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piazzanoob's 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 seeeedaaan


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now the next job was to get it down off the stands 

unfortunately not many photos were taken due to being the jack operator

so for this job i decided to borrow another trolley jack to help with the job 


this was also a slow job being that remove one block then let it back down as we were unable to do big drops on the jacks 

then once we were at a height where we could remove the trestle stands we placed some blocks with the axle stands at full height. 

then remove blocks from below or above the jack and drop the axle stand down a notch.

this job took about 2 hours with 3 people 


and this was all done by the help of 

on the jack m8 

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with the car being back on the ground it was time to have a tidy up and set to work on cleaning up the inside of the floors

It started with cleaning up the old underlay crap off the floor 






Just used a scraper and got most of it off 

even mum came out to lend a hand 

and the last photo shows the only rust that was in the floor being on the rear passengers side

i then got the wire brush and an abrasive disc on the grinder to get the surface ready for paint






i also while i was at it cleaned up the patch on the R/F floor abit more.

then after this i cleaned the whole floor with prepsol and twice in some place so it was clean and ready for paint. And covered the holes in the floor to prevent paint spilling on the floor   

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So with all of the engineer's remaining list down the next was to get him to inspect it and sign it off.

but before that was done unfortunately when the car got blasted and painted a rookie error was done by me and them 

that the order i did the sills inside and underneath was done backwards 

so now i have sills that have patches in bare metal due to been hit with the blaster and the inside being covered in sand and water due to the weather on the way to the blasters.

And some overspray of black in places on the car where we didn't mask between the inside of the back and front bumpers  

round the drivers door 

And the engine bay as i didn't cover any of that 

was in too much of a hurry of them blasting it that didn't even think about it. 

so gave the inside a good vacuum and blow out and wipe with a wet cloth 

then went over the car with thinners getting the black off then sanded some of the stone chips aswell 


this was a bad one by the rear passengers door


 front passengers door


drivers side by the rear screen


and these ones on the gaurd.

plus the bits on the sills and a whole lot of other bits around the car.

so used my fathers model spray gun from when he was a young lad to paint all these bits using the orange i had mixed up for the sills.






also did all the gaurd edges to tidy them up. 

also didn't bother about adding any clear on it.

then after that was done i gave the car a full cut and polish again. 

so now the paint is good from afar but far from good 

oh and i also installed my new master cylinder i bought a few months back


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took the car back in for its compliance only to have another fail list of stuff to do 

which is all new stuff that wasn't mentioned on the last two inspections that were done by the same compliance company 

so time to do some more spannering 

so close to legal yet soo far from legal  

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