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  1. Spencer

    pillar rust

    yep im sure someone in hams can sort you out a small weld up. Mike, keep that shit but bring beers
  2. Spencer

    pillar rust

    yep welding FTW. mike <- asian dude scares me in you avatar. and wheres my sun visors for the car I dont even have any more
  3. The twin carbs come off the twin cam 2t so they wont just bolt up to your 3t pushrod head.
  4. hey whats the colour code for that paint? or even a name looks like about what I want
  5. turb motor that was in the shed for my jzx81 and a n/a one for the coupe, or 3sge dont realy know yet. Will start some project threads soon
  6. na alot of supra guys even some of the aussies get them cheaper than Ive seen one for. But realy cant make up my mind w55 or auto and make a straight line car
  7. Oh yea man no difference in the heads realy aye, appart from an oil drain and the cams. Wasnt trying to imply there better just that he can use the $150 1jz head, hot it up and swap it over when he wants more cubes with out having to re-do the headwork yea been thinking about what box to use realy want an r154 but there so dear here!
  8. Looks like a nice base to start from, sweet that it made it back all good. Remember to make up two sets of mounts for my coupe! Good thing about starting with a cheaper 1j is your headwork and cams can go onto a 2jz short block when you want some more juice. Crower? cams make nice 1jz cams now in the USA (cheaper than HKS etc cams and 2jz ones dont fit) I ordered a set very nice units. Also give us a pm when/if you need that auto bellhousing to adapter plate to a box!
  9. Spencer

    Bike Carbs

    yea thats why most n/a manifolds are curved up to get the required length. I wouldnt trust most peoples calculations theres alot to it, touched on helmholtz resonance at uni, he was a on to it cunt invented heaps of cool shit.
  10. Spencer

    Bike Carbs

    silvertop = 43mm blacktop = 45mm thats at the butterfly, have sets of both here at home. Bike carbs are a good cheap way to get throttle response and reasonable power, economy can go out the window if your not onto the tuning. Great if your running a big cam as the pulses sent back up the inlet can interfere and give a real shit idle (which sounds cool ) seperate intakes = smooth as. The only way to get correct fueling for power, economy, driveability and to get it started first pop every time is with injection. Theres pros and cons both ways cost etc
  11. ever seen anyone pop a block on a 4age that wasnt a leg out of bed? doubt your ever going to do it from cylinder pressure even on the 3 rib. Seen a few stock internal bluetops boosted up 170kw etc
  12. yea used to live there and go there every other weekend. The drive mentioned above is sweet. Tuatuakai is a nice sweeping road for a drive not the best scenery. Around the lake is nice but long + gets boring on western access. maybe acacia bay and back down tukairangi rd but thats not that long. Guess it depends what people want
  13. big missconception, pistons are semi forged or sqeeze cast or what ever you want to call it (<- over my head) technically not forged. And after they went to the big crank all rods of the same year of production were the same and cranks the same. And wide intake I thought you were talking about valve angle as in the difference between fe and ge heads sorry. easiest way to tell waht head you have for a noob is count the intake runners. 8 for bigport and 4 for small
  14. I'll put my number later in the week if people decide thay want to come, some mates will be here anyway so its on unless its raining. still cleaning up after saturday nights antics. Cruise could be sweet heaps of people seem to have there cars off the road though (like me).
  15. Im probly going to chop here friday anyway so everyones welcome bring some meat hav a bbq? havnt met anyone yet but just an idea anyone else got any plans?
  16. basically theres only 2 blocks 3 rib from bluetops and 7? rib its easy to see on the other side of the block. Doesnt realy matter does it anyway? theres nothing special about the ZE block all 4ages are wide two cam gear types, single gear type = 4afe. put up a pic and ill tell you what youve got. Smallport ftw if going n/a 16v
  17. Yea thought it was next week? but I finish at 4 tonight we could rock down the lake for some after work chopping and see waht happens?
  18. Yea say you leave at 12:30 you shouldnt be any later than 8 and thats with a slow trip. How good a time you make usually depends how long it takes you to get out of that initial bit around the coast with all the 70km areas! Should we make it next friday anyway? for some beers/bbq? maybe a drive I dont know if my old school car will be going as Ive attacked it with a grinder
  19. I think I have met you in town a couple times, my shortass mate always talks to a spence dude about ae85s, thinking thats you? Yea me in town = a haggard mess, Whos ya mate? mike? Im having a piss up here sat, but if someone puts down a date I own the place so theres no worries just tell the flatties to stow it etc.
  20. I havnt met anyone from hams yet but always sweet to drink at my pad + bbq etc
  21. I'd be carefull just leave whatever tag matches the code on the body on there and get warrent and reg's like normal. I wouldnt push my luck asking VTNZ shit about a chopped car
  22. so anyone tried this hose down the carb stuff? one of my mark 2's splutters and keeps on going after the keys off but otherwise runs mint. Just abit skeptical of where that carbons going to go?
  23. I think its part of th UR range its a stroked form of the new v8 direct injection engines made for the lexus range. but the 5.7 doesnt have the direct injection 1ur-fse = 4.6l 2ur-fse = 5l (dont think they make that one yet) 3ur-fse = 5.7l (for the tundra) be pretty cool engines, as far as I understand the ur engines are an extension of the direct injection v6's (2gr-fse)
  24. Looks nice and clean! just bought pies old one but its a hardtop, pretty keen to get this crusty matt black off it and gloss blacking it after seeing yours!
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