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matteybeans 1978 rt104 corona


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Project disscuson here !! //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/42444-matteybeans-1978-rt104-corona/


Hey guys been awhile since I had a car I could start a build thread on. But here it is!! Complete apart from motor and gearbox .

Its also a manual collium shift !! Linkages still in tact and all . I would been super keen to get that hooked up n bench seat in the front !! Anyone got a gearbox with linkages lying around ?? Think it's suppose to be a 3 speed manual one going by my corona manual

Here's some pics !


So went down to Hamilton picked it up cbucked it on back of trailer and took it home to continue stripping it back .

Doors n bootlid r mint mint cards n all


So got it home n had a look here's what I found


Few little holes along bottom needing to be re done along with old patches half arsed in there with rust aaround them  :(

He'll no rot at all around sides or top of both windscreen surounds just a little at the bottom of both



After having a look I decided to start at the arse end and fix up the bits n piece a that needed doing





Were no holes behind so used a wire wheel on a drill cleaned it up n rust protected it




Couple more to be done on the other side ...


Ran out of argonshield so decided to grab some dry ice while I was at boc . Floor looked mint but wanted to have a look as some was peeling off on passenger rear foot well


Dry ice inside rubbish bag . I got 5 kg and had plenty to do it all including the bits in boot


Came off pretty easy . Floor needed no attention at all I cleaned it up n por15 it all . Didn't take any pics though .

Rear arches r rust free and sills are mint aswell what a score !!

Moved foward started on removing aerial holes.

Used abit of tie wire to hold the piece in place while I tacked it in place


Not bad for a weeks work  :)

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Top Posters In This Topic

Another up date ! Spent few hours this arvo on her .. finished fixing rust around front windscreen .. Here's pics . The rust mission is almost over !!!

As per all the other repairs old owners had done this was no different .. old patch straight over the top of rust they welded it in but didn't bother to cut it out ... lazy assessment








Couple little ones . Again old patches straight over rust.




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Hey guys been pretty busy over last couple days have finished the remaining rust patches which r behind the front 2 guards !

Here's some pics


CT rust converter followed by epoxy primer.





Drivers side



Ok so Ive welded everything up shell is now rust free as far as I no ... will finish pulling engine shit out 2m n start prepping that . Paint has alot of chips so will start sanding it all back might even have a crack at bogging some of the easy / more unseen bits lol ..

Have also split my rims to take the centre's to get acid dipped ...

Discussion thread here


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Hey guyz

Spent another day down in the garage .. I decided to start stripping the engine bay to start prepping for paint this is my 1st time n its actually came up pretty good few surface rust bits under where the brake cylinder n stuff was bUT nothing serious what so ever . What's the best way 2 go about prepping it for paint can I grind back those rust bits n scuff the rest removing factory runs in the paint etc .. I also want to paint it myself so I csn re assemble it all to get it going how good of a job is it possible to get using spray cans ??

I want to paint it holden gold which is a factory holden commodore colour. Looks like this -


Here's pics of the engine bay before n afters






Suggestions weclome wil end up doing it on my garage wet the floors etc ... cheers


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Couple weeks ago I decided to get my wheels tidied up .. got em back yesterday really happy with how they are now to seal em up n chuck em on car .. Tires being used r 185/55/r14 .. thinking of increasing rears to 205/55 or something of similiar for something decent.. 9" rim

Here's some wheel porn

here's what they orginally looked like


Got wheels taken off bead.. Tires r a good fit lol




centre's were tigged to the rear lips had em chemically dipped n acid dipped to clean em all up

Even took radiator surround and bonnet hinges to be dipped.


Centre's went off to powdercoaters . Used Brian n Whyte in kingsland nice guys and really well priced . 40 bucks per rim to go metallic gun metal grey and then clearcoated.



Front bands I took to progressive electroplaters n polishers in new lynn travis is the guy to see he's awesome.

Here's finished product . What a difference the bands are they are like mirrors now.


Thanks for looking

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Small update . Shortening diff to get wheels to fit on the rear diff needs to be shortened 30 mm each side see how we go

Went with Karlos from steel surgeon manukau . He seems confident he can shorten em that much without any trouble

Small as fuck .



Leafs are out also will be wanting to reset with another leaf added to stiffen em up. Who's a good fella to use ?? Tell me


Thanks for looking

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Hey all .

Moved into a new place big garage been getting car prepped n tidying up few bits n pieces ! Picked up some paint sample not sure how I feel about it might go 1 shade lighter but something close to this would suit the car n it def looks like it's a 70s car haha pic dump

People going go hate but ended up taking my leafs back to anchors n got em dropped another inch or so .. :D



First test pot holden mirage glow .. wasn't what I was after at all.. anyway


Engine bay primed


Por15 the gas tank


And parcel tray n rest of boot n behind rear sets and up under dash ..



Around wheel arch is old por15 I did awhile back



And here's the test pot I picked up today !



Please note the guard is a spare n had only had a quick scuff for paint testing purposes . Its rusty n arch is fucked ..

I haven't got any clear to spray on it might put some on bdfore committing like o said I miight go one shade lighter yet

Discuss !


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Hi all

As your aware I've been preppibg it for paint !

Tonight this happened

Pic dump













Clear cost




My 18rg n w50 is on its way up should be at my place by end of business friday .. will put interior back in . Inside of panels n all hinges will be done in a booth next Saturday .

Will spray satin black behind front lights n grill etc and paint up some engine bits that need it this weekend

Thanks for looking. Colour looks amazing cant wait to push it outside In the sun tomorrow

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Sorted an engine crane thanks to threeonatree . Legend.

Picked up some mongoose sound deadening Today will start putting it in when I get abit of time for now I wanna prep n paint motor n chuck it in the hole in the hope nothing is wrong hmmm !

If anyone interested the sound deadening was $199 for 9 sheets of 810x400 I think I got an extra 5 though for an additional 120 but she going to be luxurious !

Paint after 24 hours



Sound deadening single sheet


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Update !

So over the weekend and tonight I've been stuffing around trying go get the motor in and running turns out I had forgotten a few bits haha so didn't go so smoothly !

Had to grab 18r engine mounts of donor car as this had a 12 r which were diffeent





Haha sort of forgot that 18r has front sump and 18rg has rear sump which sits on cross member !!

Shit ..so out came motor again .. Re drain the new oil I just put in n swap sumps . Good news is this engine was perfectly clean no deposits no build ups n was pretty clean throughout.

on the other one it had about 30 mm of build up gunk and little shavings shit !! Took me ages to clean it out n degreazer it thought I'd paint it too




after eventually getting it in and everything hooked up it won't start by key so I've been shortening out the starter to get it turning over !

turns out the battery I had didn't hold charge n was flat .. wasn't able to get it going yesterday ..

Today I started from stratch again thanks to stu and sleektoy for their help .

Turns out had a blown engine fuse

the dizzy to coil lead had like 10 resistance lol so maori'd up another lead off spare car and managed to get spark .

I doubled Checked to see If i had the timing right which I did .

The fuel pump wasn't working propley and was letting bugger all fuel into the carbs ! So I raxed the one off the 18r but was slightly different and the hoses didn't fit propley / leaked everywhere !

I managed to get fuel up into the carbs n plenty of it ! but stopped as getting late

Fuel lines aren't hooked up propley I just had fuel line dropped into a bottle..

motor will he coming back out need to sus a clutch fork just wanna hear it running make sure it's ok .

So tomorrow hopefully pick up my clutch fork.

Get some new fuel lines to get it going

i need a new dizzy to coil lead I might as well just replace em all !

Also the wiring issue I think may be from mis matching the orginial 12 r fuse loom that was in that and I used my 18r engine loom as 12 r was different as and then I used my 18r steering collumn as this car was collumn shift ! It all plugged in propley and I couldn't tell any difference but maybe there is .

When I use the 18r key start I csnt even hear the relay going but when I plug in the 12 r one it makes a sound ?

The 18rgu starter motor is also slightly different with 3 wires coming off starter motor I suspect the 3rd may be ignition ? Which is why it's not key starting possibly .. so I'll also throw in the orginial 18r starter motor which works but only has 2 wires coming off it which was orginally connected to this loom and hopefully it'll be running tomorrow !! and by key

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Had another crack at it tonight .. I jewed out and hoped I'd get away without replacing spark plugs n leads .

I checked plugs n seemed ok but everything else seems rather weathered I flattened 3 batteries trying to get it going before accepting my failure of not getting them while at super cheap when I grabbed some hose clamps to stop fuel leaks ... :(

I did however grab another coil to dizzy lead while I was at spartan wreckers grabbing this...


Clutch fork release bearing and bearing carrier . Bearing feels nice so will just give the fork a tidy up re paint n assemble after I get motor running .. my sump also has a small leak only happens when car turns over .. will need to grab a proper gasket since the gasket silicone didn't do the job

I did however manage to get it to run without starter motor for up to 5 seconds a few times but was missing abit n sputtering away .

I had these open which I've been told r for emissions n they should be blocked off will make it run lean so have since done that ..


So tomorrow ill grab a proper gasket I need for sump .

new plugs and leads and try again .

Also fully swapped the last of the 18r loom over and still unable to start using key .. I think tomorrow I'll quickly switch starter motors to orginial 18r one n see if that makes a difference .. it use to work fine back in other car n since I've swapped it all other to this i can't see why not.

How it currently sits...


Shit it's lucky I had my co2 extinguisher ready to go .. the float valve on the front carbs must have been stuck n was pissing out fuel onto my arm below it ..

Next thing ! Whooom ! My arms on fire the rubber glove starts melting around my hand and the fuel dripping out of the carbs catches fire to the fuel on the engine bay and all around the 5 litre gas tank I had sitting under the block I was using to start the car ...

Phew !

lucky no damage to paint in engine bay or my arm for that matter ! Could have been bad tho . The float valve has since fixed itself must have been a little stuck n got floaded with petrol for the first time .since half of it was leaking out the dodgy fuel line connections

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BOOM !!! got it all running tonight n shit she purs really nice csnt figure out how go post a video on here but I got proof !! I'll post it when I figure it out / someone helps me !!

Also ... some very very good history on this motor I text the fella I brought it off in palmy n he called me back giving me the run down !

Got it off his good mate who was an engineer .

It was imported by his mate the engineer back in the late 80s when he got a few over from japan and was going to make concept cars but this one he never finished.

it was a guranteed good runner with low milage when he imported it from japan it n its never been starting since it got into nz ... Hasn't been started in almost 20 years lol . No wonder when I took the sump off it looked brand new inside ! Not even the smallest bit of build up on the sump.

He also told me his engineer mate always turned it over by hand and when sold to him was always on his case about doing it too !

He said he would be very suprised if the motor and gearbox had done more than 30 000 miles !!

Such awesome news what a brilliant find.

There's only 1 way to celebrate ...


Thanks for looking hOpe i can figure out video soon


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Small update but an update none the less !

Tonight my mate came round n together we carefully took the motor n box back out of the engine bay . I took sump off Cleaned up matting surfaces of the sump ready for the sump gasket . Took some photos of the cleanliness of the inside of the motor



Unfortunately I had to work late n wasn't able to grab gasket on my way home but will do it tomorrow.

Also tested fitted my TRD extractors. I'll grab a new gasket for em while im at bnt 2m as orginal is poked n give then a lick of paint with vht heat paint . Black.



That is all.. until tomorrow.

Thanks for looking

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