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Kimjon's backwards bike

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Just dumping a few of my projects from the last year on here. Most come under the category "pointless yet fun"...


A mate I work with (civil engineer, genius who designs bridges) showed me this YouTube clip:

I couldn't help myself, so with a little bit of tinkering in the shed...3hrs later I whipped this bad boy up. I left it wrapped in gift wrap with a giant bow on his desk...he was blown away, which made me very happy.




Yes, it is impossible to ride. Yes, guaranteed to make a total cock out of yourself, and yes pointless yet fun :-)

It got noticed and found its way onto TV3, which was cool.


Our next mission is to leave it in public places in the hope some shit bag tries to steel it...we'll be over the road in a pub watching the big fail - should be priceless!


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with the right amount of booze and narcotics, Oldschool member Shavenyak can ride one of these, as I have seen him do it on a Raleigh 20 version.


so much lol.

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i guess the next version of mind fuck would be standard steering and reversed drive direction. should would be different having to backpedal to go forwards..... then have a bike with both .

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