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  1. Fluoro's 74 XA Falcoon

    The Piggery second hand book shop next to the Gengys. Had a look around there a while ago and they had around 50+ oldschool car manuals. Had a whole bookshelf of them and some in boxes
  2. Fluoro's 74 XA Falcoon

    Cheers guys, I will try bring it along to one of the meets and it seems I have just missed out on the recent one. I had one lined up but then something happened and it didnt go through. I will keep my eyes out I know a pretty good store up in Whangarei that seems to have alot of old car manuals. I will sneak around and have a look. Having only lived in Auckland for just over a year I don't really know too many good places. I must say it is a bitch living in an apartment with nowhere to store tools and not having a garage. As far as the lowering situation is going as soon as some money frees up and I find people who can help/show me to keep the labour costs as low as possible (student lyfe) I will slam her.
  3. Fluoro's 74 XA Falcoon

    Alright well this happened last week... Feeling particularly satisfied with new set of legal wheels I decided I would go all out and fill the ol' coon up with a full tank of gas. As the fuel goes in I do some quick calculations of how many years of 2 minute noodles this tank of gas is worth (as any uni student does). I am standing smugly next to Jezza looking her over - the big fuck off dent in the right rear door, the rust that bubbling in the other 3 doors - none of this gets to me. All of a sudden I hear a rush of petrol and next thing: SPLASH. My fuel tank blew its load and covered me in the juices of Z-Premium. Feeling like a complete idiot standing there covered in petrol, the smart-ass Z-attendant cheekily says, “Do you want some fries with that sir?” “What!?” “Do you want some fries with that?” and then holds up a very soggy looking French fry and a grin spanning his ears. To make things worse, when I look at the petrol soaked ground I see a good dozen + fries and about another dozen polystyrene beans. Fuck. Now like I said I know like nothing about cars but I am pretty sure those things don’t count as alternative fuel…. I nurse the car coughing and spluttering all the way home and it is running like absolute shit. Okaaaaay. You know little about cars – Check. You have a theoretical knowledge of how the human body works – Check. Can you fix the car – Ugh here we go… Quick search on the internet and consulting an old family friend – Take out and clean the fuel tank and check/clean the carb. How hard can this be??? Probably shortened my life by 10 years trying to siphon the gas out into 20L containers. However I will have the last laugh because I was victorious!!! I am just glad I didn’t take a “before” shot because let’s just say I probably needed a hat instead of a flashlight. Now to the Carb. Only learn by doing I suppose. I am pretty sure this part was pure luck that I didn’t ruin everything. Pulled off that top little plate (excuse any missing terminology) and sure enough there was a little bit of grit in the chamber but nothing terrible so I got rid of that and managed to put it all back together. Soz for my sick lighting and potato phone camera. Next morning reassembled everything and away we go. Jezza drives lovely once you get her going although low revs in any gear are a bit “unsmooth”. Any kind of advice on what to do there would be appreciated Talk shit here about how it’s only 6 cylinder and all the “I sincerely hope you did X after you did Y” and then we will bet on when it’s going to explode. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/50930-fluoros-74-xa-falcoon/
  4. Hi Oldschool, I would like to introduce you all to Jezza! I bought this beautiful girl earlier in the year but up until now I have had too many other commitments to get her running and legal. She is fairly factory - 250ci, 3speed on the tree, only real changes were installing bucket seats and sound system. I am an Auckland uni student through the year but I do research for the uni (Optical Coherence Tomography on in vivo tissue differentiation) over the summer and I am enjoying all the extra time I have. As of ~1 week ago Jezza become fully warranted and registered and only needed a little bit of welding which I was pretty stoked about. She we be driven the f*ck out of over summer. I don't know any people that share my interest, and to be honest I know stuff all about cars but I am always keen to learn. If you see me around please say hi and if anyone needs a hand I am pretty good at being gopher/toolboy. PS I swear the front number plate is legit and defo not plastic Discussion: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/50930-fluoros-74-xa-falcoon/