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  1. Work Hilux had an error like that cos some genius had put 15" wheels on it. At an indicated 150 on the speedo the terratrip said 133. Never fixed it, everyone knew it was dodgy and drove accordingly.
  2. If they were a factory option it might have factory mounting holes? According to the brochure my Wolseley should but I haven't found them yet.
  3. True. Better to just whack five motorcycle carbs on the thing right?
  4. Five cylinder triple carb should be sweet if the one in the middle that fed one cylinder was half the size/flow of the other two shouldn't it? Would look weird as hell.
  5. igor

    Battery chargers

    My coon had a new battery in it when I bought it in 2013 and it's still sweet. The battery in my Civic must be at least that old too cos I bought it for my previous coon. Think I've had to charge that one once cos lots of short running / sitting unused for months. Mary's Laser on the other hand has had at least two replacement batteries since we got it in 2012 but it has a tiny battery cradle that a decent sized battery won't fit in so it's half fucked before it even begins.
  6. ...or even older than the mean age of the drivers. Can't see me making it to this event thanks @Truenotch but definitely keen to catch up with fellow OSers if I happen to be in Akl at any time.
  7. What do you need @rich1179? Logistics could be an issue but there is always a way.
  8. Better install that lift kit mate. You booked in for Hanmeet yet?
  9. Should get engine braking in L? Mine seems to. edit, oops sorry, should be in discussion thread.
  10. Are EN Civic manual parts any use to you for this? I've got a gearbox, clutch and maybe flywheel in the shed and potentially other usable manual specific parts still on a wreck in the bus paddock.
  11. It's not impossible. Not sure whether Mary is coming yet though. If she does it may restrict my activities a little.
  12. Hazy memory tells me 0.010" inlet, 0.012" exhaust but do please correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. I'm amazed at how not rust fucked this thing looks.
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