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Rivalrx - 1972 Mazda 618 Coupe


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Glovebox side. Note - We got a steering support mount off another car

This was purely for speed. The 20 plus spots and drill angles would of taken ages to get out.

this is why the original one is hacked up.






So there we are - will finish this when a heater is installed and the dash is back in.







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  • 3 weeks later...

I bought a few more bits and pieces the other day...



Lower dash shelf rx2


Old school 13b sump and pick up with a few of my manuals. I just bought a rare hard cover Mazda 618 manual for a good price and that should be here next week I'd say.


RX2 air cleaner - not sure if I will have this on top of my IDA or not, I just couldn't resist getting it. The top guy I got it off threw in a rhd accelerator mechanism that I need to go behind the gas pedal onto the firewall. He may have all the heater and wiper assemblies I am after too.


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  • 4 weeks later...

I can't turn down a deal soooooo I picked up there rear mazda rx2 cards as they are better than my current ones and the price was right.



Found this old pic of my rear seat...need to reco the top section - the rest is excellent. No idea on costs


Also I buffed my nos set of rx2 door handles to take off the factory grease...came up great


And a helpful mate offered me his spare rx4 13b Ida manifold for cheap so that's one less piece of the puzzle.


Also I saw these cool as classic mazda number plate surrounds from the states that I just had to have...note the ssr mk3's have had the tyres removed. Also picked up more nolathane bushes too.


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  • 1 month later...

I now have the rhd windscreen wiper motor and arms from an rx2 to complete the conversion.

I also picked up a new BNT clutch master $59 and a few more nolathane bushes for the front end.

Now I have a full set of rx2 steelies that are going to get the sand blast treatment and a cheeky gunmetal powder coating.


And because I need some serious help....I saw some cheap hotwires for sale so suffice to say I brought them. These are currently getting the wet and dry sanding treatment when I have a spare hour so should come up nice with a bit of time and effort. 13x7 4 x110 offset 0




You know I said I need help right....I saw a set of 14x7 in mazda 4 x 110 with lots of dish...they are now mine. I need a new set of 195/45/14 tyres but Toyo proxes are $170 ish. These are not to be mixed up with Chinese copies or cheap 13" ones. I've waited patiently for a set to come up of a long time. Still not 100% I will run them as I'm loving the hotwires....



Here is some inspiration


Pulled the hubcaps out the other day...


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  • 3 weeks later...

Today I sold the SSR's to a mate as they were going to cost a fair bit to widen and then finding 13" legal tyres was looking like a ball ache. Also I was going to go hilux diff so I can go wide rears but recently I traded some parts for a 24spline LSD bolt in diff head in the states. This is on it's way in November thanks to a mate hooking me up with shipping LA to NZ.

Also I'm now getting some rear arch rx2 coupe rust cuts sent to me that will be perfect for my up coming compliance 'journey'.



My mate who is porting and building the engine checked the specs of the my NA S5 RX7 high comp rotors. These will need the apex milled to 3mm as the 2mm we're getting close to out of spec. These are getting the full lightening treatment also with new bearings.

My plans for a low key NA 13b bridge has gone well out the door. I like that.




The first plate is almost finished its bridge with minor flowing and finishing to do.



All porting and building props to Jacob Makela out of the Gingateers club.

I recently also bought S6 RX7 13b stat gears as these are some of the hardest ones you can get - thanks RE Sinclair in Christchurch and to my mate for picking them up for me.


13bt matching counterweights with the rear one being auto which is essential if you want to run a lightweight flywheel - which I do...


I have a new RX8 e-shaft on its was soon thanks to Haynes Rotary which are slightly lighter than the other models (doesn't men a hell of a lot due to the fact this is essentially at the centre of the rotating mass. Every little helps...

The rotating assembly will be getting totally balanced to ensure all these miss matched bits are in perfect harmony.

Slowly but surely it's all comming together and when I get a new house soon, I will have a shed so I can really get into it.

Still looking for 13x7 spitties in 4x110.

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  • 3 months later...

So now I have 13x7 spitties - a guy has to have choices. Let me know if anyone has the performance centre caps to suit 13" from memory they are a 68mm diameter.

Anyhoo - the other day a mate and I went to his work and got busy with the sand blaster on out steelies. Mine are the blue ones.




After about 30sec mates wheel looks like this...


And after almost 1hr one of my old blue rx2 rims came out like this



3 more to go and then we will be laying down primer and then top coat of a dark gunmetal colour.

I have this arriving shortly - s1-2 USA spec rx7 fb LSD 24 spline bolt in unit for the coupe.


The LSD's changed on the s3 rx7 to a beefier 26 spline which isn't a bolt in for the average old RX. This coincided with the stud pattern changing from 4x110 to 4x114.3 s2-s3 rx7.

I also had a chance to put an old black steering wheel wrap on my reco'd RX2 coupe wheel which really transforms it.


Compliance rust repair and engineer sign off shortly.....

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Went in for another sandblasting session......will 100% pay someone to do this if I ever needed this amount of work done again.

Small bits are good but after 8 rims.....


Almost done...


Prep for undercoat


Undercoat complete for all 8 steelies


I also fount this set of rare as hell RX2 garnishes over the past week. One side came up so I pounced and then the other appeared.



And I've also been chipping away at wet and dry sand papering the 12a front cover when I have spare moments. Currently in almost done with the P400 and about to move to the P600 (will go up to P1200) and by then I probably will buy a bench grinder/polisher.......


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  • 2 months later...

Bit of an update

I managed to find a mint set of spitfire alloys 13x7 in 4 x 110 - might lay off the old wheel purchasing for a bit....


Also my RX2 coupe rear wheel arch rust cuts and my 24 spline USA RX7 LSD arrived from LA to Nelson then to me in Auckland. I will be getting the LSD checked and new bearings added etc.

My 12a tall port plates are almost ported thanks to my mate Jacob!!! Once I get them back, I will have them nitride do and skimmed just to be sure.

Got flow? It's based on an Xtreme Rotaries template with all plates bridged and housings notched.




I realised I have a high rise IDA manifold to suit a S4-5 13b therefore I needed to get an old school 13b Ida manifold...


It will need a good opening up to match the plates now. This should make good HP with less torque compared to a longer one.

Here they are together along with some spare Amber lenses I picked up so I can chop and change from twin reds to nz spec.


A good mate went throug LA 2 weeks ago and was kind enough to drop into Racing Beat to get me a Mazda Factory Racing competition oil pump....its a thing of beauty


Thanks to Escortwags on here, I now have a RHD 616 labelled wiring loom which saves me hacking into the LHD one that the rats most likely have already cracked into.


I also picked up a new RX8 e shaft that will be getting cross drilled when the internals go into get balanced and clearances. There will be a new set of s4-5 stat gears coming my way soon as well as FD 3 window stat bearings - I will have the stats machines to make the most of the bearings oil flow also.

The car should be coming up to the body shop in 2 weeks....I guess I need to really tell my wife I own it now......sigh.

It's always easier to ask for forgiveness over permission.

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Oh I forgot to mention, I bought a running UK spec s4 na 13b, s5 turbo box shortened, another 12a front cover and a dizzy for a price I just couldn't say no to...this will be going in the coupe for compliance as it's nice and quiet and I ca use the same exhaust etc for when the BEAST gets dropped in.

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  • 1 month later...

I wanted to keep my car rolling whilst in the body shop however I'm gagging to redo the running gear...sooo I bought a used 616 diff from the South Island and shaped it up. Now I can go ahead and blast it, paint it, put new brakes, rear blistein platform suspension, brakes and my LSD in. The nugget is a stock unit and will be a good spare.

You can see by the pic that it's in top nick.



I wire brushed the b-Jesus. Out of it and tapped out the mint axles






New bearings will be ordered for the diff and LSD.

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In the weekend we pulled the s4na 13b from my mates s3 rx7 (had a FC subframe transplant). The interesting thing about this engine is that the secondary ports don't have the actuators in them rather they have them in the intake manifold. These are cast smooth runners.

I'm only using this motor as a runner to gain compliance whilst the bridge is built. Now I can mock the exhaust up etc.



The vw golf gti 13b transporter


I really couldn't help but put my Ida and manifold on for a pic....


Gave the housings a bit of a quick buff


I couldn't say no to another set of these NOS RX4/5 13b old school housings......I need help....


Pretty aren't they


I have a spare set of 12a plates tall port centre also which will go nicely with these one day in the future.

Anyway I'm off to the shed - hope you enjoyed the update.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm currently preparing for the media blast and underside under seal. Today I pulled the stone tray and both guards off.

I was a tad nervous to what I will find underneath however this wasn't an issue as it's reasonably clean - like the rest of the shell.



Drivers side..




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Under the passenger guard is sweet



The drivers side has a wee hole


I cleaned out the rear a bit as it was dusty and full of dry crud



The grey bit top left is a small hole


Passenger well has a similar small hole. Rest is all good. Might need to get some dry ice and remove the deadening material from the floor pan.


Headliner is good


So it's getting under side blasted this week and perhaps the rx2 beaver in also. I can't wait to have this back in the shed all complied so I can prep it for cert/low volume vehicle cert.

Hope you enjoy the progress pics

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  • 4 weeks later...

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