KPR's 84 Hilux

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So, a few hours ago i got a sudden urge to sabre saw the back of  the  truck.  540mm to be exact




Still going to make a whole new deck at some stage.  as needs to go on a diet bad.  but for the moment everything that doesn't need to be there is getting

cut off.  at least it fits in the shed better now.

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pile is growing.   might get out the hole saws soon




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This again




Pretty sure nothing was wrong with the 4 speed.  But got a w56 ^ from a surf.  the  bearings were totally stuffed.  so brought a rebuild kit of ebay.  Only used 1 syncro out of the kit, as  the new 3rd/4th rings were worse than the old ones!  other than having a mare and forgetting to put the input shaft on, when installing the main shafts into center plate, went together pretty well.


This is reverse gear. Likely the reason the bearings were stuffed



plan was to put the w56 in place of the  4 speed box, bolting it into the the existing tail housing/transfer case adapter.  yeh nar nar, the 4 speed one is different.   so had to rob the selectors out of the surf transfer case and convert my transfer case from forward shift, to top loader. then use the w56 housing to bolt to transfer case.  not forgetting to fuck it up 3 time along the way.   the surf transfer case is pretty much the same, but didn't want to use it as was a bit mank inside.


tl;dr : has 5 gears now & don't rape your w-box reverse gear



pulled the deck off today.    have 50mm of rake now measured from  either ends of sills on cab. so shitloads over whole truck.  i did some super dodgy measuring  before i pulled apart. measured from under the diff with wheels on. rear was approx 600kg.  should loose a big chunk of that by the time im finished.  Have some parts on the way from usa but more on that later...




Pile as of today, minus wood off deck:



actually some of that  will go back on.  keeping the outer frame, so can continue confusing angry farmers



Because boring update; Bonus  Video.  mostly same as ones above, but with some kp and bmw action



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Used my cnc grinder to cut out some brackets



These ones goes here.




More, which seen some hole saw action



They will tie into existing x member and new angle  braces



only 12 more to go...

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