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  1. Fuck, Manu even reminded me about this the other day... Oops! see you all at wagnats
  2. Good (brief) meet for me. One side brake shoes delaminated but was sorted(ish) on site. Thanks for the help and tools guys, got home safe and sound. Another thing to fix before nats.
  3. Yeah great spot, great peeps, great yarns, great stars. Cheers beaver and thanks everyone for putting up with my special dog.
  4. Yeah should finish at four so will see how we go. Would be nice to get away.
  5. Cheers, I’m not going to make it though.. can’t get off work. May make an appearance on Sunday perhaps?
  6. Gah i wanted to come but was busy impersonating Ringo Starr. See most of you on the ferry next week.
  7. Currently watching the terminator. Sarah Conner rides a pretty sweet gold scooter..
  8. Could always go for skinnier seats like mr2 to avoid faffing about for clearance? Sw20 ones fit in my alto no worries
  9. Discussion: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=20792 Had this little baby come into work the other day - it still had plates and three months rego so I thought what the hell, there's always room for another car. Especially when it's this size. Collect the whole set! Pretty weird little engine - it's a four stroke two cylinder.. Had to tow it home because the clutch was completely gone. Got the gearbox off this weekend and sure enough the material had completely worn off the pressure plate side, and there's a nice rivet gouge in the pressure plate disc.. Went to Sterling Clutch and
  10. Discussion here: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=20216 So it's a bit rough - most of the van looks painted in house paint, (edit: now it's definitely painted in house paint) and there's definitely a fair share of bog lurking under it. The other thing is the rough bastards at work mangled the driveshaft when they picked it up with the hoist, and also the petrol tank has been spiked to recover the petrol. Aside from that and some body work I think it should be pretty sweet, there's heaps of new parts in the back of the van - can't wait for the weekend when I'll get some time to crack into it and s
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