sheepers 1976 RA28 celica

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head set, water pump, cam belt and tensioners. all genuine toyota thanks to Mark at Manawtu Toyota.

i need to figure out what coils I'm going to use then i can make some mounting brackets for them. i need to make a few more bits but i might get excited and take the motor out soon.


20221292946_0d43dd4395_h.jpgUntitled by sheepers, on Flickr

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engine tear down didnt go especially well.

everything was kind of normal looking without any thing sticking out as being fucked.

until i got the heads off.

there's some pretty major pitting in two of the bores. i can feel it and it seems pretty bad to me. there is one on the other side which is the same, maybe not so bad.

that line down by the piston is also degradation of the bore, dont know how far past the piston it goes yet.


47998509006_681afed91a_o.jpg2019-06-04_06-05-10 by sheepers, on Flickr


47998468268_e1967eb002_o.jpg2019-06-04_06-05-00 by sheepers, on Flickr


it could potentially be bored but it fells pretty bad.


if you've got a serviceable UZ block hit me up.......

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hey just a cautionary tail for those of you out there with a bad lower back.

DO NOT undo head bolts with a long power bar. the twisting action required to break the bolts has fucked me back to the stone age. its like ive undone 5 months or recovery in the space of an hour. FUCK im in pain now. 

don't do what Donny don't does......

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So, a month later and not much has happened. 

Took the heads to the reconditioners. 

Will sort out a new clutch then I can take the short block in for a reco as well. 


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