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  1. OK so more progress Finished painting cab Tinted top of windscreen, got new rubber and smacked it in using the string trick and a rubber mallet. Painted inner cab black finished prep/paint on RH guard, removed alloy flares for powdercoating prepped/painted doors, spun up some new door hinge pins degreased prepped and painted engine bay Grrr kinda getting over this but slowly getting there step by step. On a good note better phone means better pics!
  2. Edit/stupid not so smart phones doubling up posts
  3. Thanks. Yes I was thinking of keeping the 4 speed for now. Iv been told that the transfer case has longer ratio gears in it but I'm not sure about that. Iv driven it about 4G ms at a top speed of 6th so will see how I go. It's also has the smallest engine out of my 3 cars so I'm not worried about fuel lol
  4. At the current rate of progress I would say that the Hilux will be ready for this. Mrs sounds keen too.
  5. Forgot to mention machined up the body mounts out of 50mm Teflon bar. Gave her a 10mm body lift too
  6. This weekends efforts cut out rust and patched Reunited cab and deck with chazzy Repaired rust in drivers floor pan, undersealed cab floor and cab underside Fabricated tail light surrounds and welded em in, fitted cheap tardy LED Tail lights Finally got my NZ Zombie hunting licence I may let this spare guard go rusty but not sure yet? thoughts peoples? green or rusty? Getting there Happy Days
  7. Discussion Thread: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/42368-sidewaysickness-83-toyota-hilux/
  8. Had a rush of shit to the brain and managed to get some work done, amazingly only 2 snapped bolts and 2 bolts I had to cut. Pulled out engine/gearbox/transfer box Split chassis/cab/deck and got my loctite rust convert on, gotta love that shit! Sussed out all the areas of rust that require attention, This area started rusting where they had drilled and riveted the cert plate... good work guys! Chassis rust *note someones been here before... Todays result was this. Almost time to switch the ratchet to tighten, Much happy!
  9. Get the upholstery done. Change of rims, Tie rod ends and adjusters A proper wheel alignment Just remembered it's booked in for a wedding in October so maybe just get wof a bit earlier?
  10. Land barge is coming off the road for moar upgrades... I will try to get hilux legal for hanmer meet. No promises yet
  11. Exhaust stack for the Kelvin P2r, Also custom Stainless muffler inside, Even packed with custom cut s/s lathe swarf... works a treat!
  12. Boss came in with this picture and asked me to make a model/trophy for his grandad. After doing a bit of research i found out his dad had built a trailer seat for the old boy, So i came back with this:
  13. Here's some things iv made for the Bosses boats Sorry for the horrible pics, cant seem to find the good ones.
  14. I dont have any cats. The truck just seems to be a natural pussy attractant
  15. Thanks guys. Bike was honestly a log, hadn't been looked after its whole life. Glad to see it gone!!
  16. Build thread: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/42369-sidewaysickness-83-toyota-hilux/
  17. 1983 Toyota hilux RN46 aka ZAV (Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle) Ford v6 (Essex v6??) has cert for v6 and extra leaf front and rear So last night i swapped this: for this: As you can see work to be done! Jobs on!
  18. Discuss the Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle. Are YOU Prepared??
  19. I could have a look on Thursday for ya. Do u know where in nelson?
  20. Sooo... I did the pre Nats run over Takaka hill for testing/tuning purposes. Good news is the cooling system was fine, Bad news is that I found out (the hard way of course) that my Mallory dizzy couldnt keep up with the mad power of a accell super coil. Outcome: Points blown to bits, Condenser not condensing. Side of the road with bonnet up. Thanks to all the people that offered help, got home eventually with the help of a coil from Riwaka garage. I was thinking on the way to the garage that if ANY garage would have a coil on its shelf, its got to be Riwaka! Also cant forget the nissan forklift that gave up its condenser for me lol Spent today remounting the garage coil and replacing points, Did some "By Ear" carby tuning. Drove to Hira for ice cream! (btw Biggest ice creams in Nelson region...IMO) Great success!!
  21. Awesome photo of "LAND BARGE" taken today at Nelson Lakes
  22. Hey are you able to source front windscreen for a 1971 ford LTD/Galaxie? smith and smith were advertising that they could get screens for ANY car... any car except mine lol thanks for your help
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