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  1. Im jumping back and forwards a bit, but that's the reality of these projects. I tend to do as much as I can until I hit a barrier that stops me going any further...Then jump ahead and work on something else, to prevent losing momentum. So in saying that, back to the sprocket: I traced the brake caliper, as this will share the same PCD as the sprocket. Much easier to work with on paper, and soon I had the spacing sorted. I drew circular guidelines to locate the sprocket.Then used the centre to take all measurements from. I blacked out the area and scribed a diameter 6
  2. Then I made sure what's left of the gasket contact surface was given the best chance of sealing by sanding it flat. Next I stuck the cylinder in the lathe and made sure the sealing surface was true by turning a minute skim off the face. Then test fit the head. All's going to plan so far. I'll attack the bottom end tomorrow where I'll make some big changes.
  3. I made a paper gasket then marked out the port shape. Very much a case of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole! But the pulse back from the expansion chamber will love this smooth(er) transition, and make more power. Then realised that I could just use a circle template to do the same thing I ported, then kept checking with this template that all was good. Happy enough with this for now.
  4. Okay, got a bit of spare time last night to break out the die grinder and start porting the motor. This is the before, look how rough those ports are...the chamfer looks like it was chewed by rodents!!! It would still work and that's how they all look inside. Fundamentally these are good motors, the only thing letting them down is the QC (lack of) before sending it out the door. With a bit of work you can make them pretty tidy and add a bit more horse power in the process.
  5. Finished the squab tonight. I was waiting on my wife to return from camping so I could cut up the foam mattress she was using
  6. Hell yes! Major fail on attempting that one.
  7. Yes, absolutely. I was going to do it that way, but thought it would be cleaner this way. Both ways I could still run a rear derailleur and use the rear cassette, but for what it's for (just for fun) I didn't want to over complicate it.
  8. This was far more successful than I thought it would be. My stem clamp didn't match the colour of the deck. Normally I'd say "close enough" and leave it at that, however the two parts were so closely situated my eye kept getting drawn towards the mismatched blue's. Its been like this for 2 years until today, I thought fuck it...do something about it! Google revealed oven cleaner as a possible solution, truth be told I was willing it to work as the other methods were more involved. So here goes nothing: Offending colour mismatch above. Liberally apply oven c
  9. Nope. I'm waiting on a diaphragm carburetor and manifold from eBay, this will allow me to mount the petrol tank lower than the carb. Once that arrives it should be a goer? In the meantime it's still rough looking, so I'll keep chipping away at making the roughness disappear If you're worried about racing...I have plenty more to choose from...
  10. Here's what it will look like, just use you imagination as there's no foam in it yet.
  11. Brought a sewing machine off trademe for $14.60. Seriously, this has got to be the best value for money I've ever owned. Shit, you can't even get a decent feed at McDonalds for that coin these days. Anyway, I've put it to work. Did a few trials on scrap, watched YouTube for about 5 minutes to figure out why my first attempt was shit...then jumped right in. Like a boss!!! This will go on the filing cabinet bench seat in my wife's office. Just gotta get a foam mattress to go inside it to finish.
  12. To adapt this to run on a sprocket (which it was never intended to do), I machined up some spacers that will set the gap between the tyre and the sprocket. These are all exactly 44mm long, which is the required distance from the hub face to the inside face of the sprocket. A long bolt will hold the two wheel hubs together and carry on through the spacers and pick up the sprocket.
  13. Added a fender. I'm using a mini quad rear mud guard which I had to trim down about 20mm, but otherwise a perfect fit. Here I'm setting the angle I want it to be, then welding it in place. And fitted in place.
  14. I used a pit bike exhaust like this on the "Mike-trike" and it sounds amazing! https://m.ebay.com/itm/Pit-Dirt-Bike-110cc-125cc-140cc-Performance-CNC-Exhaust-Pipe-System-Muffler/112543077898?hash=item1a3417160a:g:lt4AAOSw4INZo97Q Soft quiet idle, then roars like a lion at WOT. I only paid $33 with free delivery from China door to door. It keeps the obscene noise levels down for neighborly relations
  15. And then did a few quick tidy ups, like deleting the birds nest of a wiring loom, fitting a kill switch, seat, steering wheel, clutch, coil, cdi, cables...etc...etc... 10hrs later its sill very rough around the edges, but this happened: It's running so sweet now, very responsive revs, idles fantastic. It's weird, but I hate stuff hanging around my shed that doesn't go. Getting this thing going gives me a sense of achievement and closure. Now onto the next project
  16. I then machined up an exhaust flange to adapt a motoX expansion chamber from a RM125 to this motor, as it had no exhaust.
  17. I got this as a project about a year ago, brought it home...realised it was not going to be as easy as I thought it would be to get it going, so I pushed it into the corner where it's lived ever since. But curiosity got the better of me the other day. It annoyed me that it may potentially be possible to make it run again, so I did. It took all day...and with a box of parts donated to me by a mate who has had about 5 TF's in the past, I systematically solved one problem after another until: eventually it looked possible to fire it up.
  18. Another way of adding rake/trail is to put tabs on the front of the fork ends like this: This would enable your handlebar stem/post to be more upright, giving you more room on the deck to stand. You can still lower the ride height etc this way.
  19. Yeah, I'm thinking total weight about 5kg? What's yours weigh;-) Oh and thanks for the sprocket and chain...you're a GC Muncie!
  20. In a confined space its always hard to get an overall impression, so I pushed it outside for a first real stand back and admire look at it.
  21. I welded up a few ugly holes, added some more bracing for strength.
  22. On to the front end. This gem was left outside for many years. I know, hard to tell...but you'll have to take my word for it I'm sure it'll buff out, no seriously...fuck it, let's give it a go and see? Boom!!! Not to bad.
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