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  1. how did you end up with so much clearance between cas and firewall? ive done exact same swap but only have 5mm clearance haha
  2. Do these meets still happen? Im keen to come along if they do
  3. Y did u need to change drive shaft? Spline on gear box dif?
  4. This still happening in palmy? I just moved down hea from auckland will be keen to come along if it is
  5. Any one have any block mounts brackets for sale Auckland?? I need asap have cash
  6. Hey exbella. U wouldn't have any spare stock springs us sell me would u? My cars greenied for curries.. :/
  7. hey man u wouldnt still have the rear spoiler and sideskirts of fxgt by any chance?
  8. so this is my daily driver.. pritty tidy al round bit off rust under cab is only thing stopping it from getting a wof, currently running a 4g63 sohc carby engine is a bit tired and think some minor internal damage since trying to fix oil leek. replaced front crank seal but wile doing so accidentaly washd of timeing marks so tryed seting cams to tdc and ended up turning oveer with cams about 90deg out before reliseing cam marks were not the mark on top rocker cover but small nub on left side of head.. shit :/ got it running again but def can tell some damage was done and is still leeking oil and have used so much degreaser trying to find oil leek but seems impossible to locate 100%..
  9. hey so iv gone and brought a 16valve narrow block 4g63t.. its 7bolt.. i have standard l200 narrow block gearbox and standard l200 clutch.. what do i have to do to make this work? any help would be much apprieciated
  10. what fly wheel and clutch will work with a 7 bolt 16valve narrow block 4g63 and a standard l200 gearbox??
  11. hey does anyone know how id go about putting a 16valve 7bolt dohc 4g63t in my l200 using the standy l200 gearbox? is that possible? i cant seem to find any info thatl tell me if l200 gearbox is 6 or 7 bolt.. its a 1986 l200 sport 2000.... please help guys?
  12. hey guys so ive got a 86 l200sport 2000.. 4g63 sohc carby, wanting to upgrade what engines would bolt in with same mounts and gbox was thinking 4g63dohc or dohc turbo but might be a bit expensive atm as cant find many around what othe roptions do i have and would the dohc 4g63 bolt up to my sohc 4g63 gbox??
  13. hi what inlet manifold u running or is it custom made ? i want to put twin carbs on my l200 4g63 sohc caby as factory is shit but dont know were to find a manifold to suit..
  14. and about cortina.. what needs assembling? lol i take it its not driveable as is? and how much u wanting? and also have u got pics?
  15. lol cheers i like the cressida but 2g isnt quite as cheep as im wanting lol
  16. Cheap rwd project wanted any condition considered, preffer drivable or rolling and in nelson area
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