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Rivalrx - 1972 Mazda 618 Coupe


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Tonight was exhaust night. 

So the dumpy is tucked up nicely and the rear 3” section is complete. All that is needed is 2 more resonators added into the twin 2” section after the headers and the hanger mounts exhaust etc. 

the drive shaft loop is getting crafted now too. 

Gas pedal is now bolted to the floor of the car and the throttle actuates wide open when you stomp on it. 

Im painting the exhaust tomorrow and will need a wide band sensor now as there is a port already there. 





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Today the exhaust is done  

2 x 2” with 4 Adrenalin R resonators collecting into a 3” rear section with an Adrenalin R old school dumpy tip  

i just painted the lot incl the headers and all it needs is the final button up.

The welder tip flogged out 1/4 way through the drive shaft loop fab - that’s getting finished this week another night. 


Currently it has one side tacked on and the other ready to weld/drill to the tunnel  

So there isn’t much point messing about getting the exhaust on for now u til that’s all buttoned up. 

The drivers seat is built and rearing to go in. 

Hope this week we can start spanner  checking everything before a cheeky drive up the road. 





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The drive shaft loop is all done awaiting final placement.

Making it was a bit tricky due to the uneven floor pan and fuel/brake lines - nevertheless it came up really nice and it’s certainly solid as a rock  

Once the drive shaft loop is in place exhaust can be bolted together and put in place once and for all. 






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