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  1. There were quite a few(?) of them apparently but they didn't last that long in service - good for italian cities, but not NZ conditions? Check the rose tinted reminiscing in the reply: http://www.roadranger.co.nz/2013/05/fiat-1100t.html
  2. Unfortunately this has been passed on though many hands since it was last regoed, and has no papers at all. Manufacturer/importer/dealers are all long out of business. I will only have the trademe ad and a statutory declaration, some photos along with the plates and a very faint old style rego sticker ghost on the windscreen. Not even sure of the chassis number yet! I think the Fire stickers are probably an ex volunteer owners additions rather than this being a Fire vehicle - maybe some laughable last line of defence on some industrial site?
  3. Yeah, i was thinking first step will be to get the black plates approved for reuse - hopefully that process might throw up some old paperwork. My understanding is that if its not in carjam then it probably wasn't registered in 1986 or perhaps fell off between then and 1995/6 when the whole rego system went into LANDATA, so my only hope really is flushing out some paper records that are still in some dusty store somewhere - just need to luck into that one person who can think outside of the computer box (so rolling into VINZ or whatever is proably a bust to start with), and i hear the plates lady is pretty good with that Just looking forward to getting hold of it and starting to pick away at it and make brumbrum noises tbh, it was cheap enough that it will be a fun toy either way
  4. Thats just the kind of grim socialist aesthetic that initially drew me in.
  5. Just won a trademe auction for this. Not collected yet, so not fully mine or in my possession, but i'm quietly fizzing. Its been sold and resold on trademe and on Facebook about 4 times in the last 5 years, I was the second highest bidder a couple of times, moving pretty steadily south, starting off in Ashburton, then Christchurch (a fellow Fiat botherer went and had a look and sent me lots of detailed pics and declared it was savable), then i think Timaru , and now, back of Milton. At least 5 people messaged me directly to share the link, and the key difference is this time Im only 40 minutes up the road, and this time i got it for about half of what i have bid on a couple of the previous auctions I like to think the sellers (honest!) description, and utterly depressing photos put a lot of punters off but i could also be assuming its the world that is mad, not me.. Anyway, looking forwards to collecting and then playing around with this. What i know: - A 1960-64 model based on the sliding windows and engine - they made the same shape from the mid-1950s but started off with the 1100cc from the Fiat 1100 its based on. I suspect many bits will be easy (but not necessarily cheap) to find once i figure out what other Fiats it shares parts with - the 1100 obviously (eventually evolving into the Premier Padmini Taxi from india) , but also the Fiat 600 particularly the Multipla shared some lights and switchgear and maybe column change/front control parts and other bits which itself formed the base of the 850/133 and many other variants made up until the 1980s in places like Spain, Serbia and Argentina under licence. - dead rego, no papers no nothin, but im hoping the black plates are an in and maybe some faint rego stickers. Suggestions and hints on getting the paperwork sorted so its at least in the system again welcomed! - has the 'big block' 1500cc pushrod engine (the engine that should be in my 125p ute, and is the 2300 in my wagon, less 2 cylinders (so have some bits and pieces already). There was also a 1300cc model and orginally they came out with an 1100 same as the car. There is one engine in the hole thats seized and one in the back that i assume is also seized. - Seats and Engine cover, front bumper are int eh back - it doesnt really have any interior from the factory, no rear bumper either, this one has a tow bar (lol) - 4 speed column change, 5.x something rear diff, 95kph top speed new but apparently very quick off the line and able to lug a surprising amount of stuff, just not quickly! - everything is 'there' except a sliding door handle, but almost everything looks like shit or is slightly busted - it appears to be relatively low milage and remarkably unrusty otherwise - the terrible paint (flaky grey and rusty brown primer over the original poorly sanded white?) makes it look much worse than it is, but definitely needs new front floors, and the bottom of all the doors is frilly, otherwise surprisingly good underneath and on top
  6. All ground back. Few wonky bits to fill, but its all going over solid metal. Getting there. Bog sand bog sand... Good enough! Some aliexpress treasure turned up Which i chucked on and drove it around the block to blow the dust off and turn it around. swept out the garage ready for the drivers side... I also need to pop the windscreen out and redo this corner, got some sort of paint reaction, rather than rust i think its rustkill primer on the bottom making all the layers seperate
  7. Picked up this folder from @nzstato suburban building site/landrover barry trap. A few test folds on some scrap and then onto a long section. Came out very nice and 100x faster than the vice and hammer Ive used till now! Long weld in a big flat panel with no rear access for a dolly so taking my time. And little filler piece, folder just not quite long enough and it kicks up at the rear wheel arch too, so it worked out ok. Too late for noisy grinding but all tacked in now. Will grind that smooth and then much the same again on the drivers side. Ill do the filler work all together once the welding is done.
  8. Got the extention/cut and shut bit done today. Very happy with how it turned out. This 200mm filler panel is also replicated the between the front and rear floorpans/tunnel and makes the Kombi (wagon), Pickup and Ambulance (commercial special) wheelbase that much longer than the sedan.
  9. Been using this for dump runs and such but its well overdue for a wof. Unfortunately theres bubbling the sills where it was repaired before i got it, and a patch in the doors and some other nonsense to sort out first. So this morning i put it on stands and dug out the grinding and welding stuff Yes, 'Repaired'. FFS. Chop chop. BTW, new floor paint is holding up well and much easier cleanup than bare concrete Its a car based body, so has the car sill, with the side panel also covering that, so double skinned and open to water and dirt and crap from the tray above. Classic! Inner sill and everything else came up well. Caught it in time. Will remake it so it not quite as such as much of a trap with extra drains. Got this far tonight, will finish off the inner sill tomorrow. Hopefully borrow a folder for the outside so i dont use as much bog as i just took off.
  10. Pest checking in from Dunedin Rolla wont keep you warm, bring a swanni
  11. Good progress Sam! Like any project must be awesome seeing what was in your head slowly becoming real.
  12. My mums boyfriend at the time got a gold ghia wagon as a company car after suffering both a a mk4 and a mk5 cortina. They where so utterly different to anything else around in terms of body design, truly the future! (Lol still pinto powered tho, ha). For reference my mum was rocking a viva as a daily at the time! I thought i may have spotted this around dunners over the weekend, but no pic.
  13. Well yeah, but nah, i picked up a nice low mileage/later model one in a random parts collection last week and have a few in storage in Auckland still. Cheers tho.
  14. Also been faffing around with this, changed the idle jets to 55s (too rich but no flatspot) then 50s (good, but a small flatspot off idle) and redid the shims and the timing (removed flatspot) and changed the oil (gross), which is unsurprising as the filter said it was last done in November 2018, and its had carb issues for ages (not now!) and put a new fuel filter in Picked up this stuff from trademe from a guy down the road, who just sold a 125 and a shed load of parts - this is the stuff hes found since. Factory winged sump is a score and the starter, brake booster are nearly new/unused. He was stoked with the ute. And found these on Marketplace for $10, NZ made lushness! Came with some good advice! "TAKE TIME TO BE FRIENDLY, IT IS THE ROAD TO HAPPINESS"
  15. Had our first snow day the other week. Next day was 20 degrees and tshirts!
  16. Like the other 3 this has been in Auckland for about 10 months because of Covid etc. Ready for the transporter. It was the only one that the movers could start easily and is the most mechanically sound. Because its the crappiest, it lives outside (the other two get the garage) but it also means its the first in line, so ive also been pesting around on a Covid WoF, and because its not Auckland, there are no cops around anyway. Blackhead is about the same distance from my new place as Muriwai was from my old place, but no sea view (we are on the other side of the hill facing north :)) so plenty of surf checks/dog walks/AFR runs
  17. Dunedin: Not done much to this, it starts pretty much first pop, but today i did replace the main battery fuse with a whole new thing. This somehow blew between me driving on the truck in Auckland and me collecting it from a yard in Dunedin. I reckon someone put the jumper pack on backwards, but it was an old sub amp fuse so was pretty janky, so now has best chinesium 100 amp instead. I do need to trace what is draining the battery too, but leaving the lead off means it doesn't happen, so meh. It has a really bad diff leak (pinion seal and/or main head/housing gasket) and sounds like maybe a pinhole in the muffler, but other than that its pretty much ready to go i think
  18. Few up in August to get these all going ready to dive onto the truck. The property owner had tried to move them for a wedding in the barn (that was cancelled due to the Covid ) but left the batteries hooked up and they were all dead dead dead. There is a parasitic drain on this that flattens the battery within a couple of days at the best of times anyway, as well as four flat tyres. New battery and blowing up my trusty $12 warehouse air compressor trying to inflate 4 tyres from dead flat without a jack (replaced with pretty much the same one but now $25, thats how old it is/was) and this bad boy fired straight up Out in the sun On the truck to the Depot See you in Dunedin!
  19. As detailed in the thread below, a couple of months after my last post we got notice from our long term landlord that were finally going to come back and renovate their small bach we had been living in for the last 13 years! We knew we would never get such a sweet gig in Auckland ever again, so Plan D (that had been bubbling for a few years in anticipation of this) was implemented and I got a good job on fairly short notice to commence in 2 months in Dunedin. Yay, but OMG so much to organise and sort. Cars went onto storage not far from Muriwai in August 2019 and we moved down to Ocean View to a short fixed term rental, (no driveway!) and managed to have an offer accepted house on Christmas Eve Eve (driveway/shed prerequisite) , but not moving in till Early Feb 2020. Plan was to road trip them down with some buddies in March 2020 while they were all WoFfed, but then Covid and yadda yadda. eventually got them all moved down via transporter company in late August 2020.
  20. Stopped in Wellington on the way back down to visit another 2300 foamer And collected these, widened factory steels, tyres have been holding air under his parts cars for nearly 20 years so i reckon the welds are good. Finally in Dunedin, in my very own garage! Nice to be able to make brum brum noises again Sunny is happy shes got somewhere comfy to sit in the garage And first bit of fiddling, replaced the carb linkages, so now it doesn't over center Also cleaned out the carb (again) replaced the fuel filter and tuned it with a vacuum gauge and now shes running nice and crispy. Like to get this a WoF for summer but i think i will need to refresh the brakes and maybe do the front wheel bearings (i stole the parts for the Ute a couple of years ago!).
  21. Fleet in storage in Waimauku. Covers off for the first time in a year. Covid fucked my plan to do a roadie with some buddies back in March 2020, when they still had WoFs :] and in August finally managed to get back up to the 09 to get them running so they could go on a truck All running after replacing ALL the batteries and some minor fuel/carb issues (Gaffer whos place they were at tried to start them up but then left them connected ) So Handsome! On the small truck one by one to the Mangere yard before being loaded on the Linehaul
  22. Jaysus, over a year since i last updated this thread! As detailed in the thread below, a couple of months after my last post we got notice from our long term landlord that were finally going to come back and renovate their small bach we had been living in for the last 13 years! We knew we would never get such a sweet gig in Auckland ever again, so Plan D (that had been bubbling for a few years in anticipation of this) was implemented and I got a good job on fairly short notice to commence in 2 months in Dunedin. Yay, but OMG so much to organise and sort. Cars went onto storage not far from Muriwai and we moved down to a short fixed term rental, and managed to have an offer accepted house on Christmas Eve Eve, but not moving in till Early Feb. Then Covid and yadda yadda, eventually got them all moved down via transporter company in late August.
  23. this is OS M9 Looks choice, cool idea, conversion and nice save, surprised they are not more common TBH.
  24. Found these and thought of your beastie. Just needs more exo (no, no it doesn't)
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