Tortrons series mm minor of slow

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oh hai - mr fan meet mr radiator :doubt:

cut some of the tubes away to see in behind/they were torn at the bottom

might plug it up for now just so i can get the morrie back from matamata

waiting to hear back on a few secondhand radiators

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found one


the brass plate reads

Manufactured By

Morris Motors LTD

Radiators Branch

Osberton Works Oxford

44567 A 26536

even has the brass drain tap

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got her/him/its a car not a person

back today

though i would try get some progress done before i go back to work :|


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bit more work today


installed a tiny amp to run from my mp3 player (yuh wires have since been tided - even used grommets and everything

and started making up a blanking panel to hide the compartment where the sparewheel etc is

will carpet it or soemthing along with the boot


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boring update - but ordered a bunch of sandpapaper and invested in a few litres of high build primer

also reinstalled my shitty as door seals and windlace - should cut down on rattles etc for a bit

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spent ages on bonnet getting is nice

re welded on the bonnet support as it has polled through the spotweld and bent a little

took out the bend

sanded out all the gouges - can only assume someone tried sanding it with a pair of keys?

tonnes of stone chips on the drivers side of the hump

theres about a teaspoon of bog in the whole thing

should be fairly smick now

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yuh found some rust

typical rear of front wings place

wings have clearly been that way for a while (patched up with lead)

bit inbehind the wings near the bottom door hinge will want repair before next wof

can be this weekends job


men as brew

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Yo dawg

We heard you like morris minors

so we put a morris minor in yo morris minor

so you can hold up traffic while you hold up traffic!


il go back for the rest of the running gear and panels/doors early next week

theres about 3 cars worth of parts!(including one they are choptopping)

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skids on brew

next step is to remember where i put my other spare carbs

figure out how to mount to engine (bolts are horizontal rather than that angle stz) some sort of adaptor flange or something?

figure out/build linkages

decide what airfilters i want to run (2 original ones, adaptor to a single original, twin pancakes/cones etc)

cut up my spare combined intake/exhaust manifold to suit/make extractors

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probably good for doubling the bhp

but seriously

this is close to what im planning on having

all i need now is the choke linkages to arrive and a fuel line splitter - then dort dort


also need an exhaust to run with these - may cut down a standard manifold for now- have some bike headders im going to have a play with)


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yikes, bottom of 2nd page bump

carbs and all linkages are done - all shiny and functional

just need to make the manifolds up, so giz your profile cutter or something :wink:

since just before the beach hop i have been having a prick of a time with the car randomly developing (usually after a bit of high revs, but not all the time) a miss, which would sometimes go away if i could get the revs up enough.

so gave the inners of the distributor a good clean (springs and plates were gummed up with something (no vac advance on this))

gave it an oil

replaced rotor - the one in there had a loose (2mm movement either way) contact

recrimped grounding wire as it was nearly broken through

and hello, problem is solved :D

a combination of all of the above was leading to the timing becoming all over the show at random times.

runs nice and smooth and starts 1st pop once again, so thats pretty meke. Timing wants to be a little more advanced than it is now but thats no problem. As an interesting point, the owners manual states that you should advance the timing until it starts to pink and then back off "a bit" playing it by ear until optimum performance is obtained :lol:

Have my spare engine stripped down to its component pieces, all of which are undergoing cleaning and eventually respray of the block and other little bits, polishing of all the alloy (not sanding as i want to retain the cast look, tho i am removing the worst of the casting marks).

before it all goes back together i will see what can be improved in the porting side of things

reground cam

double valve springs

lightened fly wheel

to go with my twin carbs and headers

she should fly along quite nicely

at the moment bodywise she is undergoing some major prep work

currently have half the outside primed and block sanded, removing any nick or scratch that threatens to mar the new paint job.

Not too much to do really, theres only 1 dent on the thing and that was pretty shallow anyway.

Dont remember if i mentioned, but i stripped down the front wings and removed teh shitty bog job hiding the rust in the rear of them (every morrie rusts here) giving the mig a good work out. The only other rust is in the boot lid - which is slightly worse than i thought, but shouldnt take more than 5 mins to patch.

next to do is finish the exterior sanding

interior sanding

prep inside boot (removing gas tank as i want to paint this differently)

prep engine bay (will remove as much as i can, not that theres anything really to remove :lol: and pop out the engine)

then a final strip down of anything i dont want paint on, then spray everything (will be a front and rear wing off paintjob for lushness)

have changed direction a little from what i was originally intending, but i think its going to come out real nice

but il keep that under my bowler hat for now :lol:

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just as a wee milestone

shes now rust and hole free!

tho thats not all that impressive as there was barely any rust in it


also exterior is now just about ready for its final paint 8)

need to do interior, in boot and under bonnet also

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just got 7 flanges cut (seperated the exhaust and inlet and plus 2 for the carb end)


all cut from 10mm steel

$65 including postage

big ups to reautomotive

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