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  1. Will be awesome for everyone to come up to the pad so def come up and do some sliding around in the paddock!!
  2. Theres a sick as fuck 308 under that blanket going into soon. Decided the 5m would be better in the boat
  3. Another day another layer of bog and sand. Slowly getting there.
  4. Spent Saturday morning throwing a thick coat of new bog down on it. Then last night did an hour or so sanding it back with a 40 grit on the orbital sander to get a good rough shape in. Am happy with how it's working so far. Will need a few layers before its perfect. Plan is to have the bog and fibre glass done by end of November... then December to re assemble
  5. Very very jelly of your car. Gloss black, black leather interior, bags and astro supremes on whitewalls.
  6. Nah it's actually better then I was expecting
  7. Ok so motor now complete. After deliberating on my other thread about fibre glass I came up with a plan. Took to work and flipped the hull onto a custom trolley and took home ready to start the underside.
  8. ^ as what he said! I do the same with the two nuts tacked up. I do need magnifine glass to do smaller then 3mm tho. Just need fine stone on grinding wheel.
  9. Got the front back together yesterday and bonnet back on! Flew through a@Snoozin inspection today aswell so that's good! Have a few things on the list left to do but otherwise it's looking great!
  10. I also got carpet from autodec for my wagon and was appalled at the quality and craftmentship of there product. The pattern was miles off and zero edges were over locked to stop tearing and trans tunnel wasnt moulded at all. I sent mine back with big list of why it was shit and supplied my original set to prove how crap it was stating I'd like my money back if they couldn't re make it and I'd get one out of aus instead lol. They ended up re making it and I'm a lot happier with it.
  11. Painted the exterior of the bonnet with the same laqeur paint as car is painted in and I'll do inside of bonnet same as engine bay next time I get a chance.
  12. Finishing inside of bonnet this weekend in my garage with a few cold beers for motivation. Rust killed the inside and Will drill some water holes so it wont be as bad again. Will also get some cavity wax in there once I've finished It's never nice fixing rust that someone else has already made a poor effort fixing once before
  13. Added a few other things into the wagon New carpets, tig welded up an over flow bottle out of stainless, seats are at midnight upholstery currently, and new moon glitter bomb wheel.
  14. Currently fixing the rust in the bonnet ready for paint.
  15. Re routed the spark leads with a custom set from segedins.
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