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Found 19 results

  1. Discussion thread First build thread so am still working out website. Hope everyone enjoys and feel free to add comments as am still learning so much about these crowns. Earlier in the year I had purchased my first toyota crown. I've been a long time toyota fan building them and playing with them since I was 16 (8 years ago). I brought it off a fella in Christchurch and coincidentally had a week off work at the time. So I spent the next week getting the thing a wof as it hadn't had one in 10 years. Its a mettalic blue Ms83 crown wagon. Rough around the edges but it ran, it drove and it had no rust. I brought it for 4.8k with the reg on hold. I suppose I should have knocked some cash off my offer but I've been a massive crown wagon fan for ages so I just payed the asking and picked it up the next night.
  2. yeah g'day. so i spun a yarn at work saying i needed a wagon and something to move me furniture and go camping with. along came a chap with a friend who had 'this old wagon chilling at his place'. One thing led to another and i was dragging this old Crown wagon out of a tree. It's been sitting for 3 years, hasn't been turned on and is pretty well dormant. I chucked a fresh battery into it and she ticked over first try. Won't idle but i'm open to theories as to what would cause that - seems a bit trial and error at this stage. Will need a few parts here and there, but as it's a Crown, she's packed with lush interior and random knobs and bits all over the place. 'Royalty'. Anyway, here's pics. How it looked after we pushed it out of the tree situation. Weta for scale I need one of these if anyone knows a guy that knows a guy etc cheeky spot of rust that'll need sorting How she's chilling currently. Can't open the front passenger door either, so if anyone has any ideas, gizza yarn my way. Cheers.
  3. Took my 1995 130 Crown wagon up to Auckland handles way better with new shocks; but the factory non-VVTI 2.5 n/a 1j is slow as shit... The wagons too heavy for it. I'm keen on the idea of throwing a 2jzge in there; the 3.0 will make the wagon get along a lot nicer and turn it into a nice cruiser. And Don't want to go down the 2jzgte track, So there's a low km non VVTI 2j n/a on TM for sale for $2500 from a JZZ31 94 soarer... Or 1500 without ancillaries... Questions I have is: 1) will the 1j ancillaries bolt onto the 2j? 2)will the 1j ECU run the 2j? 3) do I need a cert for the swap? anything else I need to consider in what appears to be a straightforward case swapping the sumps and dropping it in???
  4. One of my long term projects, 1980 toyota crown. brought it after it sat up the end of the brook valley after the old couple parked it up when it hit 400,000 ks gave them $200 and i was away. towed it home, some new fuel, plugs and a dizzy cap and it fired up pretty good. unfortunaley has the common rear quarter rust. pretty bad, someones patched it up before and made an average job. plan is to get it legal (can't see it needing much bar the rust) and just drive it, eventually lower it
  5. Hey knowledgeable Ninjas, Manual steering sucks. I'm over it. I've been trying to piece together enough knowledge to find an alternative but the bits and pieces I've picked up keep sending me in circles. I've got other plans for the car, but before all that it's biggest short fall is the steering. There were factory power steering units for this car but hell if I can find one. Apparently Crowns up to an S110 have the similar/same power steering, but modification to the pitman arm is needed. That's no big deal but I can't find a wrecked one of these either. I've seen crowns on line with whole different steering columns, so is it a case of finding the matching dimensions and custom fitting it in? With all this in mind, I have a 2J under the hood and the mid/rear sump in there has been notched to fit the drag link/centre link arm. And a fatter power steering unit will get in the way. Is there such a thing as a power assisted version of a manual steering box? Where the power assist happens further up the column and I can keep the current centre link set up for sump clearance? Or am I talking bollocks, and all power steering happens downstairs which means I'll need a new "true" mid sump, or front sump and custom cross member to fit? Any info or links to info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  6. Test test test, 1, 2, 3.
  7. Discuss. Project thread. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/42941-jtc3ds-ms65-crown-build/ Chur.
  8. Yeah so I have many vehicles. This is one of the ones that has been sitting in the background for quite some time. Unfortunately most of the photos I have of it are on my laptop drive, which shat itself. So this car was parked up in '92, with some horrid bumpers attached to it. Looked like this in 2010 Anyway, R100 purchased it in a bidding war and decided he didn't actually want it, so Japawags purchased it off him. He also decided he didn't want it and traded it for my MS110, which I didn't seem to have much say in. So then it ended up in my garage where it sat for the next 3 odd years, the engine had been pulled out and sat under a carport with no sump or rocker cover, and was in a bit of a yuck state. I miss driving old cars so I figured it's time to give this old beast a second shot at life. So I pulled the engine apart. Oh hey there valve, you shouldn't be open.. The engine actually turned out to be in far better condition than I had thought. I was expecting the water galeries to be heavily corroded like my old under water 4M, but they were perfectly fine. No photo of that yet though. It's taking a bath Lol 2M crank? The bores are all good So yup, that's it for now.
  9. I'm swapping front springs over in the crown or trying to. Was wondering how to go about removing the springs have tried removing the lower ball joint but having no luck so far any help would be appreciated. Spencer, seedy, josh, etc one of the many ex owners tips and tricks would be sweet. cheers
  10. Hey all, I'm trying to find a complete wiring diagram for my build, and it seems pulling complete ones from the net is proving difficult. I can get input diagrams for the back of the computer, but nothing on wiring layouts. Can anyone recommend a good source for finding these? I'm specifically looking for one for an 2001 Toyota Altezza Gita (or Lexus IS300 Sportcross), but a point in the right direction would be awesome! I'll carry on trawling forums in the meantime. Cheers Inerweb gurus and analogue warriors alike!
  11. Hey all, I'm doing a 2jz-ge swap into an MS65 crown and am currently sourcing a radiator. I can go to a wreckers for a modern one and fab it into the engine bay, but the origional has a sweet fitment in the front bumper. So I was thinking with a cooling fan added would the origional be enough to cool the new engine? I'm googling this as well, but since this is such a great crown community, someone might have already tackled this problem. Cheers boys and girls.
  12. This has been a long time coming. Have finally retrieved the wagon off the old alcoholic geezer down the road. He imported it at 40,000kms and his goal was to do 300,000 in it before he sold it. That's just happened. The body has had a reasonably rough life but that doesn't phase me. I fecking love it. The 1987 Toyota Mark II GX70 wagon! It's heart is a 2y, 1800cc 4cyl manual with 340,000kms on the clock I believe it's a w55 gear box but I'm sure someone will set me strait if I'm wrong! Goals: #Find the old girl a new pair of shoes, I am open to suggestions and offers, if you think you can help me out, I'm an apprentice chippy so I'm not looking to spend heaps! At this stage I think I'll have some 14" stealies widened, pretty deep and tyres stretched to suit. #Slam the old girl,(I didn't know how else to word that but it sounds duuurty) I'm after some help in this area too.... In regard to who to go through, what i need etc! Thanks to anyone who can help. #A new heart.. As much as this engine has done well in its time I would love to replace it for a new slightly faster beating heart. Perhaps a 1ggze, 1ggte, 1jzgte. Again, when the time comes I'm well open to suggestions ideas, advice and most probably some help. Issues: When in reverse or taking off in first gear the car has a hella shudder going on. Issue fixed if clutch is ridden but obviously not ideal. I've checked engine mounts and there fine. What else could this be? Cheers.
  13. Build Thread://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/21628-camels-blue-toyota-crown-wagon/?p=554136 got the whole set now man is whelbase much the same with coupe to wagon? go the roofracks everyone should have a set IMO
  14. well i aquired a fucken crown...cheers spence will put some pics up tomorrow im thinking a lumpy arse 1uz or i save a bit and get a 1gz and shoehoon that in not doing bags....but i do need a color as that is teh first think on teh list of things that need to be done...any sugestions ? //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?showtopic=23210
  15. Discussion Thread //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/20772-sheepers-ms75-toyota-crown-coupe/?hl=%2Bsheepers+%2Bcrown hi all, thought id post a few pics of my crown. its standard and in pretty good nick, its got a few little dings in it but its rust free which is pretty rare. ill eventually put a 1uz in it, but for now it has to get me to work and back every day so my main concern is keeping the old girl on the road. latter, sheepers.
  16. Project Discussion Picked me up a 1973 Crown - MS-65 Sedan on Trademe for $1500. Pretty good cond. Nothing that can't be fixed I say! After that I journeyed down south to pick up some 18" Advanti 5 spoke mags. Was a bit steep ($1000) but i wasnt concerned at the time. I just wanted the standard ones off there! Here are pics after the Wellington trip with the new wheels. Notice the dirt marks from the harsh New Zealand roads Also cut a coil off the rear springs as you can see, have yet to do the fronts. Mr. Flawless, flawed my pocket by making me shell out for new front springs that didnt lower the front at all. Future plans include a full repaint (gloss/satin black), new exuast, engine rebuild, pimping out the interior with *bling bling* stainless steel, cutties in the fronts and then shorten shocks to make captive. Not in any particular order. Chur Chur
  17. Discussion Thread: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/21629-locedas-ms63-crown-wagon/?hl=%2Bcrown+%2Bwagon So thought it was about time I posted this up. So yea it sat on trademe for way to long for me to resist purchasing it but hey. Got it transported up and it turned out quite a bit rougher than i was expecting but you get that when buying without viewing. It so happens that I knew of another wagon that a friend had sitting in his garage gathering dust so I purchased that too, hoping to combine for 1 phat ride bo3. So plans are as follows... Fix rust in boot, roof, A pillar, sills, guard Paint roof etc matty B and re fit roof racks Remove engine and trans Swap interior with parts wagon as it is awesome black vinyl Measure up both wagon and coupe chassis points for compatiblility Lift body off both chassis and swap Get airbags up and working in wagon Install engine driven compressor for bags Install coupe engine and trans Widen 14s and stretch some toite rubber onto them And this WILL be done by nats, no ifs buts or maybes as it will be trailering mikunis wagon down for epic convoyness. Pics of progress so far... Parts wagon out on road, lasted four days before council tried to tow it away as an abondoned vehicle. FUCK OFF!! Poor old coupes looking a bit snowed under, not for long How she looked when she arrived Hunting out rust etc Mikuni doing extremely technical measurements for wheel sizing etc Ripped the engine out on saturday, trans to follow Roof racks off for rust work, boot rust all sorted now thanks to sheepers gape Raped and pillaged So yea, I know i have my work cut out for me but I reckon it s doable. Will keep you all posted haha
  18. Hey Bo3s This be my girlfriends daily/my out of work ride, due to having a work van. Not much to say really, bought it pretty much for the fender mirrors, column shift and bench seat, rockn. This is what it looked like when i bought it And this is it post wof/spring cuttage and on my coupe wheels That is all for now.
  19. (wohoo i learnt how to photo bucket hehehe) anyway this is my baby... the only man in my life right now i love him to bits!!!! my personal favourite...
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