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  1. Mistral

    Non cross-flow motors - what is out there ?

    Had a rummage in the back of the workshop yesterday, theres a holden 202/3.3 blue motor we picked up down country some time back its complete with a dellow bell housing, Clutch, W50 toyota g'box, driveshaft , speedo cable and a set of extractors, this may be of use or if any of you other fine fellows would be interested, let me know
  2. Mistral

    Good source of stainless tube and bends?

    Just noticed this , $45 pm for 3" ss tube 304 is about double what it should be , try steel and tube , they have a stainless division , we pay about $75 pm for 6" tube
  3. Mistral

    Ian's 69 Alfa boat tail talk

    Awesome, Well done guys !!!! ( I better pull finger and get the 75 finished....)
  4. Mistral

    EpochNZ's 1973 Saab 99 - Discussion

    Very nice !! You do actually see these occasionally on the road up here in Auckland, one even turned up at the Takanini pica part a couple of years back