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Found 13 results

  1. Project thread: http://oldschool.co....rd-anglia-105e/ Hey Mac, that's a nice looking Anglia you've got there. Certainly an interesting choice for a 16 year old. What are your plans for it? Your thread is in the wrong section of the website at the moment, but I'm sure a moderator will move it to the User's Projects / Build Ups section soon. EDIT - Moved
  2. Hey all, Here is my recently purchased KE20 Toyota Corolla. Bought on Trademe from Hamilton and delivered to Christchurch. Discussion: Here is all the info as provided on Trademe: 1974 Toyota Corolla KE20 Sedan. Car is deregistered and has been in storage since ~2001. The good, everything is there, interior is in good condition, engine runs I have driven to Auckland and back from Hamilton but would be due an overhaul. The bad, all panels have dents, someone has attempted panel/paint poorly on it. In Jan 2011 I took it in for VIN inspection, it failed exhaust mount, brakes and damage on LH inner guard. The brakes and exhaust are trivial. Upon inspection of the damage it will need LH A pillar section replaced. I have a replacement cut to do so. Unfortunately I don't have enough space to keep it dry stored so needs to be sold. Here are the main photos displayed on the auction: Once the car was delivered finally i got to inspect the car fully. Saying that the panel work is bad is a understatement. Although something that is fixable and i can work through to get it back to its former glory. The interior is as mint as it looks. No rips no Tears all original. The only things that the interior is missing is the inner door pulls (Which im looking for if anyone knows of any). It has the original conversion chart and the original tool kit too. So i had to take it for a few drives. Heres the damage that needs to be repaired and the replacement section it came with:
  3. Hi all Here is my discussion for my KE20 Corolla build.
  4. Time of year again! and its even BIGGER this year Picnic Pow Wow is @Gasser's event Hosted at Takapau's Backpaddock lakes Facebage for info & more pictures : https://www.facebook.com/picnicpowwow/ This event is the night before too (BONUS CONTENT) What is that? Details CHB Soundz over the lake Summertime Festival Time to party with your family & mates under the stars at the Soundz over the lake Summertime Festival @ Backpaddock Lakes Family fun, live music, food vendors, kids zone and a massive Fireworks Display and more for everyone to enjoy! Backpaddock Lakes will be set up with a Family friendly area as well as VIP Area with wine and nibbles for those wanting more corporate entertainment - Gates open at 4.00 pm Tickets sell out fast, so get them quick! https://www.eventfinda.co.nz/2017/rhythm-and-booms/waipukurau Facepage : https://www.facebook.com/soundzandbooms/ and about the Location : https://www.facebook.com/backpaddocklakes/ Should be pretty good weekend
  5. This is the thread of my 105e Ford Anglia, last year we got it to the point to be drive-able up to Kaikoura from Christchurch. Its nearly been a year now and i now have my learners license. So i decided to do it up properly as my first car. My discussion: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/53164-105e-ford-anglia-shannon-discussion/ My Brothers Anglia Fourm: http://oldschool.co....105e/?hl=jorden Here is my dads Ford Falcon (XP) http://oldschool.co....l-supercharged/ Here is the link to the proper journey to Kaikoura in two weeks. http://oldschool.co....glia/?hl=anglia Below is how we bought it for $1000 with nearly everything with it. It has around 86-7ish thousand miles on the clock. Before we drove it to Kaiakoura. Once we had it ready we got it registered and we put a warrant on the day we left. After we got home my dad used it for a run about car for a while and then it got parked up for a few months. Now im happy to say that in those few months i drove the car. This was the first car i had ever driven by myself (On the property of course). Now after another few months of sitting there it was my turn to do it up properly so i started the strip down. Everything came off the exterior except the handles and the window washer/wiper motors and also the chrome. And this is how it stood. We took the motor out this weekend. We put the motor in my brothers so it could get re-vinned. This is the only real rust on the car, theres also some on the boot: Im looking for Mk2 Cortina struts (Disc Brake Setup) message me please if you know of any The whole car is now bare metal excluding the roof and the engine bay so it will soon be ready for undercoat. Engine bay almost done My brothers wheels on my car Some pretty exciting news! while cleaning out the garage we found some undercoat. Its in a massive barrel. We tested it to make sure it was fine and it is. So im going hard out on my car at the moment finishing out all of the nitty stuff that i dont want to do A bit of surface rust, i guess this just shows that its been a while... Door jams The under small bit under the front and back guards/wheel wells. And finally the bit above the windows, thats really hard to get into with the wire wheel. So exciting time ahead!
  6. Well just when you thought i couldn't finish my current projects, i thought why not add another! Discussion click here So here is my 1972 Vauxhall Viva Estate. Last registered in 2012 and been off the road since. It use to have the stock 1259cc but that has since been removed. A bit of a special car too, being the first in NZ with plate number 1. The previous owner has spent a lot of time and effort in getting the new motor built up. Its a Blydenstein 1259cc (1.3L now) and lets just say its not stock anymore. Heres how the car sat when it was on the road: Stay tuned in the coming weeks
  7. Hey guys and girls! I'm running an event on November 18 called the Hamilton NerdFest which will be at Zeal (Ward Lane, Hamilton CBD) between 12-4pm which will house a record fair, comic book fair, retro gaming zone, sneaker exhibition etc. Basically a bunch of us nerdy collectors will be there with a LOT of content from the 70s-00s. I think it will be a hit and I'm currenly sorting consent to block off a part of the roadway on Ward Lane What would it take to have a handful of cars park up for part of the afternoon (if the roadway consent goes through) and alternatively on Ward Street which is by the venue? I would really love to have some automobiles that reflect the 'retro' theme so just wanting to know what is required to make it happen! Cheers
  8. The story of a very sad Technics SA-T470 Receiver. Saved from the scrap. I was told by fans of OldSchool to put it up there as something different, as I believe they are Retro/OldSchool just not of the automotive kind. Thats my mint one but This is how it looked when I got it. You cannot really tell that is been dropped hard on its face apart from the missing selector tuning shafts on the very right of it, and the face has been pushed in 14mm at selector shaft. The purpose of getting it was to keep the other three going. But as they are one of the most indestructible amps I’ve ever used, so I see no need in having a parts amp. Solidly built in 1981ish by Fisher & Paykel, Consolidated and some bits from Japan. There a total oddball, the tuner in them is from a Technics ST-8080 with the board rearranged and a few modifications and are notorious for being out of adjustment at this age. So overall they’re sort of based on a Technics SA-5550 which would be the Japanese equivalent. So the first thing to do is see if there is any life in it, plug it in oh wait there is no fuses in and that is just the start. Fuses and stuff in, it trips the RCD dodgy power switch going to ground and some life, I managed to get both channels after a lot of soldering up cracked joints and tracks...... then smoke, a suppressor blows Can you tell which one it is? The shear amount of dirt, grinding dust, overspray, glass and more dust causes problems so magic it away(this took many hours)and its clean. Thanks to Michael I got a new piece of glass cut for it and it showed me how out of shape everything was. So a total dismantle and a straightening of the frame was in order. this proved to be quite hard, literally. They are made of a lot of metal and are solid!!!!!!! It makes me wonder what they did to it to get it this bent. I have pioneer TS-X11 out of a crash vehicle and they’re less damaged but they are a good substitute for a brick. many pieces of wood later and a sore arm from belting the shit out of it, its kind of square.For the selector and tuning shafts I ended up turning up a new ones on a lathe out of brass and circliping them in there. I'm slowly going through and replacing all the eletrolytics (capacitors). so now it works like new and looks good apart from the odd scratch. the top got sanded and new veneer glued and pressed on it. The grill got attacked by a wire brush and a coat of gloss black, looks great
  9. if the picture or the text ever dissapears here's a copy Paste of probably what is already on these forums but thought was pretty relevant so I'm sharing here
  10. Heads up. The usual late notice but, this is happening More details in thread once confirmed. https://www.facebook.com/events/215537258907263/ Date: Sunday 22nd January 2017. 11am - 2pm. (starts thinning out by 1pm usually) Where: University Ave, Massey Uni Campus, Auckland. lower tier carpark outside 'the ferguson' bar. Cruise meetup points at the usual places Greenlate McD's and Westgate outside ASB 10.15am, depart 10.30ish. Someone in attendance gather those there and make call to depart. For previous meet galleries and FB posts.. www.jap-olds.nz
  11. The Manfeild Winter Series is kicking back into action on Sunday June 8th and is the best club racing you'll see anywhere. Get out and support the series by watching the rounds. I'll be down on June 7/8th to catch up with a few locals and watch the racing an it'd be cool to put an oldschool crew together. Spectator entry is free for the first 3 rounds and $5(tbc) for the final round that includes the truck show. The dates for the series are: Round 1 - June 8th Round 2 - July 6th Round 3 - August 3rd Round 4 - September 7th $5 including truck show At round one last year we had GT Cup cars doing lap record pace for any saloon car in history (sub 1.05's for those who know) and also 30+ car grids in the IB cup class. I'll be racing at the final round in September too, so you can come along in support of OS while having a look at a bunch of sweet trucks. Anyone keen?
  12. kos420nz

    Toyota 3TC

    Hi Guys, I have a Corona tt132 have recently , put new spark plugs in , set timing , leads , coil , cleaned carb and set fuel mix to 2.5 - 3 turns out, set idle mix , all that jazz . now has devoleped a miss up high around 5 grand and above. Any ideas what it could be, am stumped ...
  13. So..... Sunday 10th March 11am - 3pm Massey University Campus, Eastbourne Rd, around the block from usual Massey carpark- refer map. Auckland Cruise details: from Westgate outside BK or from Greenlane outside McD's 10.15am meet and 10.45am depart Map here previous meets info here http://www.toycrazy....classicjap.html
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