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  1. Just ordered 35% tint gonna Do it myself fingers crossed it comes up nice will take my time and get it as tidy as possible.
  2. So just a quick update, Have installed a JVC double din BT headunit about 2 weeks ago, Have soldered in the 4s and 6x9s and am currently hunting an AMP and some 15x8 or -9s for this at the moment, Have plans to compress the springs and get shocks shortened so will hopefully bring that in to get done soonish. Have installed an OG scarles drift steering wheel aswell that my misses got me for my bday Good as car to daily. To get the headunit out was pretty involved but I figured it out in the end took me about a day. the wiring harness i got for it was stuffed so had to take headunit back out
  3. Is this legit my cars wof is coming and its manual converted and a mate told me today ill need a cert before i can get a wof? I was under the impression it was legal lol. My brake pedal hasnt been modified and i bought the car with a fresh as wof on it he'd had it manual converted for years. stressed im not gonna pass my wof, can anyone shed some light on the issue?
  4. Just ordered some 4s for the front 6x9s for the rear and a sub and amp coming soon. stay tuned for more nananess
  5. Missing passenger side black and chrome trim, need to find a lead to a new one. Has been crashed into there as bogged up Tidy engine bay credit to last owner
  6. So here it is my daily, I plan on keeping this car for the long haul as after owning numerous cars i have learnt what I desire, Fuel economy, comfort, rwd, manual, tidy, not a subaru, and not cop magnet. With that said I also don't have any justification on spending loads. So after selling my last car I found this car on trademe, some real nice fella from invercargill has owned it for the last 20 odd years and has kept seat covers on it that entire time so seats are in pretty sweet condition no rips tears ciggy burns, non smoker car who has looked after it as much as possible. I believe he s
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