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Found 10 results

  1. Hey all, Here is my recently purchased KE20 Toyota Corolla. Bought on Trademe from Hamilton and delivered to Christchurch. Discussion: Here is all the info as provided on Trademe: 1974 Toyota Corolla KE20 Sedan. Car is deregistered and has been in storage since ~2001. The good, everything is there, interior is in good condition, engine runs I have driven to Auckland and back from Hamilton but would be due an overhaul. The bad, all panels have dents, someone has attempted panel/paint poorly on it. In Jan 2011 I took it in for VIN inspection, it failed exhaust mount, brakes and damage on LH inner guard. The brakes and exhaust are trivial. Upon inspection of the damage it will need LH A pillar section replaced. I have a replacement cut to do so. Unfortunately I don't have enough space to keep it dry stored so needs to be sold. Here are the main photos displayed on the auction: Once the car was delivered finally i got to inspect the car fully. Saying that the panel work is bad is a understatement. Although something that is fixable and i can work through to get it back to its former glory. The interior is as mint as it looks. No rips no Tears all original. The only things that the interior is missing is the inner door pulls (Which im looking for if anyone knows of any). It has the original conversion chart and the original tool kit too. So i had to take it for a few drives. Heres the damage that needs to be repaired and the replacement section it came with:
  2. Hi all Here is my discussion for my KE20 Corolla build.
  3. Here goes! Ever since I sold the RT40 I have had a yearning for another high powered old Toyota. Two years of grinding away at renovating a shitty house and I finally have the time & money to enjoy an OS car again. Priorities changed somewhat however and the idea of starting a project like that from the beginning after this house renovation scared me and my bank balance. So after some arm twisting and dinner cooking for the mrs it was decided to go and search for something "finished". This little car was mentioned to me by some Oldschoolers and I had followed the build thread of it over on Toyspeed since it's inception. I guess I'll start with some specifications from the previous owner (because I'm lazy) and pictures from today after I had given it a wash, machine polish & wax to a level I was happy with! Discussion Fred Engine: Model: 7A-GTE Block Internal Spec: Factory crank shaft, Forged ross racing pistons and top seal rings, H-beam rods, ARP bolts throughout, toga race bearings and oil pump Cylinder Head Spec: Rebuilt Factory 4a-ge 20v blacktop vvti head with Supertech Valve springs and TRD steel headgasket and ARP headstuds Intake system: Factory 4a-ge 20v Blacktop ITB’s and MRP 2-peice plenum with 3” intake Turbo system: New Holset turbo supplied by steve murch, x2 Tial 38mm MVS wastegates, MAXfab custom thickwall stainless steel manifold, HKS ssqv bov, Fuel System: 60L Jazz fuel cell, carter lift pump, surgetank, bosch 044 fuel pump, full braided Teflon lines through to 800cc SARD injectors, turbosmart FPR-800 regulator Ignition System: x4 1nz individual coils mounted to a CNC’d made-to-suit aluminium adaptor plate Exhaust System: MAXfab Full 3” stainless steel exhaust system, x2 inline mufflers through to custom dump tip Cooling: 3 Core custom aluminium realdeal radiator with electric fan, setrab oil cooler and 500x250x56 tube & fin intercooler with 3” inlet/outlet Engine Management: Link G3 ECU (upgraded to g4 Firmware) with 4-bar MAP sensor and electronic boost solenoid Engine Bay: de-loomed engine bay, custom aluminium oil catch can, custom aluminium overflow bottle Other: gilmer drive pulley kit, remote oil filter kit Driveline: Gearbox: W55 supra 5 speed gearbox Flywheel/Clutch: Quartermaster twin plate clutch with billet flywheel to suit with ARP flywheel bolts, willwood reverse cylinder mount pedal box with remote reserviors Differential: 4.1 ratio LSD shortened hilux rear end Other: custom 1 piece driveshaft with custom driveshaft hoop Suspension: Shocks: Front – shortened shocks and modified OEM struts fitted with coilover sleeve kits and custom CNC’d camber tops Rear – adjustable shocks and reset and stiffened leaf springs with custom made anti-tramp bar setup with chromoly rods and QA1 rod ends Others: Cusco TE27 front strut brace, custom made swaybar to suit engine position and nolathane bushes allround Brakes: Front: 4-pot FD3s s6 RX7 front callipers and sloted rotors with steel braided brake lines Rear: s13 single pot claipers and rear sloted rotors Wheels and Tyres: Wheels: 17x7” (F) and 17x8” ® genuine work meister s1’s Tyres: Pirenza 205/40/R17 all round Exterior: Panel & Paint: Prep and paint done by Jason price, finished in a custom holden green Other: New indicators, park lights and headlights, all new window and door rubbers/channel, straightened and rechromed front and rear bumpers, doors and boot fitted with solex locks Interior: Seats: x2 Racetech 1000 bucket seats and factory rear seat Steering Wheel & Gear Knob: woodgrain steering wheel and stainless/bronze gearknob Gauges/Meters: Autometer cobalt digital boost gauge and autometer cobalt oil temp water temp and oil pressure gauge Audio: Pioneer Bluetooth headunit mounted in glovebox and alpine typr-R 6x9s in rear parcel tray Performance: Dyno Power: 320kw @ the rear wheels on 23psi with previous masterpower turbo setup, have since gone to a smaller holset unit for more response, currently making 280kw on 20 psi and full boost at around 4000rpm
  4. Discussion // Thought i had started a build thread on here for this but couldn't seem to find it, anyway here's the story so far Started a few years ago now!I i was looking fora clean ke70 on a college budget when corolla prices were on the rise. My ladies brother had one of the nicest ke70s ive seen and thought i need one of those, came across this ke20 on tardme. didn't really grab my attention to start with but after seeing a few ke70s that had 'minimal' rust work required i decided to contact the seller of the ke20. Asking price was over $4,000.00 with spares included. I ended up paying 2k for the car on standard wheels, running the original 3k. 'fresh' panel and paint with all rust removed of course... uhhh young and dumb!! oh and no wof, reg, carpet, whole interior painted black, like everything rocking some jamex bucket seats. Drove it home and broke down on the wellington motorway, apparently they had fueled her up and the petrol gauge was stuffed so read nothing. Well actually it read nothing because they hadn't fueled her up. Dad got me some fuel and off we went. Next was the wof, went to vtnz and failed on a few things like front strut being welded, rust (huh wasn't it all removed?), high beam dash light not working, lowing blocks weren't aligned and neither were the headlights. Fixed all of this, because i didn't know anything about anything at the time i took it to a sparky i knew tofix the high beam light and align my headlights. $450.00 later i decided to do all the work myself on this. By the time i had this fixed the recheck date had lapsed, oh well. failed on high beam light again... fuck vtnz!! took it to local garage and put it through there. all good and allowed me to do some work experience to pay for it. So i was pretty broke at this point so just enjoyed driving it. Usual issues of not starting, over fueling, dizzy playing up etc etc. Over the next yearish i did small things like spray the dash parts black, buy a centre console, make carpet, spray the door cards grey, respray interior trim, match all the seat belts, buy hot wires, sell hotwires etc etc. Just small things that i thought were awesome but were just a waste of time. after that i bought a 5k and thankfully Aaron (club member) who sold it to me pretty much got it going in the car for me. real legend as i had no idea of what i was up to. that probably took 8 months to sort out. Joe (goat) sorted me out with some perfect fitment streets and the money i had from selling the hotwires bought me some tires... dumb size tires. Panels got stripped parts got painted and polished. Ke30 discs, calipers and backing plates were fitted. Bought other parts along the way which will come later on. then i thought it would be a good idea to put a silver top in there, it was i think but i lost the end caps for the block... uhggg so the new story starts here I have missed lots out but thats a medium run down on the poor girl. shes been neglected for the last couple of years and has really deteriorated. Some photos for interest, look ok here but a lot of rust repairs and panel and paint is required.
  5. So... basically i don't know where to start, but here goes. Bought this Ke20 the other day, $3710. First car and pretty stoaked. She's got a fair bit of rust, only a couple of nasty deep holes, mainly paint bubbles and surface. Paint needs redone etc. Engines running on three cylinders... Interior is pretty good, drivers seat needs a small upholsters touch up along rear seat but nothing major. Carpets are pretty whorey. Anyways heres a pic of it, more to come. Plans for her are to tidy her up and jdm style. Make her loud and quick as i can. Keen to keep the old 3k in her however... Discussion here,( // ), anything regarding the build helps as im young with not a lot of knowledge, any tips or places for parts, anything would be helpful and much appreciated. Cheers Harry
  6. Discussion thread here: // So I've had this ke20 corolla since 1995. A little over a year ago i started on repowering and getting this car going again. Wasn't quite sure about where to start the build thread, so at the beginning it is ! My first car, given to me by a friend of the family, who had become to old to drive. Had a 4k, replacement for the original 3k. Here's how it looked in '95:
  7. Hey people, I know there has been a lot of conversions to SR20DET into KE7x's in Australia, mainly because front cuts are cheap there and KE7x's are so cheap they are sometimes free, And there has been a lot of debate about running the s13 suspension and mostly negative opinions in regards to the changing of the steering geometry and a much wider track but on the positive side you can gain far better adjustable suspension for 1/3 the price (being second hand) compared to building a set of adjustables or using after market AE86 ones. But what are your guys/girls thoughts on this? I am contemplating doing either an S13 front conversion or a mix of S13 suspension onto KE70 x member in my KE20, to utilize better brakes, suspension and lock, Similar to Max Fouhys KE70, but I will be running a 4AGE/7AGE not and SR20 Rob.
  8. Hi all, Looking at 4 linking my KE20, wondering if anyone has or hasnt done it, would be similar to doing an RX3/808 i would think, I have come across these kits for ke70/ae70 rollas from Cali ... 72-corolla , but wonder how hard or how easy it would be? I will be using a b1600 LSD with nissan disks and calipers, and possibly these rear coil overs: ... 86-corolla
  9. Bought another car this morning picked up for $2g, henious paint job, grill is in the boot, no motor or box. has: lexan windows, VR4 ventilated rotors, mr2 turbo twin pot calipers, mr2 struts, molested falcon front springs, glass bonnet, wilwood brake bias adjuster, mitsi canter master cylinder, locked ae86 arse end, nice exhaust. all i can remember atm. oh, homo'd cage, 2 seats and yummy dash, expired belts. has mounts for a K series in it. plan is to get a k series to get it mobile, then cut and weld in 4ag as already have decent motor/box for it. mean. oh and guards have been pumped abit. is in serious need of chrome trims and paint/mattyb. Discussion Thread: //
  10. This is my 1973 ke20 rolla... started with a pretty good shell and is now even better... full panel + paint, legal lowering, new door cards/parcel tray Few pics Before All rust gone + door lock shaved brand new paint The final trim, now the inside starts to get done in black and red