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Found 14 results

  1. Well just when you thought i couldn't finish my current projects, i thought why not add another! Discussion click here So here is my 1972 Vauxhall Viva Estate. Last registered in 2012 and been off the road since. It use to have the stock 1259cc but that has since been removed. A bit of a special car too, being the first in NZ with plate number 1. The previous owner has spent a lot of time and effort in getting the new motor built up. Its a Blydenstein 1259cc (1.3L now) and lets just say its not stock anymore. Heres how the car sat when it was on the road: Stay tuned in the coming weeks
  2. Discussion for my cresta
  3. discussion for the little lemon
  4. So I got this Pc cresta locally, remembered seeing it sitting on blocks in a driveway a few streets away from my place, and recognised it as the car I used to see outside a local pie shop each day. Looked like it had sat a while now and was starting to turn green, and rusty. Knocked on the door, the owner (former pie maker) stopped using it when the business closed down and it sat since. long story short i brought it about a month later. Reg still on hold, was pretty tidy under the slime and grime, filled to the roof with clothes and all sorts. Took a day at his emptying it out, airing it out, trying to get it started and getting it back on the ground. Never got it started, was a bit brewed up, coil looked shot, distributor hadn't been sitting in the engine and it was generally bro'd up under the bonnet. flat towed it home being so close, brakes seemed to work okay considering how long it sat, managed to get it running, had an immobiliser and some wires had corrodded under the dash due to the amount of clothes and moisture in the car. Ran okay, took a bit of tuning and some new plugs fuel and the basics, took it for a drive round the block, guy i brought it off slapped a 4 speed bedford box in it, a fairy rinsed one too, no second gear and the gearstick was too big to get into first, kept hitting the dash. changed the gearstick and it was driveable. Since then I washed it, took it for a wof, fixed the various things it needed, one being the rust in the left rear quarter, got it cut out and painted.
  5. Another project thats sat around for a while, got this mellow yellow viva a few years ago, brought it off a guy in blenheim, supposedly his grandmas, looks like it was a one owner car once. really tidy interior, i doubt granny had the red racing bonnet but everything else looks okay, few carpark dings. still had some retirement home cards in the back seat and a disabled card on the rear view mirror. she's a yellow 1300 manual, not exactly high spec but i took my chances and drove home to nelson one week night, had sat around for a while and had stale fuel, filled it up and put a battery in it, and it actually made it back okay, got a fuel block halfway up the whanagmos, turns out it had a custom fuel line from the tank as the old one was blocked too. luckily i had my follow car, left it on the side of the road and boosted home to get more fuel and more hose. since then, i rebuilt the carb, made a new fuel line, flushed the tank, had gravel in it! New filters, plugs, leads, coil, points, new rear brakes new front brakes ect ect and took a muffler out of the exhaust, runs real good now! took it for a wof, failed on a few basic lights, all 4 tyres, rear brake imbalance (since fixed) and the battery not secured. since then its kinda sat at home, needs to get on the road when i have time! might be past the 28 days for the of re-check Photo of the day i got it, in the guys driveway with a massive battery to compensate for the alternator not working
  6. My old mighty 81 vauxhall Chevette with a little twist to it. Bought this car 3 years ago for my sons first car all stock standard. Few months later, it blew a head gasket. We decided to strip the engine down and to sell off in parts. I had decided to take it off his hands and have been looking for a project for a while. I found a Nissan sr20de engine with 5 speed gearbox that had been worked on, lots of money spent on the motor with forged internals etc.. And bought this engine for a cheap price! The first time the engine was going to be placed into the car, the sump needed to be tubbed so it could fit over the x member and an oil cooler was fitted to give it extra capacity for oil. Custom radiator was fitted, front brakes and callipers had to be changed to Audi rotors and holden Astra callipers for it to actually stop!! The good thing about this car is that it is all certified!Heavy duty clutch also fitted in and lightened flywheel. The whole build took just over a year to get it all certified. Surge tank,high volume petrol pump and battery are in the boot.She has never had any problems, never broken down, and runs extremely nicely! Good change from 50hp to 180hp.Drives and handles well and surprises a lot of people
  7. My car i bought for 3 hundy old school look and popular car in their day, i like this for the twin headlights and the shape and cos its RWD too i had this for 2 years now, part timing it on the project, im a pre-aprentise qualified ex tyre fitter who has a IT job and likes to pour money into a hole. Heres the progress so far... Discussion is here ...//oldschool.co.nz/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=26861 [/img]
  8. So i ended up buying another Chevette at the start of this year. You can check out my other Chevette here //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/25371-friendlyfires-chevette-hs-c20xe/#entry643012 which is still sitting in a shed in Nelson as i have now moved to Blenheim. Once i have settled down in Blenheim and have a decent garage, progress will then continue on that one. So my recent purchase was this lime green chevette (Registered as a Chevanne because it never had rear seats as was used by the post for deliveries) key features of the car is Sr20 engine, gear box, Isuzu Piazza Diff, Steering rack, front brakes. The car was very rough when i first got it, lots of broken and missing items (indicator stalk, window winders, center console, mirrors, bumpers, rev guage, gearbox leak, front brakes) but all those are easy fixes which have now been repaired. apart from one thing which i am having a very hard time finding which is the big rubber donut torque tube diff mount everyone that i have tried knows nothing about it and cant get them, the torque tube is isuzu piazza but im sure holden gemini would be the same? so any help with that would be much appreciated. The reason behind the purchase is that i finished uni last year and scored myself a sweet job in Blenheim but i didnt have a car on the road at that stage so instead of buying a cheap 90's jap car i decided to go old school as my daily and i love chevettes so it was a no brainer. The futures plans for this car is nothing crazy at the moment, will continue to tidy it up and add features to improve quality of life as im driving it each day This is the car as i got it Stole the springs and wheels off my other chevette as i am not a fan of driving the chevette on 17" wheels which scrape all the time and on springs pretty much touch the bump stops and get crazy bump steer. Heres the car after putting on wing mirrors, springs the raise it up, wheels, front and rear bumpers Father and sons car cruze, went out to marahau to catch up with Alex (yoeedynz)
  9. Hi all, As of this coming Sunday I will be the proud owner of Vettie for a full year (how time flies!) so I thought it’s about time I make a thread for her. Discuss here I owned a burnt orange Chevette wagon back in 2006/7. Tried to swap the original 1256cc Vauxhall motor and 4 speed gearbox out for a Gemini g161z 1600 + 5Speed, but got as far as the driveshaft and got stuck (student spec finances and stuff-all mechanical know-how didn’t help). - please excuse the god-awful trispoke wheels, they were the only thing with rubber at the time. Around the same time I had the opportunity to finish my studies over in Melbourne, so decided to sell up and shift over to ‘Straya for a bit. Fast forward to 2012 and I’m back in NZ, owned a motorbike, sold a motorbike, missing the fun of an old car and find this for sale: Already had the Isuzu Piazza g200z 2L + 5 Speed conversion done! Bought the car from OS/GM-T forum member aninja before he left for ‘Straya (something about these cars push people to the West Island?). Crazytim got the widened steelies before I bought this, so the car came on some sweet original Rostyle wheels. A couple of small issues: Exhaust stops before the diff Small bits of rust Still has the tiny Chevette radiator Windshield, and side window rubbers leak a bit, so no carpet No rear seat base No speedo cable. No cert.
  10. So here's my 1968 Vauxhall Victor Estate FD wagon. My dream car. She used to be a runner when I first got it (17 y/o) and I have since never driven such a beautiful car, Since then she continually broke down until I could no longer afford to fix her up. She is in dry storage at the moment and is waiting for me to throw some cash at her to fix her up (have another daily driver which has been chewing my cash). She was bought off a close family friend. Discuss here //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/40678-matts-cheviot-turbos-and-his-68-victor/?hl=victor Specs; ENGINE: 3.3, 6 Cylinder, OHV unit GEARBOX: 4 speed, Laycock, J type overdrive CARBURETTOR: Zenith Downdraught - modified ENGINE PERFORMANCE: 145HP MAXIMUM SPEED (I can testify to this): 120mph PETROL CONSUMPTION: (with o/d) 22mpg around town 35mpg open road STEERING: Ventora 1 power steering WHEELS: 205 x 60 x 13 Cheviot Turbo mags DIMENSIONS: Length 4.5 metres, Width 1.8 metres, Height 1.4 metres, Weight 1.2 tons (approx) MODIFICATIONS: Custom alloy tappet cover, Completely rewired and remodernised headlight system, full modification of front and rear brakes and suspension, heavy duty gas rear shocks with neoprene bushing, fully customised exhaust system with 3 into 1 HPC coated extractors. Full repaint Restoration of carpets, dash upholstry. Assembled at Vauxhall motors, Luton England, then shipped to Canada 1970-1973, owners shipped it to NZ with them when coming over. 2-3 owners between then and me. No rust. Body straight as apart from one minor dent. Engine is immaculate looking. Breakdowns; Power steering is leaking from both ends of the racket, needs reconditioned. Had an electrical fire at one point, lights, gauges etc no longer work. Fuel pump died and electronics fuel pump installed. Exhaust mounts broke, and had remounted + swapped the tips to twin 3" straight pipes out the back. At present she is sitting in dry storage waiting till I have enough cash to fix her up. I've been suggested to change the motor, from RB30DET, a modern holden engine, to a crate motor brand new, but I'd like to keep her original (though If i had the cash, a crate motor would be awesome). Last time I had a go at getting her started, Spark wasn't getting to the sparkplugs. I turn her over every now and then to make sure she hasn't seized and will eventually fix her up once i'm finished at Uni and have extra cash.. Will post some better pics when I get a chance
  11. Hey guys feel free to talk shit here/give me advice. I have lots of questions so shout out if you know anything about these gr8 cars haha
  12. Hey everyone this is my 2nd chevette, I've had it since roughly the start of the year. I bought it of the guy that had it as a sort of unfinished project. anyways ive got it all back on the road now and have sold my wheels and bought some ssr mk1s from japan for it. they should be here in a couple of weeks now i thought since ive got it sitting on blocks in the garage it would be a good time to get some stuff done/finished on it. heres a crappy picture and a picture of the wheels i got for it to replace the xxrs it came on.
  13. Hey, been looking here for a while and thought i'd throw some pics up of the Magnum. I bought it waaaaay back in 2000 and been trying to get it done since. Basically its a 1974 Vauxhall Magnum 1800 4-door Saloon. When i bought it (off a guy who was using it as a parts hauler!) the guy had already fitted a Fiat engine. Its a 1600 Twin Cam from a 131 Mirafiori. Since i've had it i've been cleaning it up and fixing years of cowboy repairs - generally trying to make it into a car. I started with this sorry mess: After a respray in black and a few very slow years i had the body kinda sorted out with some round indicator/sidelights and removal of badges and boot lock. Had loads of trouble getting brake parts until last year, plus a few other projects and life in general. Anyway, by last February it looked like this: Been collecting parts for ages, things such as this 7-dial dash from a Firenza and some Wolfrace Slotmags: Then i yanked this mess out and duly cleaned it and polished the life out of it. It has standard internals and the weber carb still (trying to afford a set of twin 40s/45's and manifold). So before and afters: After some polishing and painting of the slotmags i mocked one up to get this: I then lowered it and got a few bits such as Porsche 944turbo seats, cherrybomb muffler, period stereo (plus hidden modern stuff for real sound), new brake calipers, braided brake hoses, a front lower valance and more wheels and i now have this: (Sorry for size of last pics - dunno how to make them smaller) And here's a video of the engine starting after ages and running on 3year old fuel:
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