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Daves Scooter thing (The Meth Ped)

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Sweet, front guard mounted via the easiest brackets ever only stupid if they dont work right? Solid as fuck too. No more rocks in the throat which surprisingly was a real problem before.

Also fitted an aliexpress dual led headlight can report its really fucking bright and ive been out in dark clocking up k's.




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Not much to report but am happy with how it looks (placement of things) runs and rides, so will blow it apart soon and paint it one colour. Heres the colour i homebrewed 30g of blue/purple/green chameleon pigment in a litre of lacquer.

Pops like fuck in sun!


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New recorded top speed, was humming along perfectly then the new drive belt exploded so now on my 4th belt.

Theres more in it i suspect after it maxes out the torque converters overdrive and engine winds out the belt slips cooks itself and unraveled.



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