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  1. So far it's not worth it, lets postpone until the 19th and see who we can rattle up.
  2. right who's serious for Sat 13th of may. We need 8. Let me know and I'll book it Saturday. $80
  3. Finally had a chance to do some research Info cut from: http://passionford.com/forum/technical- ... -mt75.html I need a little help working out how to fit my MT75 gearbox to my 2.0 pinto engine. The box itself fits to the engine fine but its the clutch, flywheel and starter motor that is causing me problems. You see the starter that came with the box is from a Sierra DOHC and does not reach the Pintos flywheel. Also the flywheel on the Pinto is not as thick as the one on the Sierra so I'm a bit worried about what cluch I should be using. You have to space the thrustbearing(right word?) 15mm, or you can use the arm from a 2.8 v6 I went and compared both the flywheels (over an hours drive) and found they can't be swopped around. So I'll fit a standard Pinto clutch and flywheel and do what you suggest and space off the thrust bearing. It has come to my attention that you'll need the arm from a type 9 4-speed. I will check this, since this is new to me from: http://retrorides.proboards.com/index.c ... read=84351 a type 9 fits an escort without a bigger tunnel, an MT75 will not no mt75 has a removeable bellhousing, the sliding jonit is only to allow easy removel it has a lock nut to hold it once fitted. the transit mt 75 is a completely different box. the mt 75 has manual speedo drive & an elec speed sensor. mt 75 is only fitted to twincam & V6 4x4 mk2 sierra's the cvh & ohc allways used the type 9 & the 1.8 td uses a V6 type 9 with different ratio's the 4cyl boxs use the same bolt pattern but to fit a type 9 to a twincam requires a 10mm spaceing between eng & box ,& stater & box. only type 9 equiped mk3 granada's had an elec speedo drive. & newer transits
  4. Mint! Yeah the I4 has the same pattern as Pintos and Kents etc. Think there's a difference in flywheel etc.
  5. No sorry, I spent Saturday getting the van ready and a wof, had to replace the rear brake shoes. Then I checked out the web site and found out they were saturday ....duh!
  6. If its in a Pinto powered Sierra its pretty much a given its a T9. Shifter will be held on with 3 torx bolts. Or if its a twin cam or cosworth then its the stronger MT75 gearbox! Its got the same bellhousing pattern so no need to worry aswell Pure Are you sure the twin cam 8 valve was the same bell housing? ...I got offered a sierra GXL with one in today
  7. Guys at the engine centre like Beatson Motors too. Hannah motor services did a good job on my van for $110, 7b Vulcan Place
  8. Awesome! ...missed the last one will definitely make this one as I want to see what the Esky will do. What do I need apart from the van?
  9. So far we have Felixx saying 2nd week in May, that would be Saturday the 12th. Is everyone happy with this, no one else has said a date so I'm assuming you are all happy with it? Next step once the date is agreed is I'll get it booked with NZEFI and start taking the money. I'd like the cash 2 weeks before the date at the latest as I don't want to mess NZEFI around and have only 3 people turn up on the day. Once I get the money your spot is owned.
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