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  1. All the under the bonnet stuff is tidied up. Haven't taken many pics, just this one mid job. It's not perfect, but it's cleaner, and that's all i'm aiming for until I have the urge/time/tools to pull the engine out and do it all properly. The wiper motor is off getting rebuilt at the moment with mr Ron Wood
  2. Also got some rattlecan touch up paint made to tidy up some of the surface rust. Tossing up how to best use all that space there beside the fuel tank. I feel like I should indulge my desire to make loud sounds and tuck a fuck-off big amp down there. Just coz. Open to other ideas. Seems wasteful. Remote battery?
  3. Dunno why those images are fucked out. Anyhows, here's some new ones. Got the lpg tank out, which was a rather epic mish involving my gadget arm and three weeks of intensive traingin as a controtionist to enable me to access certain bolts. Dunno how the guy installed it tbh. And then, after much forceful prodding, managed to unrust the screws and get the deck lid up. Stoked as a most stoked thing to find zip-zero of the rust under here or inside the rear quarters. so fucking stoked. I have some pieces on the pillars cut out and off being made for me to weld in. Anyone want an lpg tank?
  4. Heater hoses reinstated. Fuel lines all as per OE. Most of the lpg shit off at the engine end from what I can figure. Wiring to remove and tidy up. Emissions plumbing to sort out then a petrol fire up will be in order.
  5. If you're gonna spend time/money on a head have a read of this:
  6. fairmont. Wider headlights that are getting hard to find, narrower grill you could fudge, bonnet has matching narrow width bit too. I had an XE fairmont; the centre console was awesome for fitting a crystal decanter and two whiskey glasses. sophisticated as.
  7. Have got a Fairmont front for it somewhere. Logic would dictate putting that on in one swoop but...
  8. Black plates is OS its in the fine print. No pics of recent. It's buried in dust and other stuff at the back of the shed with the front off until the guards are painted.
  9. Ears perked up. 6 banger crossflow bits? Do tell... Or even pre xflow.
  10. did it with rope, slow, but piece of cake. would trade again. stripping off the lpg gear next. then I'm driving it onto a truck and off to a guy to do the rust. Wouldn't mind someone to do some paint on my guards and bumper.
  11. I still have cash from the e36 and a few more dollars I saved; may chuck some bids on the XF from Dunedin that's on trademe and see how it goes. Got the fan off, so now i can rotate the crank easier so I've decided I'm doing the rope in the cylinder technique. (I also have an e36 radiator if you need it - saw something in one of your posts about wanting one. I pulled it out when I overhauled the cooling system, unsure of age or condition, worked ok when it was in, just changed it as routine. m52 auto rad.)
  12. Option 1 - Try the head-on valve stem replacement trick where you stuff rope in the cylinder. Option 2 - Pull the head off and do the valve stems. Option 3 - Sell the thing and buy one of the other Falcon utes on the Tard at the moment. Discuss
  13. pink, white and bright yellow wheels. maybe some bright blue.
  14. That last post is last, last year. Doesn't seem right. Spent all weekend fucking around remounting the alternator and making brackets to fix the bodge job done on it way back in Reno. It now has a full swing of adjustment and doesn't squeak like a really inappropriate simile. Enjoyed three trips to repco getting the right length belt for the new mounting postion, only to realised i'd completely forgotten to include the water pump pulley into my mocking up, so put that on and the oe belt was the perfect length. Many hours wasted. Lowering is next on agenda as 15' Supremes look too big, so need to hide them in the wheel wells. Also rusty spots.
  15. Drove this today, adjusting the idle and carb until it ran out of gas. Wasn't mad. Love this car. That is so much dust on the bonnet.