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azzurro's 1989 Polski FIAT 125p Pickup


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Ive been poking away at this since dragday.

Seems the slight fuel smell that developed durning the day was actually the fuel pump body leaking. What the hell.

Anyway gave me the kick up the bum i needed to install all this 


in here, in prep for the sideys.


Speaking of which, another manifold popped up on trademe cheap so i grabbed it hoping it might be a bit different (specifically have a bigger space between two middle barrells) from the two i have.

Nope exactly the same - if the rear two were on the same angle as the front they would be perfect - there is heaps of clearance in the rear of the engine bay, and these were specifically made in NZ for 125 to have sideys fitted by the dealer (to make 125T) . I dont get it, its weird.

Pupper still likes it so thats good


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I also stuck the Innovate MTX-L AFR gauge in as well, so i could tell how bad my tune is

big hole and a bung. Looks easy enough but Im very ashamed of my welding, almost impossible to get the torch up top and blew holes and gaaaahhh.

I hate welding exhausts.


Bung filled plus  lashings of exhaust cement.

Cable routing looks a bit weird but tucks up nicely over the exhaust and into the gearbox tunnel 

And then through an enlarged reverse light switch hole 

All fires up ok, except the sensor wont get out of "Htr" mode, so probably need a new sensor (v4.9) which i was pretty much expecting anyway. 




@Abarth popped over to drop my shims back and mentioned it sounded like one cylinder was lazy .

"Nah mayte, shes got good factory leccy ignition from a Beta, thats just the dumb shit carb being dumb and shit. owl"

Anyway, a few days later i pulled the plug leads to check the spark, and #3 definitely had good spark but didnt make any difference to the running.

Pulled the plug and I must have caught it on something last time i had them out as it was gapped to over 1.6mm and had slowly carboned itself up really good.

Regap and a wirebrush and its much improved. 


Dumb shit carb is still dumb tho - pretty sure the idle circuit is being bypassed or blocked, and the main is coming on too soon based on the slight dribbling from the venturis

- ill swap the spare DMS on and start from as close to  factory jetting as i can.





Happy New Year and all that,

May 2019 bring you many happy classic miles with Pohutukawa flowers all over the place and sunburn for you all



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Took this in for a WoF today in prep for Kumeu,  left it at the place in the carpark pretty early



and it FAILED - to be fair the windscreen had a long crack from a stone chip that ran, but i was hoping they would let that annoyance happen on the way home after i got my sticker :(

However given it actually happened a few months ago I had already bought a new screen rubber and some scuttle corner repair panels from ladapower to go with a spare screen i already had 'in stock'. . 

Got home and popped out the old screen expecting the worst but its its not too bad at all.


Passenger side is lush - there are a few bubbles where the rubber had worn the paint thin, but i think they will buff out. The brown stuff is old hard cavity wax

Usually the hole around the drain tube blows out but its mint


Bit worse on the drivers but not bad really, the rust is just surface stuff. Amazeballs

The worst bit is from the massive hole seemingly made with a big nail  right though all 4 layers of steel in base of the toothpick A-pillar for a FM aerial that i wont be reinstalling.


The top of the pillar is also affected by the hole for the upper mount and those bubbles on the roof panel overlap will need cutting out and welding 

So this weekend will be spent cleaning up the surround and prepping the roof and scuttle for a coat of paint or two in time to get the screen in and Woffed in time for next weekend.

I knew it needed to be done and was planning on it, just didn't want to do it like right now, in the flippin driveway. Lucky it looks fine for most of the next week or so!

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Like the other 3 this has been in Auckland for about 10 months because of Covid etc. 

Ready for the transporter.  It was the only one that the movers could start easily and is the most mechanically sound.


Because its the crappiest, it lives outside (the other two get the garage) but it also means its the first in line, so ive also been pesting around on a Covid WoF, and because its not Auckland, there are no cops around anyway.

Blackhead is about the same distance from my new place as Muriwai was from my old place, but no sea view (we are on the other side of the hill facing north :)) so plenty of surf checks/dog walks/AFR runs











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