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matteybeans 1978 rt104 corona

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Hey guys

So dizzy still hasn't arrived it's in country so hopefully tomorrow...

I failed warrant to un even braking in the rear which I sort of figured when swapping our rear passenger was covered in diff oil.. knew it wasn't brake fluid or it would of eaten off my powder coat on rims.


Unfortunately... somehow.. must of been having to much fun I had forgotten to undo one of the nuts and after smashing the slide hammer realized something must of been wrong.


Slide hammer - 1 . Flange - 0

Luckily I have a spare diff here so whipped out my spare and took them both into steel surgeon manukau to get it flattened/fixed/sorted.


Took off brakes to clean as were covered in diff oil. Gave me the ol boil in pot trick - I had brought all new pads and shoes before I had this on the road 5000~ km ago.




Gave the manifold a clean up as it wasn't done when carbs were built. I've removed all the emission cap on it. Picking up a piece of 6mm aluminum to blank of the holes next to my thumb.


Picked up my new exedy sports clutch, pressure plate and release bearing. New ARP flywheel bolts.. unfortunately I had left my old bolt at home had nothing to compare with and turns out the one I got isn't the right size so this is on hold until tomorrow.

Until then. Cheers

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Got stuck in again today.

Picked up half shafts from steel surgeon - all sorted haha so put it in and resembled the drum brakes. All ready to go for wof just need to bleed brakes.

My electric dizzy n ignitor showed up !!


Picked up a sheet of 6mm aluminium today and made some blanks to cover old emission holes.. they're not perfect bit more grinding n shaping could be done but they fit and will do the trick. Plan is to go efi after drag day anyway.



That's all for now.

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Hey guys

Got a bit more done today was a bit of a stuggle as I was really really hung over.. but my brother needed to put his car in garage so I had to do something.

Yesterday got the clutch on and motor back in place.

Was a bit of a struggle to get new clutch on and aligned but got there in the end !





Didn't take a photo yet but the underside of my car looks really good now all black with clean gearbox :)

Brought some GL4 gearbox oil and replaced that and topped up diff at same time.

Driveshaft all back in place just have to put carbs back on n hope it all works haha

Have some time off work for wedding this week so hopefully get it a wof by end of week all going well.

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Another small update..

Got the motor up running changes through the gears nicely. Just need to bleed brakes and ready for wof !!

The heater hoses had been annoying me for awhile so decided to tidy em up by making some out of 20mm copper. Looked at a few different options for the flow line but decided to keep it in the factory position am rather happy with the outcome !





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Took car for a wof.. clean sheet !!

Although I did fix what it had failed for back in April when I took it for a wof.. which it failed and sat in the garage for 6 months.

Anyway gave it good clean n polish and brought some rego so pretty much all set for drag day !

Need to sort a throttle cable issue out. Install my eletric ignition and eletric tacho. but no big deal and take it back to carb specialist as since I've removed all the emission stuff it seems to be running rich.

Bring it on !

I picked up my 18rg exhaust manifold from autobend today. You can see how close it is to the sr20det. It's out 4/5mm per port over 278mm


Didn't really like the old plastic gearstick/sterio surround so got another rubber and mounted it direct to carpet looks alot tidier in my opinion going to run a Bluetooth amp so don't need a sterio.



Gave her a good polish too. How she currently sits.






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And she's back! Started first pop too!

I literally had taken the cover of her and drove maybe 5km to a friends because the front right brake piston appeared to be stuck and the brake was smoking.

still bloody clean for being under a cover for 10 months in a shed!

Took the wheel off and inspected managed to unstick itself so I continued to drive home with no further problems


Ok so plan is to test fit some flares see how they look, the guard gap has always annoyed me a little so I would get something to try bring that down a little. I dont want to change the wheels, and lowering it anymore will just be a pain to drive. I would like to get some arches made up from steel but I dont want to go down that road yet.


Something like this looks much more appealing to me though..


Once in the garage I inspected further. The front rotors were not in the best shape and finding a replacement was a no go so checked the width and all was ok to get skimmed. I also brought new ceramic brake pads. 









At the 2016 drag day I had a casualty and lost one of the clips that held my ramfloe filters on. I was lucky enough to find a good condition replacement its the one on right even has its tag





Another minor problem that had started up just before putting into storage was a squeak after 3000 rpm sounded like a slipping belt/bearing. I removed the viscous fan as I had suspected the fan bearing was the problem which it was!



200 odd bucks for a new one wowee!!

Got one sent from a mate for free will put on this weekend.




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Hey guys!


So my polyurethane Ebay special flares turned up they are 50mm wide and 70mm long which hide the guard gap nicely. Would most likely run them black.

Do they look silly attached to the end of the arch as apposed to sitting over the whole factory arch? 

Or do look the bees knees??









I have another diff which is 20mm wider each side which id run with rear flares 





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Long awated update. You all no i didnt end up running those flares and on sold them to never be tempted to do it again.

Also brought the ms65 crown so this got put back in storage again.

Fast forward 5 months and its 6pm 7th December @dave123456789 and i were ripping into a box of codys and thought fuck it lets take the Corona to drag day so gave it a service and gave everything a once over even managed to give her a wash. Beaut.

Drag day was very enjoyable once again unfortunately i snapped an axle on the 5th pass and had to have it towed back into storage.

Apologies for not saying goodbye she was loaded up n we were off!

Thanks to whoever took these photos i do believe its more than one. Pic dump





















Warrant n reg expired this week so back on hold. Ive only got a single garage so this will have to wait until crown is on the road. Surely by drag day 2019!



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And shes back home again.. a year later than expected but better late than never.

Snapped an axle at drag day 2018 and been in storage since then.



AA plus membership makes moving cars very easy would trade again.






Ahh yep thatll do it.

Plans now are to swap the diff over with my spare..  which will mean the wheels will poke out 20mm more, raise the car slightly so its atleast legal height. The rear leaves have been reset twice so they dont work as they are intended too. I've got a spare set of leaf springs so I'll add one in to stiffen up and lower to required height using lowering blocks.

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