Tortrons series mm minor of slow

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my new daily (roffles have drove it like a total of 3 hours in all the time iv owned it)


1951 series mm morris minor 4 door

912ccs of brittish grunt


in fairly ace condition, no rust etc, tho the generator gave out comming up the kaimais (max speed of around 12mph in 1st), should have a new one next week


satin black with red details, subtle pinstriping

redo interior/add carpets in black with red details

add a radiator fan or 2


give her some slamage

possible window tints for vip look/na

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so managed to replace the generator (a morrie 1000 will bold straight in after you swap the pulleys over)

is currently running sweet as a nut, tho the acelerator sticks a little, may want an oil

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bit o progress today

removed most of the interior i.e a few scraps of foul carpet and a few of the lower trim panels and seats and started removing the black tar shit on the floors for por-15'ng

new toy = ahooga horn, cant wait to try it

plan on adjusting the front torsion bars 1 spline to get about 1.3 inch drop up front, also looking into either having leaves reset/lowering blocks




i have no love at all for this choice in carpet


inside of the 1st aid kit


under back seat, wonder what its for, maybe for oiling the diff or something

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interior is now stripped/sitting in my room

interior is POR-15'd

Interior now has 3 inches of water in it....

plans - drill hole and place grommets in floor, have patched front and rear screens with windscreen sealant and have ordered some other rubbers.

found some rust, not worth mentioning its so tiny

Have installed an ahoogahh horn, not quite giving the sound i want so may fiddle with it sometime :mrgreen:

also am having rear brakes rebuilt (cheaper than getting new ones) so men.

just acquired this fine piece of automotive protection for the princely sum of $1.50


consider it money in the bank :lol:

apdate 10/4/08

holes have been drilled, grommets fitted - all very pro looking :wink:

now have everything for my brakes ready to go in (picked up cylinders yesterday, along with new fittings and pipe, rubber covers came today along with some seals for under my front and rear quarter windows which are in a hilariously shrunken condition)

handbrake cable was sticking, so hopefully iv sorted that out. Plan on having it all back in this afternoon :mrgreen:

update 13/4/08

brakes are now sorted, will rebleed them in a week to make sure no air is in there - not that a morries brakes are all that chuff anyway

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ok, brakes did not = sorted

now have rebuilt 3 of the 4 front cylinders and am having 1 resleeved

and also getting another master cylinder

hopefully have that sorted by mid next week - so that basicly means i will have rebuilt the entire brake system :| on the plus side i should need never worry about them again, downside is that it has sapped my pocket money and time that i was wanting to paint and interior with, so that has been pushed back. Hopefully i can get it gone in a couple of months :(

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whats this? - a robot! :lol:


cant seem to get the pinstriping how i want it - got some more colours now so will try again



oh yea - my car is now covered in black blotches where i have treated and painted all the surface rust


not just any old (key word:OLD) heater

this one is for cars with no waterpump - uses ducted air from behind the radiator

in great nic - however the wiring looks somewhat dodgy - will pull it apart sometime

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sweet - interior is now satin black, so i will now reassemble everything till i make new door cards etc. Have some carpet that il cut to fit at some point, most likely after i find where the water is comming in/everywhere :rolleyes:

then at some point paint the exterior, then get the bitches

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bit of an update

removed rear bumper

took the paint stripper to that dent on the back, and to the wing which i was going to remove. However it started raining so i quicky put some paint over the baremetal (looks so shit/sweet)

also sanded bonnet, removed side badges and side trim, satty b's



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just slammed in some halogen headlights, its all brightness slightly to each side of my grill

take for wof this weekend (not due till tue, but will give me some time to rectify anything)

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got a vtnz wof the other day

was an epic day of going back and forwards for 8 hours to get it done :rolleyes:

celebrated by painting some more of it (gun has now packed a sad, probably has a clog somewhere. so have missed a bit on the front door and didn't get to do the other side)



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so am now using early 4 stud falcon rims

gave em a bit of a tidy up and put some shiney bits on them :oops:


what colour should i paint them?

keep them black or - red? Green?

i actually got some brown paint the other day for them

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Box of goodies arrived from the UK (4 days after ordering - mad service/should be for what postage costs :o )

New front windscreen rubber and centre gasket

Rear windscreen rubber

Various other bits and bobs - BDM as yo tax disk holder etc

also the most important part


as you can see i am upgrading to the full on rat model - features total loss water system and comes with its own plastic water bottle

went for a dort over kaimais



featuring "wide as" rear wheels and reverse rake

made some front carpet up for it while i was home

and picked up my lushcone rear seat to match my fronts - then altered said seat to feature white piping to truely match my fronts

just remembered a few more things

- fitted genuine old as 8 ball for a gearknob

- fixed the problem of the exhaust constantly blowing out where the manifold meets the downpipe - have put a cut up wd-40 can inside it :lol: - is actually the recommended way to fix it

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discovered an anti theft device today :shock:

meaning i noticed a wire hanging out under the dash, the fuel gauge not working, and no tick comming from the engine bay

fuel pump fell out the back of the ignition. Fucking effective at stopping you from going anywhere - think il set it up with a switch

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8ball - looks far lusher in reals as the white bit is all yellowed and aged - looks like its been there for 30 years


fitted NOS motoguard rear window demister, shit gets so hot real quick - max fire danger right thur :lol:

will be mad in winter as visibility was around 0

also fitted new rear window rubber - was fairly straight foward

think il pay for the fronts to be done tho


new rear seat - also note period suitcase

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