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  1. If you look in the background of my picture you'll see another 620 just like you mentioned, bad body (very savable)but has everything.
  2. On another note is anyone able to assist getting a pallet of parts from Christchurch to Pukekohe Auckland.
  3. So I brought this Datsun 620 ute shell and chassis to save it from being destroyed. Plans are to just get it on the road but finding bits may be the issue in the long term. Watch this space....
  4. Thanks for your thoughts guys. It's great to see everyone voicing their taste it's what makes our car scene great. Ive been 2 minds about the vinyl roof I do know either way it'll look great. Watch this space I guess.
  5. Hi all, So just brought another car meaning another project. Maybe I'm gluten for punishment. This time it's a NZ built 79 Datsun 260c. 2 owner car. First owner brought new and sold in 81 to the family I brought it off. It in full old man state right now with Vinyl roof, sheep skin seat covers and monsoon drivers window sheild, oh and genuine Datsun mudflaps It has a bit of rust comming through as expected. Plans are to repair the rust, remove the vinyl from the roof, throw some period correct wheels in it and more then likely lower it. Also I've sourced a 4 speed auto to swap out the 3 speed auto with just to make things a little more enjoyable to drive rather then listening to the engine ring it's guts out In the mean time hear are a few pictures. We all like pictures.
  6. Well after owning for 8 months ive discovered the extent of the rust in the old girl. sadly the repairs in the A pillar, above the RHS door and the B Piller didn't hold although they were done in 2011 so maybe I shouldn't take anything away from the work carried out. have also found rust in the cab floor, driver side fire wall, Driver door and worst area being the driver side sill and cab mount. anyway pictures speak 1000 words as they say so enjoy or cry. I wont lie I may have shed a tear or two along the way. I Should add that I'm not a panel beater and this is the first time doing anything like this. All learning as I go.
  7. Keep it up mate enjoying the read.
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