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matteybeans 1978 rt104 corona

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UP date !

Managed to get it all in . Clutch fork in and working. Used 18r auto 3 speed gbox cross member which bolted onto w50 gearbox. I've almost finished my modified accelerator cable set up but got side tract re assembling all my bits n pieces !!

Much excite !















Also figured out the springs in the front will need changing a scizzor jacks stuck under cross member !


A picture speaks a thousand words ..

Lots more assembling to be done then will sand back some off the car before dropping off to panel beaters to prep for paint.

Am hoping to have it finished by August 21st Giving me a week of test driving before hanmer meet !

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Got all the panels back on . Just need to paint bootlid hinges before putting that on .

Will muck around with the dash n try get that in this week n try run a new cable from starter motor to ignition / switch .

Also need to finish accelerator set up n bleed brakes .

Put radiator in so I can go for a drive up the road ;)

Anyhow after a good garage clean this is how it sitz.

Pics of everything !









Until next time...

Thanks for looking :)

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Hey guys 2 weeks since I've updated this haha haven't been doing nothing . Been re assembling everything .

Managed to sus out the loom so can turn over using key now . Picked up a nardi steering wheel off another os member . The muppet I got the bosskit of todsy which I was told "it'll def fit" doesn't . The horn bits don't line up will need another . Just put it on to check it out..

I'll be taking it to get polished to remove some light scratches in the chrome at some stage but ok foe now


I no my dash is cracked n fucked .. I really wanna get it upholstered but some of the bottom of the dash has cracked so I won't be doing it until I get the missing bits I need and also a new lower dash section but that can wait.


It's annoying me how it's cracked .. ohwell time will get me a better condition one .


I'm after a w50 shifter if anyone has one lying around since mine is bent to fuck !! :(


New toyo t1rs 225/40/r14 to replace the super stretched 185/50/r14s currently on the rears .. means I got 2 spares for the front now choooice

Will get them taken off bead n re assemble when I can . Have borrowed a guard roller but need tyres on before I make a start on it.


Even tho the clock is showing 420 n I'd love to keep it that way I will be removing that and replace with a 4" smiths rev tacho at some stage . Not a priority tho

Used plastidip satin black for behind grill makes easy removal if ever needed . Also gave my headlight surrounds and bonnet hinges a lick of satin black to complete the look




Panel beater coming to look tomorrow .. if anyone knows any panel beaters keen on some work PM me thanks.

And finally I have a lot of spares . I will be keeping all panels and glass . I have pretty much full 2nd set of interior plastic . Rt100 dash . Couple cracks tho .. n shit loads of other rt100/104 stuff if you need anything pm me i may have it. Only parting with OS members as I no the troubles it can be sourcing it all.

Made up a new radiator overflow out of 6 mm copper . I wouldn't mind making all my washer lines out of 6 mm copper aswell it would look pretty cool in my opinion .

Need 2 grab some new 40 mm hose clamps for radiator hoses and a new battery for her n I can do some tests make sure my lights etc are working let car warm up to temp might even go for a drive up the road ;)

Thanks for looking

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Het guys really struggling to find a panel beater in auckland to have my car ready by hanmer meet .. :( anyone no someone keen on cashie in PM me

Ok so I put the eclectic dizzy n ignitor in and I couldn't get the car to start I had it sparking n wanting to start but when I turned key back off the start position it would like die / stop running.. unsure of why just yet.

Also put some new shocks in the front and put some proper lowering springs in so now sits at 100 mm off cross member !


Also after geasing through the show us ya sheds thread I decided to build me a work bench . 3.6 m x 600 mm deep. Haven't finished shelving units etc ran out of timber !


Also took the car outside n gave a quick wash engine bay was getting dusty !


Arse still needs to come down by about 20 mm to match front but will do that last .




Thanks for looking

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Small update !

Changed my 185/50/r14 in the rears to legal 225/40/r14 which have a pretty close sidewall to the 185/50/r14s on the fronts . So the 2 I took off will become spares / until I get some toyos for the front n sell the set of 4 I have ..

Here's some pics !




Also managed to find a panel beater Keen who can finish prepping car in a month :)

Hence the reason to put the toyos on so ca roll the lip ..

Booked in exhaust with DKM frabrication n got a really good/cheap deal which will be either before the car gets panel beated or straight after !

Thanks for looking

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Also did a couple of other things..

Since motor n box was orginally in a go kart the shifter was bent to shit . Was like a 70 degrees

Only pic I have of how it currently was.



Brought a brand new vice last week..I heated the shifter red hot with my oxy acet set n put it in the vice ..m snap ! Broke the budget bloody thing !!


Snapped it in half :( ended up putting it on my pipe benders n bending it straight .... ish

Finished result


Thanks for looking

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Mucked around a little bit today on the car

Still couldn't get electric dizzy to work I could of been either 180 out / most likely out of fuel lol ..

Am picking up timing light off mate 2m so will have another crack.

In the mean time I changed back to points n went for a little cruise !

No exhaust/windscreen noisey as f#ck !

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Some goodies arrived yesterday thanks to a OSGC for bringing them down from whangaraei for me !

Mint condition passenger seat . Had just gave it a good wash so fabric in middle is wet which is why it's darker. Have read good results using vht vinyl spray so may re paint it beige along with drivers seat

Drivers seat in better condition than mine just dirty as shit . Nothing some paint won't hide tho haha



Thats passenger seat


Thats the better condition drivers seat than mine .. more filthy than a hooker ! Will give it a clean n use some vht paint over it which will tidy it all up .. will prob still run a seat cover until I get it upholstered propley !


Some mint chrome to replace the bits of mine that are stuffed !


Also got some 50mm lowering blocks which I will get machined down to about 30 mm which will bring it down to the same height at the front .

These coronas seem to have their leaf mounting bracket close to the ground . Mine are already currently sitting at 100 mm .. blocks will end up going in After a WOF

Had another panel beater that threeonatree and zebra dude put me on too. He came look at it on Saturday who will give me a price n a date when I csn get it dropped off today fingers crossed it's not too much different from my first quote !

That's all for now

Thanks for having a gease

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Update time !

Picture less update but an important one !

Car is getting taken to panel beater on 10th July who will prep the car for paint over the week ready for paint July 17th/18th . Mate works for Gemini in aussie n flying over to paint it that weekend

Also sourced some top of the range ppg clearcoat for the exterior so it should turn out awesome !

All going well should have her wof n reg by end of month ! Giving me a month to test her out / run in motor ready for the big trip to hanmer !!

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More progress . filling pin holes n anything missed . then re prime. Final blocking Wednesday / Thursday .

PAINT FRIDAY all going well.




The back needs to come down a bit I've got 2 inch blocks at home which I'll chuck in see what it looks like .

Might be a silly question but I'll ask anyway . I haven't got any U bolts for my blocks can I use any 10mm threaded rod and bolt ? Or stainless steel ? Or is there proper hardened ones ?



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