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  1. Pomme question: is it legit to rip the back seats out of a wagon (e30 ideally), weld the doors up and swap glass for metal to build a van, or is that a no-go? Cheers
  2. Sadly not! The guy coming to look at my Renault never showed, and I don't have space/finances/a patient enough partner to have more than one toy car at a time!
  3. Let's see if my temperamental French car sells this week... Then I can get the Jag to sit next to the landy leaking oil together!
  4. You're a lunatic of the highest order and for that I commend you! And now I'm looking at that xj in gisborne on trademe longingly...
  5. This is pure engineering porn! Apologies if I've missed it, but I assume the plan is to build a replica at some point? Or just become the world leader in early bugatti engine castings?