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Sidewaysickness BMW E30 of sideway sickness.


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Now was time for wiring, I searched and searched the Web for the perfect swap diagram but couldn't find it. I ended up finding one that made the most sense and followed it.


Filled up all the fluids and connected the battery, no smoke so great start. All dash lights working as they should so removed fuel pump relay and wound it over to build oil presure.

Threw the relay back in and the shed roared with the sound of a M50 with no exhaust, sending the dog running for the hills. Glorious times indeed!

Now for the exhaust.

After a bit of fucking around I turned to fb world and was given a pair of e36 zorst manifolds, one still needs mods to clear the steering knuckle but at least they point in the general vicinity of where they need to be.

So close to actually hooning the cunt

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Thanks guys. I do want to change the wheels but I think I'll go down to 15s.

I like the bbs mags but they are so popular that it puts me off.

As for the springs it's actually quite low already, but it's wheel arch low... not body low. That and I've just put an engine in that has a lower sump than what came out, I think I'll cut and wing the sump at some point.

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Well so I had almost finished the conversion and ended up losing my licence for demerits literally a hour before spirited test drives, Great!

I've had my licence back for a while now and have given it some very thorough testing and there was (and still is) things to be sorted.

The exhaust system was a bit of a challenge using E36 328 pressed steel manifolds, the rear manifold flange needed to be cut and welded about 12mm closer to the block to clear the steering knuckle, I then just hacked up the e34 exhaust to get the manifolds to mate with the exhaust system that was already in it.

Steering knuckle itself I removed the guibo and made a spacer and bolted the ewe jays together through the spacer. I did keep the e34 steering shaft in case I need to modify it to work but its fine now with plenty of clearance to the exhaust manifold.

One of the more annoying issues it sometimes has, is that it will cough and sometimes die whenever it wants and if it dies it wont restart until the key has been turned off, it will fire up straight away after that. Other times it coughs and carries on as per usual, when this problem occurs I can hear one of the relays clicking under the dash but haven't figured out which relay it is and what its job is. This car has seemed to have an electrical gremlin the whole time i've had it with things like the window squirtys just going on their own, which in turn makes the wipers go.

The next main problem is the fact that the sump sits about 70mm off the ground and i've already had some ass puckering moments when I was half expecting the oil pressure light to come on, luckily I haven't smashed it to bits



So todays job was the removal of the crossmember and oil pan to cut the sump and wing it to retain volume. Cross member came out in no time at all and so did all of the sump bolts... or so I thought. It soon became clear that there was 2 bolts hidden behind the bellhousing, now the e34 gearboxes contain a recess to allow access to these bolts. the 260 gearbox does not so I had to call on the inner bro and holesaw and die grind out holes in the sump so I could get a rachet spanner onto em. I know its rough... but it worked and saved me hours of having to split the gearbox from the engine.


So all going well tomorrow I will mark out where I want the sump to be cut and chop it, compute the required wing size and fold up some 3mm alloy to be welded in. Then move on to the oil pick up and shorten it, modify the factory baffles and we should be all go to weld it all up and chuck it back together.

I also had a huge power steering leak in the last couple of weeks and found some fuckery that needed fixing. Return line had been hacked at some point and had some very rough repair done.


anyway there's my long overdue update









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