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  1. yeah i think i might talk to them about doing that
  2. good point nickj, i think its turbulence too, but i also dont know how much volume the malpassi can take and my fuel pump came form tanks inc in the states as a in tank kit with out any specs on volume. i could try fitting a valve in the line but not sure how to monitor it, as you cant gauge the flow rate. yes tim13 its plumbed on the outlet side of the fuel rail and that bottom outlet goes back to the fuel tank in a 3/8 aluminum line i haven't tried hooking a vacuum line to the top. the trick here is that it does it either way with engine running and off, so its got to
  3. Thats what i thought i was doing buying a malpassi from palm side, since that all they do is build and sell rally gear and thanks for the referral,
  4. thanks Kpr, so since i am not running stock efi system (am running jenevy itbs ) whats a good brand of reg to use? i am going pull this one and pull it apart to see whats going on and chances are i will find zip, so i will most likely biff it
  5. here a pic of the reg, showing fuel line from fuel rail into the side port and the bottom line out back to the tank
  6. oh and it does it with both engine on and when just ignition in the on position
  7. hi Roman , not using a vacuum reference( just have that port open to air) and the filter ( filter is before the fuel rail too) is new along with the pump in the tank, when you adjust the reg it behaves, but not for long, i have even removed the fuel gauge on the regulator, plugged the hole and tried that just in case it was that
  8. Hi all, I am having issues with the malpassi pressure regulator in my duratec powered cortina. The thing is noisy as, its screaming and the gauge I have screwed into it is bouncing all over the show I can adjust the pressure up to say 40 psi and its quiet for a few minutes then it screams again, I then can screw it back to say 30 psi and same thing, quiet for a few minutes and screams again. The unit is brand new from palm side and I have asked the guys there about it and they emailed malpassi who came back with..... our regulators dont make noise, you must have installed it wrong !
  9. hay Dan, i have a type 9 belhousing you can have, i have put a retro ford housing on my type 9 to bolt up to a duratec in my mk1 cortina project
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