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  1. Jzx90

    Jordan’s NZ New 1960 “CADD1E”

    Yeah I will get the underside blasted. Like you say, there’ll be surprises. Just hopefully not too many
  2. So progress came to a halt pretty quick. I went for a mountain bike ride one day and came home with this: Came home with/Towed home Found it on a front lawn just down the road from me, had been sitting there for 4 years. Only 711,000km on the clock, previous owner 23yrs yada yada. So the Cadillac has been neglected somewhat lately besides attending Cambridge Raceway’s Centennial event where I got to fang around the racetrack (6 up) as a “lap of honour” before the main event. I don’t have any photos of it on the track but here’s one unloading the land barge and a photo of it broken down while out testing the brakes: Threw some hubcaps on and gave the chrome a half-assed polish for the racetrack event, looks decent from 20 feet.
  3. Jzx90

    Jordan’s NZ New 1960 “CADD1E”

    Ill try and get a comparison photo at some point. Getting it to fit in the shed takes serious logistical planning
  4. Jzx90

    Jordan’s NZ New 1960 “CADD1E”

    Cheers yeah nah its staying as close to "beat up old yank tank you'd see around NZ in the 90s" as i can keep it Yeah I concur. As soon as it's legal Ill be sure to make it less legal Yeah in an ideal world. And also 500hp to achieve ultimate "walking" burnouts. This might happen if the motor is junk
  5. Comments, queries, concerns, questions regarding this old tank.....
  6. Alright, starting to see what we’re dealing with now. There’s some misery involved but nothing a washed up sparky can’t tackle? I hope Some recent pics; dropped (literally) the rear bumper, shit weighs so much the car actually raised about 2” when I removed it The old 390 under the hood seems to run alright (once I corrected the last owners attempt at getting the firing order right) it does breathe a bit but hey, it’ll work for booze trips The RHD “conversion” is pretty NZ-in-the-60s spec. Custom dash pad, fascia has just been turned upside down, brake booster is still on the left hand side etc, looks good from 10 feet though There’s 4 patches to be done in the floor. The whole body has thick textured sealant on it and for the most part it’s worked and probably the only reason this car still exists. She lived in Cambridge for 40 years or so and was daily driven a lot from what I’m told. Isn’t exactly Arizona in the Waikato So yeah anyway floor repairs are up first, then some rear quarter work....in the next episode
  7. Heres some more pics. Genuine barn dust. The P plate was fitted in 1989! “There’s some weight there” - The Towie Overall the body is reasonable and has some patina going on... Does anyone have any mad tips on uploading heaps of pictures at once? I’m using a re-sizing app at the moment but it’s less than ideal.
  8. I’ve been lurking on this site for a while now and think I finally have something worthy of having a “build” thread. More of a resurrection than build. I figured this would be the best place Mid last year this popped up on my news feed: Naturally I hassled the bloke about it enough for him to give me the guys number. Long story short I managed to get first viewing of the car and it was only 45 mins drive from me to Te Poi where it had been sitting under a car-port for the last few years. This is how I found it: Despite the fact I was flying out on my OE a week later I still spent a chunk of my travel money bought the car (a no-brainer) and had it towed back to the old man’s a coupe days later. In a nutshell; It was running (roughly), Rego was on hold and everything was there. Last WOF was 1999. Rust has set in but nothing too major. Once I got it home I basically gave it a water blast and tucked it away into storage. I’m back in NZ now so will be getting amongst it-hoping to have it back on the road for Leadfoot 2019 but that may be a bit optimistic at this point. Cheers Jordan