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  1. G'day, In the workshop we'd always be pretty pessimistic with a problem like this sorry. If not blown head gasket, then cracked block or cracked/warped heads. Can you check for combustion gases in the coolant? You'll need to remove the old coolant and refill to ensure an accurate test (Teekay test) Does it overpressurize quickly before warming up from a cold start? Do you see bubbles in the radiator when running up from a cold start? You can temporarily extend the filler cap neck with a funnel etc to check for bubbles when running up. You can pressurise the cooling system 13psi and leave overnight and see if it hydraulics/coolant in the combustion chamber. Disable the fuel pump/crimp the line, spin it over after leaving pressurised overnight with the plugs out and check for coolant mist shooting out the plug holes. Coolant in the oil? Compression test? Often after you do a hot shutdown, you might hear/feel gurgling in the top radiator hose which is not a great sign. edit added stuff/disclaimer: take this with a grain of salt, it is impossible to diagnose a cracked block over the internet. Apologies/delete if this has been covered already.
  2. Love this truck mate, thanks for the vids