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Hemi's guide to fixing your broken rear window demister


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Right i siad i would make a thread detailing this if i fixed my problem. and i have :) .

soo i had only three lines working and they were at the top of the screen so didnt really work that well / couldnt see fuckall.

i also noticed spots along some lines that were working but only there .

SO here what i got to fix the problem (because its clearly broken wires)

*the pictures are fuzzy due to crampedness no useing flash and trembling due to too much caffiene

this is what i gathered to accomplish this mission i also ened up getting a craft knife blade to tidy up the lines after i laid them and let them dry .


voltmeter , ruler (which i didnt end up using) , the silver pen ($35 from jaycar), a rag and some solvent to clean the screen beforehand .

right so i started by finding i had power to the screen by taking both input wire out turning demister on and checking for 10-13 volts (yes i know i had power but im assuming they might not be working at all .



So knowing i had 12.96 volts with car running that was not the problem . next was finding a good earth from which to test for voltage across the grid . by checking continuity from a bolt on the chassis i found that the high brake light was switch earthed .cool so thats where ill stick the black lead from voltmeter .

ok i plugged the demister back in and then put black voltmeter lead into brake light .

I then turned on the demister and starting from the top ran the voltmeter from positive to negative across the grid looking for major drops in voltage




I then circled from the outside and marked where the voltage drop occured



no more photos because i figured you shouldbe able to figure it out etc

once i found the breaks i wiped with rage dipped in solvent and then dotted with the silver pen .. yes it was messy and not pretty but once it dries you get scrap the bits you dont want away .. its similar to whitout when it dries . i did three coats on each break

i then waited 5 mins and turned on the demister , the window was white from me working in there and HELLO it worked STOKED!!

admittedly some arnt working awesomly and its not perfect but faar better then not working at all .

*note* the voltage drops as you go across the grid .. this makes sence seeings as there considerable resistance across the grid to make it heat up etc .

thank you and good night

here are some pictures of it aftert letting the ink cure for a couple days this is when i got out the craft knife and very slwoly started cleaning up the ink on the lines etc




and after ialot of swearing and cursing because i couldnt stop my hand from shaking and hitting the lines etc



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