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Found 10 results

  1. G'day All, Figured I may as well make a little project log thingy for my newest project, a '62 Morris Mini Minor. I picked this thing up not too long ago and have been getting stuck in with ambitions to have it done early next year. I've been on the hunt for a MK1 for ages now so I'm super stoked to get into it. The car had been stripped down and semi-restored some 20 years ago by the previous owner, but never quite finished. This has led to the paint deteriorating, and heaps of parts disappearing over time. This prompted me to buy a '62 parts car from some guys lawn for its engine/interior bits/suspension parts. I've got almost all of the parts for it now! Its just a matter of painting it and getting it back together and on the road again As far as plans go I'm still not totally sure what color id like it to be. Wheels can be changed to suit, but I guess paint's a different story. Was thinking something along the lines of a light metallic blue with an old English white roof, wide steels/mags and a mesh sun visor for that retro mod kinda look. Something that could be taken back to original spec if need be. Was even thinking of doing it black or just standard white, but I'm not too sure. Cheers guys, looking forward to getting more involved on the forum. -Jack. -The 850cc engine in the front end of the less than fortunate parts car. 25 years of sitting on a lawn didn't stop it from running - it fired right up the day after it fell out of the van and onto the driveway. Wasn't seized, and has only done 40,000 miles. Just hoping that the 850 will be enough for me to keep up with traffic!
  2. Hello. Bit of background first i guess is the place to start... Me (mtbtimr) and my mate (Sammy1222) (both 20 and relatively inexperienced mechanical engineering students) recently bought a 1972 Austin 1300 in bold but original magenta. The aim is to restore this little beauty to its former glory (classic), and learn some about cars etc along the way. Since this is a first for both of us we chose to start with something which was already drivable (WOF and reg). So here she is! Her name is Maggie. Couldn't resist taking it to uni day 2
  3. FB link pic could be a good pre-Nats meet or dry run for those getting theor cars ready for a trip to Raglan! @Gasser @BillyTong @baby k somone tag that Audi guy @Cazza @Duddley @Leebo3
  4. Facepage & Info : www.facebook.com/events/343376036208593/427869601092569 So yeah Brittish VS Euros? Might drag this along
  5. G'day everyone, thought I'd start a thread for my car as I start to make some bigger changes to it. Little bit of information about me, I'm 15 - turning 16 in January so I can't even (legally) drive my car yet, which sucks I don't have a job but trust me I'm trying, thanks Dad for funding my project and one day, hopefully soon, I'll pay you back! Anyway, the reason you all clicked on this, the car, In August I bought a 1974 Austin 1300 MK III from a group of boy racer wannabees. I paid $500, it had no wof and the reg had just run out (now on hold) My plans for it are to get everything working again for January when I get my license and add a few period items along Also when I can find one and have the money, twin carbs! The car as soon as it'd been towed home. The idiots had let the suspension down which does look pretty sweet, but was ruining the underside of the car and fairly sure that one of the rear displacers is torn. Maybe one day I'll make something up so it can be permanently this low Few of the bad points: They said it was overheating and they had tried to put another head on it - turns out it was an 1100 head so didn't work too well. Luckily they still had the 1300 head in the boot. The interior is in a bit of a bad state. Now pictures Engine the day I got it, after about an hour helping my Dad we had it running, roughly but enough to move it up the driveway Front Interior, dash starting to deteriorate, carpets stained and faded (I have dyed them back to blue), small hole in headlining, drivers seat ripped and steering wheel center cracked First thing I did after this was get rid of the twink and gave it a wash Most major bit of rust, in the footwell kick panel. I will try and update this regularly, have done a couple of major things in the space between August and now but those are for another post Discuss: http://oldschool.co....74-austin-1300/
  6. deets from their faceache page post : https://www.facebook.com/events/1958215804504612/?acontext={"ref"%3A"106"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"} @Gasser & I Might be there (dont let that keep you away tho!
  7. made this so we can have a yarn about Emily
  8. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/40993-zipties-64-morris-oxford-traveller/ I'm thinking about putting a Datsun/Nissan A15 or L16/18 with a 5 speed transmission into this wagon. I've never done an engine swap before but it would turn this car into something reliable and capable of long distances. If any of you have advice to offer it would be much appreciated.
  9. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/40994-zipties-64-morris-oxford-traveller/ I picked this up off TradeMe a few months ago. She was in decent condition but had been neglected for a while. Looked like the owner just had a mechanic fix whatever caused it to fail a warrant. Here is what she looked like just after I bought it. (Picture taken at the Morris Registry of Auckland ride, good times ). I'll post some more photos when I figure out how to do it. I've gone through the engine, steam cleaned it, new distributor, wires, etc... electronic ignition, carb kit. Since then I decided to tackle the groan in the rear end... So, while the wife and kid were away over the long weekend I bought a couple boxes of lion red (in cans) and got to work tearing out the rear. Came out a lot easier than I thought it would. Took me about four hours: I found a second hand diff head with 69,000 miles on it. And swapped it in for the old one. Took me a couple hours, a liter of petrol and whole can of brake cleaner to scrape all the crap off the axle. But it came up pretty nice. God! Those universal joints were a mission! Never done those before. Took the leaf springs to Snell Springs in Onehunga to get them redone. They were sitting pretty flat. Looked good to be honest but I'd like a bit of suspension back there. Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to move this chaos back onto the car:
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