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  1. Oops sorry for Posting in wrong place.
  2. Right front wheel arch rust removal. Four spots. Will weld plates in this week.
  3. Yeah this flat sheet thing is hard!!
  4. I think I’m going with this option. I’ll try banging a few dents out but I can’t see that working.
  5. I hope he’s more helpful than mine!!
  6. This guys is pretty good value!! Thanks for the link.
  7. That’s what I started with. I tried getting a curve in it but couldn’t get it tight enough. I then cut the one section and hammered lip last in the top and bottom. Then welded the bottom section back on. Good practice for my welding, but I might go to your last advice and try panel beating it first.
  8. Oh Jeez I didn’t see all these comments. Thanks for the advice. Maybe I’ll have a go with my hammers then.
  9. Not sure about this Valance. In the absence of bending machines I’ve been trying to template and weld/ grind the shape. Is this the right way? Or is there an easier way I’m missing?
  10. Templating the Valance. This is going to be hard! Might take a few goes I think.
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