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    Loading a video onto Youtube now but its taking ages. In the mean time I bring happy news. It sounds wicked and is pretty bloody nippy. Best of all it looks like its gonna make the Nats! First thing after coffee this morning was remove and test the thermostat. It was stuck but a good boiling had it open. Still too slow so I bought a new one as cheap. I decided a race was on the cards. I put them both in the pan, watched the temp and the new one won. It also opened much further. It didn't have the little holes with joggle pins but I drilled some in. Then back in the car and all good. Started it up this arvo and reset the required fuel value back too what it should be, played around with the idle VE points and slowly opened out the idle bleed screw (with my made in a rush cut off 1" long Philips head screw driver and tigged on bit of steel so I could reach the screw on my upside down TB) and got a much better idle. It got better very quickly and is really fun tweaking it. Also disconnected the idle control valve after the first start and it wouldn't start without it. So I guess its doing something.. We both sat there happy and thought better go for a drive. I put the gearstick back in (is always in the way when wiring) and Hannah cleaned the three months worth of shit off the windows. I also cut a new hole for the wiring into the tunnel carpet and adjusted it for the new gear stick position. Into reverse and first thing I noticed was that the heavier clutch with the very lightweight flywheel turned out to be better to use than I was expecting. Clutch certainly grips hard but the Mazda TB with my random sized pulley on the side matches the Viva HC pedal really well- maybe ever so slightly fast in the first 1/4. It revs up so quickly too. And it sounds simply so delicious. Next thing was the speed- even just leaving the campground. Had not yet fitted a servo hose- the vac point on the plenum I have just bunged over. So the first time I used them, especially with all the rust on the discs, was a bit of a push. ooops. Straight away we realised that the fuel table was very rich in most places when cruising. So within about a minute we devised a plan to change it easily. I would just drive, find a rich point and sit on it, say "now" and Hannah would drop the reading in that box by so many points. Very quickly we had a table that was already much better for general shopping car duties. It was obviously a very safe over rich default map supplied with the MSextra code. The original plan was to just drive it to the petrol station then head back home and check things over back at home but we didn't expect it to tune so easily and we were having fun pulling little mini skids in town and revving the engine etc etc general bogan stuff. So lets go for a drive while tuning. After about 15 minutes I thought we could try the Autotune but didn't expect much. That shit is whack (by that I mean "by joves - its good") It works very quickly and over the space of about 10 minutes driving all the majorly rich spots were gone, nice lean areas when off the throttle, just right when we headed up over princess drive hill climb the second time. Its was fair too say I was stoked. The sound. Ohhhh the sound. I love it. So I have taken several little videos and mashed them together but its taking ages to load onto U toobe. Might get Hannah to load it from work. Little jobs to complete tomorrow. there is a vibration, almost in the gear box under load at low revs say 3rd gear exiting a corner. This engine pulss soooo much better down low too. and the sound.... But yeah.. must seal the tunnel up where the wires enter ( I wrote wores..ha ha sounds like whores..he he that would be funny.. "hey there's my Viva and its filled with whores") Also had another small leak after first run up to temp before the drive. In the bottom of the V appeared a tiny puddle. I mopped it up and kept checking and it hasn't returned. Maybe the hoses (ha ha I wrote hose...its like a whore but not quite) self-sealed as some of the hard to get to ones I have refitted the original springee type remove with pliers type ones Looking forwards to driving it again tomorrow. Hopefully its a nice day. It will be. Oh the noise... EDIT: here's the Vid...
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    98% done, is good enough for nats. needs a new/modify this tonneau cover- turns out its off an earlier model and its a bit short. still want to fit a tow bar as well, exhaust i got most of it with the headers and really needs to be re done closer to the floor, it scrapes on everything i also predict my biceps will increase in size if i drive this regularly, gosh it has heavy steering
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    I have got my Viva running this afternoon- started on 4th turn of key after constantly bumping the required fuel value up till it would fire. Very relieved and pretty bloody stoked as its my first ever build of an ECU and foray into fuel infection. So earlier today Hannah was filling the rad up with nice new coolant and it started leaking out of the rear hose fitting that goes into the thermostat housing. Bugger! So we drained the rad (bloody happy I added a drain to it as the bottom hose is awkward to remove- its a really tight fit onto the rad). Once drained I removed the fitting and checked the O ring. While off we bled the clutch as better access. Came up good and new uprated clutch is quite a bit heavier than the stock RX7 item I previously had. Re-assembled the pipes, filled the system and this time a small leak from the thermostat housing itself! Bugger!!! Off with the hoses again took off the 'stat housing. The 'stat seals with a rubber ring attached to its perimeter. I refitted it with some sealant. All good now and no leaks. Time to try starting it.. And it started- yes!! It wont idle without ever so slightly pressing down the pedal and yet the afr was very lean at 18-19. So we spent the next 1/2 hour or so playing with the required fuel amount and checking things while being really happy that it started and runs but also aware and slightly daunted at the newness of all this tuning via laptop.. but fuck I should just be happy it works. Quite cool really. Checked the timing and I think its spot on 10 btdc, hard to tell exactly as the idle is off, but yeah my trigger wheel works. Happy about that. Oh, plus the $3 worth of diodes I bought from Jaycar that I added to the coil grounds have given a sweet signal for my old Trisco rev counter and its bang on with the laptop. Didn't know how well this would work. But problems.. After not long the temp crept up and fans came on (sweet as I wasn't sure if I had done the right jumpers inside the ECU. Temp climbed too 90 and fans were not cooling it. then almost 100. Oh. I started to worry that I had got the pipe routing wrong but have checked it and its fine. So I suspect that the thermostat might be faulty. or I have not entered the right values for the temp sensor and its not actually at 90? In the morning I will pull the 'stat out and test it. Should have tested it when it was out damn it!!! Just presumed it was fine. I need to find out what is the normal running temp of these engines too so I can set my fans right. Once its running I can verify the temp with a digital gauge I have. Anyway... The engine sounds awesome!!! even when running out of tune. I have yet to take a video as I was far to concerned with tuning, temps etc. Its quieter exhaust then I thought it might be which is good- sort of a lower burble. And the induction sound will be wicked I think. I have much tuning to do yet and have not found solid info on how to setup the pwm idle control valve anywhere- like what settings should it be for a KL V6 and how does it actually work? Here are some photos I took just before as it stands... Very happy!!! Still much to learn.
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    It should be 200 as standard. I figure my inlet manifold, lack of restrictive factory airflow sensor, exhaust headers must help it out in the top end. Plus I have a pod filter so that's an easy extra 50 bhp!
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    hey hey whats this lol im still on the fence here
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    And the two "wait what" vehicles of the day: 12a Escort Rover V8 RX3
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    So I now have 4 seals on their way from 3 different sources, the calipers look ok so hopefully using genuine seals this time will do the job. I'm not working Wednesday or Thursday either so there is hope but no time for the mods I was hoping to do, at least I'll have the sweet sounding stacks to soothe me
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    Tis a thing of beauty!!!
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    This is why you have so many spare motors
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    recent activity ! engine work, raised compression by putting .2mm copper gasket in replacing 1.6 factory gasket. also removed lip between valves and piston to increase flow , dremeled exhaust and inlet ports removing casting burs and making smooth edges, lapped valve seats and re assembled. took for test after fitting speedo , did 79.8km/h on second lap before running out of gas. next up grade is 3 stage header pipe . flat head power!!!
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    JUST BE THERE DAVE! sorry about the caps NOT REALLY!
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    Thursday night: Sunday night:
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    Hey. Thought I'd post the few photos I snapped today. Hopefully Amy will add to this later...? Chur
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    I might try to get off work early so I would leave east tamaki around 1, maybe meet you guys at bp solar at 130?
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    Ooh! I'm coming to this. Exciting! I'll be flying to Auckland though, so unfortunately Lance and Severin will not be able to attend.
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    To be honest I'm not even really sure why your posting in this thread. being at the opposite end of the island etc
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    Another hrd but succesful day one might say the car is done besides putting the dash back together Had alot of fucking round trying to get a belt setup that worked for the Water pump etc. i horied up what i had, but it still seems to be making a slipping noise. Went away after a short drive but came back. Will drive it home tonight and see if it settles but HOLY FUCK It has some balls. like crazy fucken mental scary balls. Glad i didnt bother going turbo, would be a waste of time with the clomun shift, fuck its lol. And yeah, fixed the issues of it running on after the key was off thanks to some sound advice from Spencer. he's so dreamy. So yeah, what did i do today Moddifed the throttle cable and mount, so it worked. The original cable was to long, so i welded in a plate to where the 2j cable went through, then pulled the inner cable till there was no slack on the insode, cut the end off and used a Wiring Choc block as a clamp. Works a treat, full throttle right twhen the pedal hits the floor. Made up an intake pipe, thanks to simon for supplying the 3 inch Tube i need, got a silcon elbow and pod filter from repco. Fucked around with belts, had to go back to repco 3 times to get one that works. tho, I'm running a 5pk and its meant to take a 6. i do wonder if this is part of why i am getting some squeel. Also, moddied the tensioner so it runs backward. AS i am not running the power steer pump, i couldnt run a belt on the back of the tensioner pully like its meant to, so its running on the wrong side of the belt. i do also have my fears that this would be why i am getting some squealling. Once i got the alternator turning, i fucked around with wires and managed to get it charging. i am mildly ot happy that I have no Charge light, but i'm not to worried about it to be honest. Will just keep an eye on things. Put the front back together etc installed an extra Relay into the ECu wiring, that swtiches the injector powers sperate from the rest of the ECU like I had it, this fixed the running on issue. Um, yeah, thats probabaly about it. I'm feeling pretty fucked, but i think if i didnt have this weekend to get it sorted, i wouldnt have been able to do it. Figures crossed the belt noise goes away, and I dont have to deal with it So some basic pics moddified throttle plate intake pipe, which reminds me I still need to get another Cam vent thing off another car, so i can plub that ito the intake general motor general car, clearly grill still needs to go in, but I might take the radiator out to get cleaned out tomorrow, as it looked abit blocked, so piece of mind will be nice And they drive belt. For those people who know 1j engines, they will be able to see what i have done here and how incorrect it is. Anyway, All i can say is fucken WOOOOOOOP! So much fun, and sounds so intense
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    these photos aren't very good but you get the idea. the guards are being soda blasted and painted and ill have them back in a couple of weeks. soooooooo happy that this milestone is passed.
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    off to a mates workshop to paint. easier than trying to paint in a single garage. that trailer has hydraulics ese lays flat on the ground, it is quite awesome xa gt replica and done. its a bit rough up close but good enough for this guy
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    god i fucking love eagers
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