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Performance parts for a ford Essex V6


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9" Falcon or 8" Mustang, Arent that hard to come by are they??

But then again its not getting them, its shortening thats stings you...

Cheers,Chris :twisted:

Falcons aren't realy a 9" I don't think but thats splitting hairs. Yeah they have to be shortened and the stud patten is wrong. But the ideal thing for my race car.

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Most likely will just port match and rejet the carb up a bit. I can't afford/justify upgrading the drive line to coup. I'm running a heavy duty gear box but can't find a cheap option on the diff. So rather than over stress stuff that will be expensive to replace . I'll just turn down the dreams.

Yeah right :lol: I've heard that before. As soon as its on the road the power isn't enough and outcomes the wallet again :twisted: For the better...

True story unless you have a cheap atlas for sale. :twisted:

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Just making sure you saw this....


V6 Inlet Manifold hi rise 4 barrell

4 barrell manifold for v6 capri or mk 4 good working order

http://www.trademe.co.nz/Trade-Me-Motor ... 288732.htm

If the 4 bbl was too much you could use an adapter plate to run a 2 bbl 390 cfm

Someone payed nearly two hundy for it. What a laugh

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