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  1. Oi, don't tell the kids it's not. We were counting down and making rocket noises for hours yesterday.
  2. The flying fox had one of those temporary fixes that kind of gets normalised. See the kids were too short to get onto the seat, so I chucked a couple old hilux rims under it...9 months later... So, considering I didn't want to invest a fortune in building this, an old pallet, some decking offcuts, 4m of rough sawn timber and a couple bags of quickcrete were all it took (about $35 total cost). Much better than the doggy old wheels. Kj
  3. Got a fine day to paint and let the gates dry outside. The special primer I used to etch the galvanizing was weird stuff, similar to rust converter as it's watery and turns gold on reaction. I did get a few runs in the primer...but I just painted over them, as after all its just a set of gates made from scrap metal. Overall I'm happy. I'll automate them when I have some spare money to pay for it.
  4. Chain roller, made out of a skateboard wheel.
  5. So, motor drive is on the left, bike tyre sprocket on the right...solution: use a jack shaft. it all looks about right. Will fine tune alignment and machine up some collars to limit any horizontal movement.
  6. CVT time. First, weld oversized rear sprocket to existing bike sproket.
  7. Posts in Holes drilled, hinges fitted...and gates well hung (okay, that joke got worn out a fair bit). Then it rained! So painting them black never happened, and the gates are now back in the shed. Waiting on a fine day to paint them outside, as I don't want to deal with over spray issues right now in my shed.
  8. First start up today. Turns out the 2 hours trying to start it this morning may have gone better if I'd figured out the the ignition was out by 180° earlier...but goes!
  9. Those plastic storage bins fit nicely inside. But I just use them for all my bigger stuff, like power/air tools etc.
  10. More...I want to see more!
  11. I had to Google what that motor is. Looks like wheelie bars may be mandatory after fitting that bad boy!
  12. Post some pics when you get underway, would be good seeing what you come up with.
  13. Fuck yeah...this rules!
  14. Well minus the razor wire, broken glass and pack of fierce Rhodesian Ridge-backs! Actually, its just a set of driveway gates to be honest and they wouldn't be that hard to climb. Anyway, I've had this on "my list" for a while now. Some cheap steel from a demolition site became available...nothing inspires me more than let get cracking! Sadly, one's not enough. So take two: I like the term "double swingers", as that sounds fun. Anyway, two gates that will be setup on actuators and a remote. gate one is done, ready for paint. Gate two needs another half day to finish. Will post pics when all done. Kj
  15. Carburetor turned up today...yay!!! Another step closer. But no rush, as I don't really want to finish it, as then I'd have nothing to obsess over.
  16. I'd be lying if I said I haven't :-). If i put my feet on the bumper and push pedals with my hands...oh and look so cool at the same time, it can be done :-).
  17. And after a bit of tinkering, replaced the dud coil... and boom! Hell yeah, so then I employed a human test pilot to act as a crash test dummy So: far more work than anticipated, way more money than I should've...but priceless, watching your kid drive a toy you've made yourself.
  18. And boom! That's it, everything is hooked up...ready to go. Will let paint touch ups cure overnight. Fingers crossed for better weather???? But it should just work??? I'll take a video (when we get better weather) of it going and link it in later.
  19. Righto - expansion chamber time. Start with this: