped the guy on building a burnout car...the more i clean this thing the better it is looking.

there is next to no rust in the floor or engine bay.  there is a seam split in the passenger footwell and thats about it.

so yes im have second thoughts on the burnout car..... i might just clean it up and put it back on the road (without the pinto)

anywho heres some pics.

before cleanGOPR4012.JPG.7eda3f933a5423e9aca000801ed43aca.JPGGOPR4013.JPG.24b4f99ce03af4f6319f397d408372c7.JPGGOPR4014.JPG.7135e57acf89386b6dcb6a9d61e6597c.JPG





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so the motor of choice ticks a few box's for me. #1 all ways wanted an Aussie assembled mk3.

so i went for the old ford 250 straight 6 alloy head.. this one has some extra goodies as it was built for a race car....so lumpy cam , headers , inlet manifold and holley carb.some other performance bits and a good old 4 speed borg warner...


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Well my motor tuned up.Tickled up 250 xflow and borg warner 4 speed.

(its a big bitch) 800mm from rear of motor to front edge of pulley..going to be a tight fit .

.if i took 800mm from wiper motor to slam panel then it would have to cut just for motor.(then you have to take into account 70mm radiator and possibly intercooler).

but if i cut som of the fire wall and move it back to the 1st egde then that will allow heaps of room.(have to move wiper motor over a bit.and make a heater out of factory parts.)

but yeah its doable.


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love getting home and santa has been.

factroy 250 xflow cortina sump and pickup.(in perfect condition)


and full EFI setup.(.just wanted the 3pin dizzy but for $60 for the lot i like to keep my options open) and more importantly 4.1 with ITBs makes me happy in the pantsGOPR4120.JPG.89677e31238f85ab95a30c9a76a7a196.JPG

also found out a bit more about the motor

its a xf alloy head 4.1 with 200 bottom end (strokes it out...but unsure of how much).head has had some inlet and exhaust port work and valves.

the headers are huge..cam (dont know specs). torque tuned inlet with a 350 or 500 holly 2bbl.... lightened flywheel and 4 speed borg warner single rail box.



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almost got all the sound deadening off then its off to have the engine bay , floor pan and boot are to be blasted.

curiosity also got the better of me so i sat the 250 cortina sump where it should be and man its a huge bitch.....just fucked off down the gearbox tunnel hahah.







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seats just turned up so huge thanks to @J-W-G for having the need to replace the interior in his mk3 and bring the door cards down with him as well as having some lights and grills i can use.

and a huge thanks to @taiparacer for picking up and dropping of the front and rear seats for me.....legend .





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tried the 250 cortina sump on the motor and it fits perfectly ....then curiosity got the better of me and out came the grinder.......
its just sitting in there for now but it fits .
people that don't modify/build cars just wont under stand the joy seeing the gearbox shifter sitting in the factory hole.








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  • 2 weeks later...

so i managed to get the motor and gearbox mounted. sometimes i thing it is easier to make sump so i can mount the motor how and where i like.....but i did manage to get a factory 250 cortins sump and that 100% dictated where the motor sits.....there is a indentation for the swaybar and and another for the steering rack...and then you have a huge lump inbetween them for the oil pump. and then the rear bowl sump......i cut 2 plates to bolt to the motor and and then used cotton real mounts and cut doiwn 2.0 cortina mounts and welded them to the plates...

as for the gearbox crossmember i picked it up from the standard cortina mounts and extended it back






i have also dropped the ITBs and flacon sandwich plate off to have flanges made and cut



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just a quick 1.

all mounts are made and engine and box mounted.(gear box mount bolt holes are stripped so may look at cuting the mout and welding more in.)


got 2 x au diffs to play with .(just need to grab the cortina 1 of karl) both 28 sline and both 3.45 lsd.

from what i have read i should be able to bolt the 3.45 lsd head into the aussi cortina diff and use the 2 short axles  and then i can also use the au factory discs andclipers and that will also be the rear end in 5 stud.......fucking easy ay.  ***( every chance this may not work)***


i had a davies craig water pump sitting around for years now so thought i would use it on this... so my water pump plate just turned up.


all so thanks to #goat for the link to play with



just need to cut more out now to make sure everything is going to fit .....then start welding it all back up.





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well that it...that the last of cutting shit out of the firewall and tunnel...time to start welding the hole back up.

on a + the headers fit and clear everything.....the last collector is pretty fucked so well need replacing .....or i run duel exhaust






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motor and box back out left a huge hole


left as much of the original tunnel as possible even using the factory mounts..i think i have done just enough to be able to still use factory carpet.... once trimmed up front.


started on the firewall










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last section of the firewall done... had to cut this out as i think it would have been in the way of the ITBs






just needs a weee grind then its the tunnel ..then onto see if i have a radiator that fits and then cut the slam panel to fit


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